Role Play - part 1

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    The day begins bright, the sun is out, a light breeze
    fills the air with the relaxing smell of fresh flower
    blooming in the distances. You start your day as you
    do every day, picking up the little, getting a cup of
    coffee, and preparing to get in the shower. Suddenly
    your brain remembers. Today is the day I'm coming to
    visit you. Goose bumps race across your body, you
    stomach ties into a knot, and your pulse begins to
    race. You look at the clock, it's 9:30 am and you
    begin to mentally count down to noon, the time I'm due
    to arrive. You begin to scurry about the house.
    Wanting everything to be perfect, but knowing to
    yourself that the actions preparing to transpire
    didn't require anything around the house except our
    two bodies together.

    You go to your bedroom, looking for the perfect outfit
    to wear. Nothing too dificult to get off...but sexy
    enough to drive me crazy. You pick a cute tank top
    and a pair of shorts. You go to the bathroom and
    start the shower water. As you undress you look and
    gaze upon yourself in the mirror. Your hand slowly
    glides across your curves. Your mind begins to
    forecast the pleasures you are soon to encounter. You
    feel your labia pulsate and you feel yourself becoming
    wet. Your hand begins to travel down your midsection,
    instinctively as your mind wonders. The sound of the
    shower in the background filters out the surrounding
    world. As your fingers begin to manipulate your clit
    you suddenly snap out of your day dream. You smile in
    the mirror and state to yourself, "I'll save that for

    While in the shower your slowly and methodically cover
    your body in soap, ensuring every inch of your body is
    well cleaned and prepared. You reach for your razor
    and shave your legs so smooth and silky. You continue
    shaving upwards and realize that on a special day like
    this, your pussy will be free of any hair. Shaving it
    compounds the throbbing sensations in your pussy.
    Begging for attention it takes all of your will to not
    pleasure yourself.

    You exit the shower and continue with your rituals of
    hair and make-up. The time passes and as you finish
    you look at the clock and realize an hour had past.
    You walk to the living room and sit in your chair.
    Flipping through the channels on the tv but not seeing
    what's on any of the channels. Your mind wonders and
    the nerves in your belly persists. As you daze off
    you find your hand caressing your curves and you
    think of my hands caressing your body. Your hands
    encircle your breast as you dream of my mouth kissing
    your breast.

    As you sit in a daze you hear a knock on the door and
    you snap out of your dream like mode. You look at the
    clock and see that the time is 11:15. You breath a
    sigh of relief. You still hadn't figure out just what
    we were going to do when I first got there. Unsure if
    the chemistry would instantly snap. Would we sit down
    for a cup of coffee or play a hand of cards as we try
    to get to know one another? You walk towards the door
    shaking the cob webs out of your brain. You open the
    door and there I stand in front of you. You gasp and
    freeze, your body unsure of what your next move should
    be. I stand on the other side of the door, waiting
    for stand back and let me in. I step into
    your home and stand in front of you. Our eyes lock
    and the outside world dissapears as my hands reach for
    your hips and our mouths come into contact. Slowly
    our hands caress the back of the other. Our mouths
    and tongues full of tingles as they give and reason.
    We pull away from each other and stare back into each
    others eyes. A smile forms on our faces and I gently
    say, "Nice to finally meet you". Your brain is in a
    frenzy and you nod and smile. You take me by the hand
    and lead me through the house. All your thoughts of
    unsureness on how we'd react when we first met were
    gone and you knew now that you had to have me and I
    had to have you. You guide me into the bedroom and we
    crawl up on the bed. Touching and caressing we can't
    stop long enough to complete sentences to each other.
    You reach down the front of my shorts and encompass my
    rock solid cock with your hands. You feel your body
    grin as you feel the girth and length and find it to
    be perfect for your desires. You feel the tip of my
    cock and find it already covered with sticky precum.
    You enjoy the texture knowing that you are the cause
    of my readiness. I slip your hand out from my pants
    and suddenly you find yourself flipped on your
    stomach. You sprawl your hands out and succumb to my
    advances. My hands begin to pry at your shirt,
    lifting it up and off your body. I straddle your body
    and take my time as I kiss and nibble your back, up
    your spine, across the back of your neck and to your
    ear. I whisper to you "I've waited for this moment
    for so long". You feel my rock hard cock pressing
    into your ass cheeks. I work my way back down your
    body, caressing your curves with my hands as my kisses
    begin raising goosebumps across the rest of your skin.
    As my body inches down your body my mouth gets closer
    to your waistline. I slowly inch your shorts off your
    body, hearing my moans of approval as I find you
    wearing no underwear. Kissing and admiring every inch
    of your ass as each inch is exposed. You lift your
    hips from the bed and ease my efforts to remove your
    clothing. As I reach back down and begin kissing the
    small of your back you feel my nude chest pressing
    against your ass and feel my heart pounding with
    anticipation and desire. I kiss down and find the
    waistband of the shorts kissing your thighs, the back
    of your knees and onto your calves inch by inch as
    your shorts travel down your legs. You roll your body
    over and sit at the edge of the bed naked and guide me
    over to stand in front of you. As I stand before you
    you watch and admirer as my cock throbs through my
    shorts before your eyes. You unbutton my shorts and
    watch as they fall to the floor followed quickly by my
    underwear. You hand begins to rhythmically stroke my
    cock and your mouth follows. My hands run through
    your hair and my knees quake, shaking from the
    illustrious feeling that cannot be spoken with words.
    You take my cock deep in your mouth, covering it with
    your saliva and then slowly back off, feeling the cool
    air and your warm mouth sends sensations up my spine.
    Your other hand reaches up and begins to gently caress
    my balls. Moans and groans you hear as you suck
    harder and squeeze my cock harder. You look up into
    my eyes, finding me starring at you in amazement. You
    feel my cock swell inside your mouth and you know the
    events that about to occur. You back your mouth away,
    keeping eye contact, and ask me "to you want to unload
    on my tits" I nod as no words would come from my
    mouth. You suck and suck until you feel the tension
    ready to burst. Faster and faster your hand strokes
    my cock suddenly you feel a warm sensation covering
    your chest. Load after load with each strokes squirts
    from my cock. The warm sensation covers your chest.
    As the last of my cum shoots from my cock you look
    down at your chest and giggle and ask me for a towel.
    I hand you one that you had laid on the foot of the
    bed. You watch me as you clean the cum from your
    chest. Watching as I stood attempting to catch my
    breath. You say with a smile "been saving up on that
    one for me?" I grin back and nod my head as I
    continue to catch my breath. As a few minutes pass
    and my breathing returned to normal I sit on the bed.
    You feel your pussy pounding begging for attention.
    You roll over on your back and spread your legs and
    sign to me to come closer. Then your words come with
    a bigger smile "now let's just see if you eat pussy as
    well as you say you do" I smile and crawl over to
    you. I crawl up the distance of your body and give
    you a simple kiss on your forehead and nibble on your
    neck. Working down your body, taking every moment to
    carefully enjoy every bit of your body. I settle in
    with my mouth inches from your awaiting pussy. I
    admire the shaving as the skin feels soft. I look up
    and ask you if it was shaved just for me and you reply
    with a grin "just for you". My mouth moves closer and
    closer and your blood pressure races. The warmth of
    my breath being felt by the wetness of your pussy. My
    tongue begins to gently lick the outside of your
    labia. Sensations run through your body instantly and
    your hands run through your hair. Slowly I work my
    way closer and closer until finally you feel my tongue
    running up through the middle of your pussy and to
    your clit. Your body tenses and your eyes focus
    directly on me. Only able to see my eyes you can see
    me grinning ear to ear. Your hands come down from
    above and gently caress my head and draw me in closer.
    Having enough of the teasing your body craves nothing
    less than a full body cosmic orgasm. I begin to
    flicker the tip of my tongue to your clit. Finding a
    rhythm that brings moans out of your mouth and fill
    the air with beautiful sounds of passion. My tongue
    begins to lick the length of your pussy, feeling it
    sliding inside of your pussy and licking the length
    until your clit finds it way to my mouth. I begin to
    suck on your clit. The sensations are wonderful but
    not enough for what your body craves. As your brain
    goes blank and the throws of passion take over you are
    unaware of your words or actions. You whisper out
    loud the single word "more". Without hestitation you
    feel two fingers insert inside of you. Unsure of the
    next actions you would feel you begin to come our of
    your orgasmic dream. Without a moments notice my
    mouth continues to suck and lick your clit with
    excitement as my fingers curl in and find you g-spot.
    Your eyes shoot open quickly and your body finds
    itself complete tensed. I raise my mouth and whisper
    to you to "relax". You body eases down and the
    sensations send you back into orgasmic dreamland.
    After a few moments your body comes into stride with
    my mouth and fingers. Gyrating your hips, bucking
    them up to feel my mouth and tongue buried into your
    clit. Feeling my fingers rhythmically performing
    motions on your g-spot. Your body tenses harder and
    harder, squeezing your legs as tight as you can,
    pushing yourself into my mouth harder and harder.
    Your fingers grip hard into the back of my head and
    hold me tight as your orgasm tears through your body.
    Your breathing stops and whimpers only exit your
    mouth. Your orgasm feels like three as your body only
    releases the tensions long enough for you to gasp for
    air and then it hammers back through you. As the
    sensations become unbearable you push me away and
    quiver as your body continues to send sensations
    through you. You lay on the bed gasping for air and
    profusely thanking me for such a wonderful feeling. I
    gently stroke your leg as I sit on the bed before you
    and state "now you know how I felt". You giggle and
    cover your face with a pillow as you become flush.

    As we take a break and lay there in bed you feel your
    body beggin for more. Holding you in my arms you
    reach down and begin to attempt to stroke my soft
    cock. I look down and with slight embarrassment I
    tell you that you might have to give it a little break
    after the enormous orgasm you gave me from the
    unbelievable orgasm. An evil thought crosses your
    mind and the thought progresses into an evil look on
    your face. You straddle your body on top of mine.
    You look down into my eyes and with a hint of
    truthfulness you ask me "how long would it take to get
    that cock hard if I was your cousin". I gasp and feel
    like I've been caught red handed. I squirm, unknowing
    what to say. Unable to produce words you continue to
    look down at me and whisper "it's ok hon, you told me
    your taboo fantasies and I understand, now I want to
    help you fulfill it". I continue to look around,
    scared that you are only trying to insult me or use my
    fantasies insultantly. You reach down and place a
    hand gently on your cheek, gently caressing me with
    your thumb "it's ok baby, no one here but us, so let's
    just see how naughty we can be, so now, show me how
    you want to fuck your cousin".

    With that a sigh of relief comes over me. You slide
    down my body and find my still soft cock. I look down
    at you still unsure. "Come on baby, tell your cousin
    how you want this cock of yours sucked". I hestitate,
    still astonished as you play my fantasy, amazed that
    you are willing to explore such a taboo. You wrap
    your fingers around my my and continue to talk "come
    on baby, talk to me, talk to me hard, I want every
    naughty, dirty detail.....give it to me". As I remain
    silent my cock returns to full hardness without
    hesitation and the taboo of the situation begins to
    appeal to you more. Throwing the social norms out the
    window and letting yourself into a fantasy world. As
    my cock is covered in your saliva and harder than ever
    before you slide your body up mine. Straddling my
    body you ease my cock into your pussy. Looking down
    into my eyes you begin talking and not holding back.
    Falling into the role you let it all go and go for it
    all. "MMMM cuz, your cock fits perfect in my pussy,
    it feels so wonderful". I lay on the bed and begin to
    caress your body, running my hands up your curves and
    fondling your breast. The sensations of the taboo
    rush through your body as you grind hard into my
    pelvis. With each grind you feel your clit rubbing
    harder and harder. Your rushes to an orgasm and you
    dig your fingers into my abs. You look down with a
    smile and grin. Realizing that fantasy can be
    orgasmic you continue with it. With my cock still in
    you, you spin your body and face away from me.
    Looking over your shoulder you smile and say, "I know
    how much you love looking at your cousins ass". You
    lean forward a bit and begin to rock back and forth,
    feeling the length of my cock driving in and out of
    you. My hands holding your hips rocking you into me
    harder and harder. Our skin collides with each stroke
    and the sound almost echoes in the room as it fills
    with the smell of wonderful sex. Out of nowhere you
    hear me finally speak my words, surprising you as the
    words finally emerge. "Oh god damnit it cousin...your
    pussy is so fucking tight and wet and your ass is...oh
    my god your fucking so good". The words inspire you
    and you look over your shoulder, "mmmm...and cousin
    you feel so good, we have got to do this more often".
    I nod my head and you sit straight up. Your hands
    caress your breast as your hair falls down your back.
    You lift your body up just a bit and feel my hips
    begin to stroke up to you. Without looking back the
    words being to flow out "oh god yes cuz, oh yes, fuck
    me, fuck me hard, fuck me good". With each mention of
    the cousin words my hips thrust harder and faster up
    to you. Feeling the constant pressure of my cock
    driving faster and harder into you your body once
    again throws itself into a miraculous brain numbing
    orgasm. You fall back and lay on my chest. Feeling
    my heart pounding against your back. My hands come up
    your sides and on top of you. Caressing your sides
    with just the tips of my fingers and traveling to your
    breast. Your hands grasp mine and you push my hands
    to ecompass your breast. My hands encapsulate your
    breast as your chest rises and falls with each breath
    you take as you attempt to regain your composure. You
    pull your head to the side and turn to face me.
    Looking at me you begin to see my embarassment. You
    bring your hand up and gently caress my face "Baby,
    any fantasy you have, we can fulfill it together".
    With those simple words an evil grin appears on my
    face and a single word response emerges...."Any?".
    You nod your head in response.
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    Part 2

    Without warning you find yourself standing and bent
    over the bed. Your hips being drawn in and my cock
    driving deep inside of you. You gasp you feel my
    pelvis pound against your ass. Hearing the slapping
    noises of our skin as your fingers dig into the
    sheets. With each hard stroke air gasps from out of
    you. You feel my hands leave your hips and slide up
    your back gently and carefully allowing only my
    fingertips to touch your skin. The pace of my hips
    slows and the feeling of the gentleness is welcomed by
    your body. My fingers reach up and you find your head
    being pulled back by your hair. You feel the grip of
    my hand, your body goes into shock for a moment and
    the words flow from my mouth. "You just can't get
    enough of your little brother's cock can you?". You
    pussy flushes with juice as the fantasy drives into
    your mind. The idea of the taboo sends your body
    crazy. Thrusting your hips back into me and burying
    your pussy on to my cock. My hips stay still as I
    pull your hair back to me and your pussy slams into
    me. The juices of your dripping pussy now can be felt
    all over my pelvis. Your brain continues to sink into
    the fantasy and the words begin to crawl out of your
    mouth. "oh brother...I've wanted you for so long" "oh
    nobody fucks me like you little brother" "I can't wait
    to taste your cum brother, nobody has been cum than
    you" The enthusiasm of your words transfer into my
    bodies reactions. My hands let go of your hair and
    fall to your hips. The echo of our skin slamming into
    each others can be heard throughout the house. "oh
    sis...I have to taste your pussy...the next time you
    cum I'm tasting every bit of your orgasm" The motion
    of your hips change directions, instead of pushing
    back you begin to buck your hips, thrusting them from
    front to back up and down. With that and my cock
    thrusting harder and harder into you your body begins
    to tremble. When you begin to moan and whimper as
    your body prepares itself my hand raises from your hip
    and comes smacking down on your ass. The smack causes
    instant redness to your ass with a perfect impression
    of my hand. A welp screams from your mouth as the
    unexpected pain shoots through you. "MMM...Sis...That
    ass if fucking perfect" You bite your lower lip, push
    your ass higher in the air and ask your little brother
    for another. My eyebrows raise as the words come as a
    shock. My hips thrust harder into you and my hand
    comes with another hard smack. Moaning and groaning
    louder and louder as each stroke pushes begin to moan louder and
    louder...your body releases itself to the orgasm and
    you scream with all your might. I pull my cock out
    and push you flat on the bed rolling you over on your
    back. My face launches at your pussy as my tongue
    buries inside of you. Sucking...Slurping...Lapping..
    taking in every bit of orgasm gushing from your soaked
    pussy. Your hand reaches down and grasps the top of
    my head pulling me in tight as your grind your pussy
    into my face. Grinding up and down from the point of
    my nose inside of you, down my face, my tongue
    traveling the length of your pussy, sending shock
    waves through your clit and traveling until you see my
    chin above your pelvis bone. "
    lick pussy so well...I wish I would have been the one
    to teach you all those tricks".
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    part 3

    You watch me tentatively as my eyes are fixed on your
    legs peering out of your robe. You walk over to me,
    ready to take the roleplaying to another level. You
    stand in front of me and brush your hands through my
    hair. You fingers reach under my chin and pull my
    face up so we are looking into each other's eyes.
    Without a quip in your voice you say the words that
    send me into shock, "so how has my lovely son been
    doing with the ladies". I respond with a lump in my
    throat, "not to well mom, the girls just don't care
    for me". You shake your head side to side and slide
    your fingers back through my hair. "well they just
    don't know what they are missing, why if I were their
    age, I'd be chasing you all over town"
    "nah mom, your much prettier than they are anyways" A
    grin on your face shows your williness to play along.
    Your body reponds as you feel yourself becoming
    drenched again as the roleplaying becomes a sort of
    reality as you dive deeper into the role.
    "do you really think so or are you just being nice to
    your old mother"
    "heck no mom...and your not old, and your body is way
    better, all my friends even say that your a MILF"
    "oh, and what is a MILF"
    My face turns red "I can't say mom, you never let me
    say bad words"
    "oh just this once will be ok, you can tell me,
    promise I won't get mad"
    "are you sure"
    "I'm sure, just say it"
    "Mother's I'd Like to...(I hesitate)...Fuck"
    a gasp comes from you and you pat yourself on the
    chest. Feeling your nipples becoming hard and
    protrude from your robe.
    "oh my I wasn't expecting that"
    "sorry mom, but you promised you wouldn't get mad at
    Your fingers run back through my hair, ensuring to me
    that it was all ok.
    You bite your lower lip and the question emerges "so
    what do you I a MILF" You stand up tall and
    proud and push out your chest.
    "Mommmmmm...I can't think of you like that"
    "oh come on hon, I'm your mom....if you can't tell me
    the truth...who can you tell" With further prodding
    and insistance you pry the answers out of me.
    "Yes mom, you're hot, my friends all think you're hot,
    and compared to all the other moms, you're much hotter
    than them"
    Your hand brushes through my hair and you lean down
    and give me a kiss on the forhead. As you bend down
    your robe opens a bit and my eyes transfix on your
    breast. My cock rapid protrudes, showing easily
    through my boxers. You peer down and
    smile..."Well...I guess I must just be a MILF" I
    cover my raging hard-on with my hands in attempt to
    conceal it. You brush my hands to the side and admire
    my cock.
    "Wow baby, none of the girls at school must have seen
    this before, otherwise they'd be all over you".
    "'re embarrassing me"
    "So my sweet son" as you drop to your knees before me
    sitting in the chair, your robe exposing the insides
    of your breast, "has a girl ever given you a blowjob
    I nod my head no as my hands stay to my sides. Your
    hand reaches inside of my boxers a wiggles my
    throbbing cock out. The head swollen, throbbing,
    begging for your attention I gasp as the air hits my
    precum covered cock. Your eyes gaze away from my cock
    and stare up to me. "Would you like mommy to take
    care of this problem for you?". I nod my head quickly
    indicating yes...Yes...YES.
    You hairs falls to my lap and I gasp for the joyful
    sensation as your mouth encompasses my cock and it
    slides deep into my mouth. You suck and slurp for a
    few moments and lift your head, "So is your mommy a
    MILF now sweety?"
    "Oh fuck yes mom, you're the best mom ever, just
    please don't stop"
    You mouth quickly sucks my cock back deep into your
    mouth. My head tosses back and my mouth opens gasping
    for air as you feel my knees shaking and shivering
    from the taboo sensations. Your hands reach down and
    untie the knot in your robe and you slide if off your
    shoulders. You bare body sitting completely nude
    infront of me. You mouth lets go of my cock and you
    slide your body forward, sliding my cock between your
    breast as you squeeze them together with your hands.
    My hands begin to return the favor and brush through
    your hair, "oh mommy, you are wonderful"
    "And son, you have a marvelous cock, and it tastes so
    wonderful, can I return the favor?"
    The smile appears across your face as you ease up back
    from me and I stand up quickly, pushing my boxers to
    the floor and my cock stays rock hard and crying out
    for your attention. I lay down on the kitchen floor
    and assume the position as you place one foot on each
    side of my head. I glance up and see your glistening
    wet pussy awaiting, awaiting to feel my tongue
    spreading your labia and pushing hard inside of you.
    You bend your knees and it takes what seems to be an
    eternity for your pussy to get in range. As soon as
    it happens my mouth darts forward, my tongue launches
    into your pussy in a frenzy. You're kneeling, sitting
    directly on my face with your pussy being shown much
    attention. You begin to grind your hips back and
    forth, forgetting about my cravings and endulging in
    your own.
    "OH baby....OH BABY...MMMM...Lick Momma's pussy...oh
    yeah baby...mmmm...that is so nice"
    My licks go higher and higher past your pussy and you
    begin to push your body forward. "OH baby, lick it
    all for mommy...lick my pussy...lick my ass...lick it
    all for me sweaty". My tongue finds your asshole and
    your body shoots into a moment of suspended realism.
    As my tongue swirls the rim of your ass you hands
    clutch against your chest and cup your breast, pushing
    them into your body tight and hard. The
    feelings...the sensations...your body feeling so taboo...unlike any experience before you
    are on the brink of what feels like insanity when my
    tongue darts inside of your ass. You squeal out loud
    as an instantanious orgasm shoots through your body
    and you rear back harder, smothering me as I gasp with
    enlightment and your wet pussy drips onto my chest as
    your fingers shoot to your pussy and two fingers of
    your own insert inside of you. You lean to one side,
    just far enough away to feel just the tip of my tongue
    tantalizing your ass and you leaning gives me a view
    of your beautiful pussy being fingered. The sight
    drives me crazier and my tongue moves faster. Your
    body shakes above me as you hold yourself up with your
    one free hand. Your eyes quivering so hard you feel
    them shake through the back of your head. Your
    fingers moving faster and faster, your pussy so wet it
    drips on my chest and the drops only work to encourage
    me more. As another orgasm approaches your ass pushes
    hard against my face again. My hands spread your ass
    cheeks apart and my tongue continuously works it
    magic. As the orgasm tears through your body your
    fingers prove to be more than you can handle and you
    quickly withdraw them, dripping your wet pussy further
    on me and my mouth burries itself into your ass. Your
    hands reach forward and your nails dig deep into my
    legs. Squealing and Screaming the orgasm overtakes
    your body. As the shivers subside you turn and peer
    at me. A smile lines my face and the glistening of
    your pussy covers me.
    "Has Mommy's special son had enough pussy eating for
    one day"
    "OH no mom, you taste way too good, I want to taste
    more, look how wet it is, it's dripping, I want to
    taste every last drop"
    "Well then, I'll have to repay the favor suck every
    last drop out of that great cock you have son"
    As your mouth approaches my cock you find my hips
    thrusting up towards you and your mouth opens wide to
    accept it. More precum has presented itself for your
    delight. Your hand grasps my cock with a firm grip
    and your tongue slowly and gently licks the precum
    away. As your hand strokes my rigid throbbing cock
    you say "You have some great tasting cum honey"
    "And you have a magnificient tasting pussy mom"
    With those words our oral skills continue to work on
    each other. Your mouth slowly sucks up and down the
    long shaft of my cock. Feeling the head and the veins
    pulsate inside your mouth. The sounds of your
    slurping mouth causes my body to instinctively thrust
    forward. You gladly accept my ambitious cock as your
    hands are positioned to the side of me and just your
    mouth sucks deep and hard. The loving feeling
    consumers our bodies as my tongue explores each and
    every inch of your well lubed pussy. Carefully
    licking the edges of the labia, working up around the
    top of your clitoris and then beginning back at the
    bottom of your pussy. Your hips rotate and rock
    positioning my tongue for your orgasmic delight. My
    tongue spreads your labia and my wide tongue protrudes
    as your hips rock front to back, never missing a beat
    with your mouth sucking me so well. With the sensory
    overload my body can not withhold any longer and you
    feel my cock swell further. Your hand slides up and
    grasps my cock more firm than before. With quickly
    strokes and a tight grip your mouth slides off and you
    begin to speak. "Come on Baby, Give me your Cum, Give
    momma your sweat cum, Give it to Momma, Come on Baby,
    give it to me...give it to MOMMA" My body begins to
    shiver and quake and my mouth releases from your pussy
    unable to continue with coordination my mouth screams
    "Swallow it Mom, Swallow all of your sons Hot Sticky
    Cum" As my body begins to produce the spewing geyser
    of an orgasm your mouth encompasses my cock, setting
    firmly on the head as my hips buck hard. Words of
    encouragement continue continuously, begging and
    pleading for you to not stop. As the last drop leaves
    my cock your mouth lets go of my cock and I fall back
    and relax my body on the floor. My hands reach up and
    caress your ass. The ass that you known for so long
    has produced countless orgasms from me just looking at
    those beautiful pictures. I reach up and plant a firm
    kiss square on each buttock. You smile and begin to
    turn around.
    "Now that's a hell of a fantasy roleplay"
    You gaze down and find my cock, amazingly still as
    hard as it was before you swallowed my load.
    "Oh son, this fantasy isn't over, it's just beginning"
    "Yes Mommy" I reply
    You straddle your legs across me and your soaking wet
    pussy accepts my puslating cock with ease. You begin
    to grind me, hard, digging and grinding harder with
    each stroke. The frenzy of your clit grinding into me
    sends joyful goosebumps racing up your back. You
    close your eyes and grind back and forth. Losing
    yourself in the daydreaming. My hands reach up and
    fondle your breasts. "you have great tits mom" You
    eyes pop open, wakening from your daydream state.
    "Well thank you son, you can play with them anytime"
    "Can I suck on them?"
    "Oh yes, come and suckle your momma's breasts baby"
    I lean up and wrapy your legs around my waist, pushing
    my cock further into you, causing you to swallow the
    lump in your throat. My face pushes deep into your
    breast, nibbling your breast and tantantalizing your
    nipples. Your arms wrap tightly around me as you keep
    me drawn into you body. You body continues to
    rhythmically grind as the feeling of my swollen cock
    inside you is your desire. Your hands brush my hair
    as you tell me to suck mom's tits. Suddenly you feel
    you body being lifted without notice and your legs
    wrap tightly around me. I free one hand and clear the
    dining table off, spraying the surround floor with
    items left on it. I lay your body across the table
    and hold your legs in my arms. You lay helpless on
    the table and await my next decision. I pull my cock
    out from your pussy and bend down. Licking one stroke
    with my tongue with a wide, thick lick. You shiver on
    the table as I reappear above you and re-take my
    position. My cock drives hard into you, slamming into
    you without mercy. I look deep and hard into your
    eyes. "Now Mom, It's time for your pussy to be filled
    with your son's hot, steamy, sticky cum"
    "OH baby, fill mommy's pussy, fuck me hard, I want it
    My hips begin to stroke in you, pushing your across
    the table. You grasp the table and pull yourself back
    down in the intervals of the strokes. Acquiring your
    position and holding it tightly as my cock slowly
    resends from with in you. Just as you feel the tip of
    my cock pulling out of your pussy you feel my slam my
    body back into you. Shrills of ecstacy shoot through
    your body with each stroke. My body trembles and my
    fingers dig deep into your thighs pulling you in as
    hard as I slam my hims into you. Each consecetive
    stroke produce an "umf" from you. Your tits giggling
    up and then down with each pound you receive. You
    bald pussy glistens with the residue of sweat
    glistening from the hard work it's performed. My hand
    reaches around your thigh and the tip of my finger
    stimulates your clit from side to side. The
    exhilartion is unbearable. You feel the pressure
    building in my cock. Unsure how long I will last, but
    enjoying each and every stroke as if it could be the
    last. My pace quickens, the moans become more and
    more. The words of passion throw themselves from our
    mouths without hesitation. Your fingers reach up and
    draw an imaginary line down my abs. Feeling my body
    as it glistens. Admiring it from your position you
    are in a state of suspension, unaware of your
    surroundings. Lost in the moment that you never wish
    to end. My body pushes further and further into you.
    Feeling me inside of you, not just your hot pussy, but
    throughout your body and soul. The mechanics of your
    body take hold and your orgasm builds. The pounding
    sensations ripple through your body. As your orgasm
    approaches only one thing could be better. For our
    bodies to orgasm in unison. Together at once. You
    move my hand to the side and begin massaging your
    clit. My eyes travel from your pussy to your eyes and
    back to your pussy. Loving the beautiful sight of you
    rubbing your pussy as my cock pounds deep inside you.
    My hands return their full attention back to your
    thighs, gripping tighter I pound harder even yet,
    persisting with the steady pace of a slow withdrawal
    and returning with my cock slamming harder into me.
    "Baby, I want out to cum with mommy, I want you to cum
    with mommy and fill my cunt up with your delicious
    cum, will you do that for me, will you do that for
    your mommy?"
    "OH yes, anything for you, but you better cum quick,
    cause my cock is dying to burst."
    I begin to withdrawl faster pushing in with all my
    might. Whimpers emerge from your body as you are
    fully committed to the fantasy. You squirm and
    squeal, eager for the combination orgasm. "come on
    baby, come with momma, cum in momma" over and over
    your repeat it and with each statement my hips
    withdraw faster and faster. Faster and faster until
    the speed is such that you almost can't tell when I'm
    pulling back and when I'm pushing in. The ambush on
    your pussy is too much and your hand moves faster and
    faster. Your orgasm begins to reveal itself when you
    hear me yell...scream...and release another amazing
    orgasm. As soon as the first shot shoots inside of
    you and you feel the hot cum,your body instantly turns
    into an orgasmic mechanism and your face turns flush
    red. You thrash your head from side to side as each
    squirt sends your orgasms crashing through your body
    harder and harder. Gasping for breath and unable to
    release it. My body unable to control itself thrashes
    into you with no regard. Crashing together until no
    more was left. I collapse on your chest and hold you
    tight. Your fingers caress up my back and through my
    hair. You give me a kiss on top of my head and hug me
    tight into you. "now that's momma's good boy"
  4. HornyMum30

    HornyMum30 New Member

    Aug 28, 2007
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    London UK
    part 4 - last part

    As our sex in the kitchen comes to a close we look at
    each other and our bodies tell one another that we are
    tired and wore. We venture back to the bedroom to lay
    down and recover with some R&R. The room still smells
    of the sweet sex that occurred a short while ago. We
    lay down in your bed and curl up together. My arm
    wraps across your waist and nestles in between your
    breast, pulling you in close to me. My warm breath
    soothes the muscles in the back of your neck and you
    wiggle your body into it's comfort zone and hold my
    hand as our bodies give in and drift off to sleep.
    Hours pass with what seems to be a blink of the eye.
    I wake up and your still nestled tightly in my arms.
    Your ass pushes firmly against my body and I find my
    cock stirring and hardening. I nudge you a bit and
    you start to stir. Your body responds to the feeling
    of my cock beginning to throb in your back and your
    ass wiggles side to side teasing me as you grin with
    joy. I lean down and whisper into your ear, "hey sis,
    little brother sure could use some more of that good
    pussy you have". Your face lightens up as your mind
    returns to our taboo fantasy land that we ventured
    through together. You join in without hesitation and
    respond "ok, but this time you have to be quieter, we
    don't want mom and dad hearing". I slide my body down
    and my cock pulsates hard, my brain goes to mush as I
    dream of fucking my sister. Your legs spread a bit
    and my eager cock glides between your legs. Your
    tender fingers reach between your legs and begin
    teasing the head of my cock. Dampening your fingers
    and grinding your hips, feeling my cock spread your
    labia but not letting it slide inside your eager
    pussy. "Come on sis...I'm dying to be inside you"
    "Patients little brother...good things come to those
    who wait"
    My hips grind into you, begging your body to accept
    mine inside of yours. Your body shivers as your know
    you have complete control and power over my pleasure.
    You continue to slide my now lubricated cock between
    your labia. My warm breath on your back causes you to
    arch your back, pushing your beautiful ass into me
    farther. My hands grab and tittilate every inch of
    your body I can reach. Lightly touching just below
    your waistline causing you to giggle and squirm. Your
    arm reaches up behind you and your fingers brush
    through my hair. "Come on...beg for it baby...beg for
    it from your sister...I want to hear it...I want to
    hear it in your voice how badly you desire to fuck
    your sister". My pleas and begging comes from my
    mouth, telling you that you are the only one that
    makes me feel this wonderful, insisting that no other
    woman could make me feel like you do. I begin to get
    louder and louder with my persistant pleas,
    " and dad are going to hear you"
    "Then let me in you, I can't handle it any more"
    "OK brother, here you go, slide your cock in your
    sisters tight pussy"
    My cock glides in and your pussy muscles grip tight
    around me. You close your legs making the sensations
    tighter as my cock bulges inside of you. "oh brother,
    wow, you're bigger than I've ever felt you" My body
    grips tight to you and slowly and methodically I push
    my cock into you. Gripping me tightly as you feel
    each pulsation shooting through my cock. You grip
    with every muscle, so tight only my foreskin allows my
    cock to withdraw and penetrate. "Oh sis, no one has
    ever had it this good" the words escape me as I'm in a
    land created in my mind. My mind lures in fantasy
    land, my body and soul fill with joy as the ultimate
    fantasy is fulfilled in me. My hands caress your body
    gently, penetrating your skin with feelings unlike any
    other you've felt. Feeling safe, wanted, desired, and
    loved with each touch. The feeling of taboo escapes
    your mind as the tenderness continues to penetrate
    through you. My hands travel down and caress your
    ass, as the fantasy becomes almost surreal and the
    love of a brother and sister is felt between us with
    the added twists of sex and desire. No one could feel
    as close as we do at that exact moment, physically and
    mentally our minds are as connected as our bodies are.
    Then penetration of my throbbing cock inside your hot
    pussy joins us as one. We enjoy what is often talked
    about but rarely experienced. That one true moment
    where nothing exists in the world but you and I. My
    mouth kisses every reachable part of your body. Your
    hand caresses down my legs as you roll your torso
    towards me. Your mouths come together and our tongues
    dance we each other in our mouths. The electricity
    shoots through one another as our kiss becomes deeper
    and filled with more passion. Our hips stop thrusting
    as our tongues perform and the sensations prove
    greater than the sex itself. I pull my cock out from
    you and roll you gently on your back. Our mouths
    never let go and our tongues continue. I re-enter
    inside of you. The passion so high intensity that
    butterflies flutter through our bellies. I stroke
    softly and gently inside of you, pulling my hips
    inside of you and you raising your hips excepting each
    thrust. Our bodies react as one, independent from
    thought they mirror each others movements. You pull
    your mouth away from mine and rest your hand on my
    beating chest, feeling my heart beat with yours. You
    look deep into my eyes "Be my brother, be my brother
    forever and I will fill your every desire, love me
    like your sister and make love to me as your wife, I
    never want to spend another moment without you inside
    of me" The fantasy takes it's grip and continues to
    evolve as it brings excessive pleasure to which
    neither of us had previously experienced. "Always and
    forever, always and forever for as long as you'll have
    me" Your arms encompass my body and pull me in tight.
    Your breast push hard into my body and my heart
    pounds against you. You begin to nibble and talk
    naughty into my ear, the pace of my hips steps up in
    tempo, continuing your talk, the dirtier you talk the
    faster the tempo. Finally without notice the head of
    my cock swells like never before and your voice yells
    out "Cum on my face, cum all over it...every last
    drop...give it to me now". With the final word
    exiting your mouth I withdraw from inside of you and
    straddle your body. My hand grasps my cock and amazes
    you with the speed of the stroking. Cum spews from my
    cock, the warm gushes covering you. Your mouth opens
    as partial loads land in your mouth, swallowing as
    fast and as much as possible. As my hand falls to the
    side you see the tip of my cock with a drop of cum
    still on it. Your mouth launches forward,
    encompassing the head and obtaining the last drops.
    My body shoots to attention as the head of my cock is
    drenched with nerve shocking agitations. I grunt and
    my toes curl. I look down and the beauty shines
    through. You face partially covered with my cum, your
    mouth wrapped around my cock. You head drops down and
    you stare into my eyes again. Your fingers begin to
    obtain the loads of cum on your face, sucking your
    fingers clean of every drop. I find a towel sitting
    near us and you finish wiping the last drop. I lean
    down on to you and our arms wrap each others bodies
    embracing tightly as our admoration streams through
    us. "I love you little brother"
    "Oh sis, I never want to be anywhere but with you
    again, never leave me and I'll make you happy forever"
    We collapse on the bed and hold each other forever.
    The moment lasts for an hour, not wanting to let each
    other go in fear that the moment will be lost. The
    passion, the lust, the taboo, the love fills us. Fear
    enters our minds, fearful that we will never feel
    anything like this again in our life. We squeeze each
    other tighter, re-assuring this won't be the last and
    ensuring that this is only the beginning of a taboo
    fantasy that will take on a life of it's own, filled
    with love and smiling faces.
  5. Barbwire

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    Jan 20, 2007
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    I was pretty turned on reading that, until I got to the incest fantasy part. That killed it for me, sorry.

    Did you write that yourself? If so, you have a very good style.
  6. HornyMum30

    HornyMum30 New Member

    Aug 28, 2007
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    London UK
    Friend wrote it for me.
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