Rick's Birthday Part One

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    It was Rick's birthday, but not just any birthday, as he turned 60 today. He was really feeling depressed about it, even though he could still pass for mid- to- late 40's. He stood at exactly 6 ft.,and weighed in at 180. His build was muscular with a dark hairy chest. He kept in shape by going to the gym often and lifting weights. His hair was brown, worn just where it would hang over a shirt collar. Even at his age, no gray was visible. He had the deepest blue eyes Judy had ever seen on any man, and the cutest ass, especially in a pair of tight pants.

    Judy knew Rick well, she had been his mistress for the last two years. He owned his own law firm, practicing in criminal law. Judy was a court stenographer,which is how they had met.

    People that knew Rick on a professional level had told Judy that Rick's wife had had complete hysterectomy a few years back and sense then had lost all interest in anything sexual. She had even given her consent for Rick to have other lovers ,as long as he left her alone.
    Judy was a widow, her husband having died in a car accident years earlier.

    They had often discussed trying threesomes or couple swaps, but as of now it had been just the two of them. Judy had been planning his birthday for months. She wanted it to be the best one he had ever had , and one that he would remember for the rest of his days.

    His wife was going to stay a week at her sister's, yes, his birthday and she didn't want to be there, go figure. He told her he would be staying at a friends for awhile. His wife knew he was seeing someone , she didn't wish to know the details.

    As soon as she had left he began to get ready himself. He jumped in the shower. It was already 4PM and he had to be at Judy's apartment by 5. They had dinner reservation's for 6. He finished up and got dressed. He threw some things in a suitcase as he was staying a few days with her since they had both taken a week off of work to spend some major time together. Showered, shaved, and dressed in a suit and tie, for the restaurant was a Formal Wear establishment,he knocked at the door about 4:45.

    Judy's apartment was a smashing penthouse suite. Her living room,dinning room, and bedroom windows offered a fantastic view of Lake Michigan, while her guest bedroom and kitchen showed off another great view of the city of Chicago. From here, the Sears Tower could be seen. Each bedroom had its own private bathroom. She also had a music room combination library,den. This room was right off the dinning room,and the first room you entered in the apartment. Here their were shelves of books and a baby grand piano which she played very well. There was also a stereo and shelves of music . A giant screen television took up most of one wall. With a plush couch , a couple of end tables, and a coffee table.

    They had spent may night here making love on the couch or just laying on the thickly carpeted floor. Rick was the best lover Judy ever had. Thus she wanted to make sure everything went just right tonight.

    Judy opened the door wearing an elegant blue silk formal, with no straps, and very low cleavage.
    "You look absolutely lovely tonight ,so sensual",Rick said. "The gown makes your eyes look even bigger and brighter". Judy loved the admiration she saw in his eyes. She loved to please him in every way.
    "You look great too baby". She remembered the first time she had seen him in court. Defending his client on a murder charge that he plead not guilty to. How he made all the prosecuting witness' seem like pure dumb asses. She had lusted after him even then. He was so incredibly good-looking. Naturally he ended up winning that case, but that's a different story.

    Rick held her and they kissed deeply. Judy lowered her hand to his cock area and began to rub it through his pants.
    "Keep that up and we'll be late", Rick said. His dick had began to get hard as soon as he walked in the door and saw her. Her slightest touch always did make his cock throb. Judy just giggled and kept on rubbing, feeling his shaft getting harder and harder at her touch.

    Rick began to back her across the room, over toward the couch. When they reached it, he slipped his hand in back of her and unzipped her formal to her waist, as it fell to the floor, leaving her standing there in black nylons and a black garter belt, as she had not yet put on her heels.
    "You have the biggest tits" He said.
    "You've always been a big tit man"
    "Baby, I'm a everything man. I like the whole package, and your packaged very nicely."

    Still kissing passionately, Rick shoved Judy gently back on the couch, taking a seat beside her. Judy got him naked and laid him back , taking his cock into her mouth. "Mmmm", she moaned as she teased him with her tongue.
    "You know how much I love sucking your cock" she said
    "Fuck" he thought, "I'm going to cum before she ever starts to suck it."
    He ran his hands up and down her nylons. He loved the feel of her sheer stockings. .Resting his fingers on her clit, as he began to slowly rub it.

    "Wait" she said "I have a surprise for you." She took him by the hand and led him to the bedroom. "Lay down" she said . He did so, wondering what she had in that sexual mind of hers.
    "You know it just drives me fucking nuts when you take control of things like this".
    "I Know", Judy smiled at him.

    She opened the drawer and took out a pair of blindfolds and restraints. Rick snickered and said 'What happened to dinner? Now you want me to tie and blindfold you?"
    She giggled and said "No!", and begin tying his left wrist to the bed post,then his right . Next both ankles were bound. "What about dinner?", he asked again. Laughing she said, "It was just a made- up reservation, so you wouldn't wonder what I really had planned." Last year she had planned a surprise party with a few of their closest friends at her place. He had somehow managed to find out about it and showed up at the door with a gift in his hand that said happy birthday Rick on it! He got a kick out of her knowing that he had found her out.

    He just looked into her eyes and smiled as she put a pair of blindfolds on him. His dick was already dripping pre -cum. "Damn", he thought to himself, "this woman could make me cum without even touching it, she's so amazing."

    He heard some noise coming from another room , he wondered what she could be doing. Then, she was back in the room. He could smell her perfume, and feel her presence. He soon felt his cock back in her mouth and he felt her sit on his face. He began to lick her pussy and suck her clit . But wait, now he was not sure it was her, someone was still sucking his cock! It finally dawned on him someone else had joined them and it wasn't just the two of them anymore.

    He heard someone say, "Yes, fuck my pussy with that tongue of yours"--- this was not Judy's voice. He knew he had heard the voice before, he just couldn't place where. "Yes baby, lick her pussy good, make her squirt all over you baby". Now, this was Judy speaking.

    Rick got her clit between his lips and sucked on it, switching from sucking her clit to sticking his tongue as deep as he could inside her wet cunt. Rick was trying to lick her dry, but she just kept getting wetter. It was such a fucking turn- on for him, licking someones cunt not even knowing what they looked like.

    "Oh yes" said the woman, "You're so good with your tongue. "
    Judy's voice, "Mmm I'm masturbating darling while your licking this woman's pussy". Judy then began sucking on his balls, each one in turn. She continued to finger fuck herself while licking and sucking him.

    Her ass kept moving to the motions of his tongue. Judy was still sucking his dick. He knew her cocksucking techniques so well. It was a challenge trying to concentrate on eating the woman's cunt at the same time as enjoying the pleasures Judy was giving him.

    He heard a buzzing sound and figured it to be one of Judy's many vibrators. His assumption was correct, as he felt the toy go up and down the length of his shaft. Back down again to gently vibrate each of his balls. All the while, Judy was licking and sucking his cock . The vibrations from the toy almost sent him over the edge, but he was holding out his orgasm as long as he could.

    The next thing Rick felt was Judy, rubbing some lotion on his dick. He knew she had a drawer- full of flavored massage oils. He felt her blowing on his cock and he got the warmest sensations through his cock . This must have been something new she had purchased. It was the most erotic feeling. Not a burning sensation, but just a pleasurable warmness.
    "Does that feel good baby"?
    Rick , having a mouthful of the other woman's pussy , could only manage to moan.

    Ahhh, the woman sitting on his face was cumming. He could feel her juices run down his throat. Such a sweet taste. He continued to lick her as she came. This woman was actually ejaculating. He thought the cum was never going to stop, and he was loving it.

    Rick was surprised at what he felt next. he felt one wrist being untied from the bed post, then the other one, and next, his feet. He had finally been unbound? Judy had commanded him to leave the blindfold on . ' You won't see who this other woman is until I want you to see her" Judy said playfully.

    Rick was no fool, he willingly and pleasurably submitted himself to the two women. Obviously each woman had one of his hands and were leading him someplace. He heard water running and knew it was the shower he heard.
    One of the women picked up one foot then the other, helping him to step in under the warm running water . He then felt the women get in with him.

    One was in back of him , the other in the front. He had no idea who was who now, as no one was saying anything. He felt his dick going into someones pussy. He backed her against the wall and began to fuck her. The other woman was licking all over his back, down his back and to his ass.
    She began to rim him and the sensations were awesome as her tongue went into his tight asshole as he was fucking the other woman. She then took each ball in her mouth in turn, sucking gently.

    This was all he could take. He pulled out his cock . One of the women put it in her mouth and he exploded.
    "How does that taste bitch", not caring who he was talking to at the moment.
    "Mmmm, I loved it "she said "I swallowed every last drop".
    To his own amazement, he was still hard even after cumming. He couldn't believe the women were still at it. He could feel them washing him. As they washed his dick and balls, he was in awe , it felt like he could cum again right away. They all got out of the shower and dried one another off. The women were leading him again, back to the bedroom , he assumed.

    This time, he was wrong in his assumption. He felt the ropes being applied again , and he was tied to a chair. "All right" Judy said "I'm going to remove the blindfold, because the rest of the evening I want you to be able to see". He was about to explode. He would finally get to see the woman he had been sucking, eating and fucking for the last few hours.

    When the blindfold was removed he was astonished at the choice Judy had made . It was already special because it was their first ever threesome. Secondly, because it was his birthday. Now, because the woman was Tammy.

    Tammy was a friend Judy worked with. Rick had met her a couple of times. Judy had once ask Rick if he could fuck anyone besides her, who would it be. His reply had been Tammy.

    Judy was a very good looking woman. In her 50's.she had natural blond hair and green eyes. She stood 5 ft 5 inches and weighing in at 155 pounds. She didn't have any gray in her hair at all, and wore no make up, she was beautiful enough without any.

    Tammy, on the other hand, was the most beautiful red haired woman he had ever seen. With big round brown eyes that did always have makeup applied to them. He had never seen her without it. Tammy was about the same height, and build as Judy, and if he had to guess, would guess only a couple of years age difference, either way. He couldn't get over how amazing Judy was in making this all come true for him.

    Judy and Tammy looked at one another and smiled when they saw the gleam in Rick's eyes.
    "Did I pick the right present for you babe"? Judy asked him
    "You fucking know you did. You know I would have picked the same woman".
    "Well thanks", Tammy replied "I'm flattered. Now sit there and watch us make one another cum".

    Judy and Tammy were now laying on the table, with Rick in a kitchen chair out in the middle of the room. Far enough away where he could just watch. He watched as Tammy sat up and rubbed Judy with some flavored oil.
    She began with her toes and feet . Sucking each toe after she applied the oil. Massaging it into her feet, up her legs to her inside thighs. Judy was laying on her back while Tammy got the front of her first. Reaching her pussy, Tammy spent extra time here, rubbing in the oil, then taking her tongue and began to lick Judy's cunt.

    Judy took her own tits to her mouth and began sucking her nipples to firmness. Both of these women were big busted. Both boasting a beautiful sit of 44's, thus this was easily done.

    Tammy continued to tongue fuck Judy until Judy came. Turning over, Tammy then began the back massage.Starting at the shoulders, working her way down .
    They had the vibrator with them also, which Tammy picked up and lubed it and stuck it in Judy's ass. Judy moaned with pleasure as she said , "You fucking bitch, I'm cumming again".

    After Judy's orgasm was done, she and Tammy reversed positions. Judy had left a big puddle of her cum on the table that Tammy was now laying in. Judy repeated almost the same procedures Tammy had used on her, but making her cum while licking her and the vibrator up her pussy. In doing the back massage, Judy left out the ass fuck . Rick sort of wondered why that was, but figured he wasn't going to comment. Just let the women do their thing and enjoy was his motto.

    When all the messaging was done, each woman untied one of his wrist again and led him back into the bedroom, again, restraining him . All three were on Judy's king size bed again.

    Judy and Tammy began to explore one anothers tits. Taking each one in their hands and alternately licking around the nipples and Rick saw the nipples getting hard. The girls sucked them to firmness. They kissed one another passionately, as Rick could feel his cock getting hard again watching the two women.

    Judy then reached in the drawer again and got out a strap on and put it around her waste. Tammy picked up the lube and lubed it then bent over facing Rick, her back to Judy. Judy entered Tammy's ass with the strap on , they then turned sideways, so Rick could have a full view of the action.

    Tammy had the vibrator stuck up her pussy while Judy ass fucked her. In all his 60 years , Rick had never had an orgasm before without even being touched, but he knew he was not very far from doing just that. Both women were moaning loudly and Tammy said "Fuck my ass harder bitch". Judy gave faster harder thrust of the strap on . "Oh Yes" Tammy said "Oh fuck yes.", As Tammy's whole body tensed and she moaned in pleasure Judy and Rick both knew she was cumming. Tammy deposited a good size load on the bed , which Judy licked off the covers.

    Now Judy laid back on the bed. Tammy sucked on the strap on that had just came out of her ass, then took her tongue down between Judy's legs til it came to rest on her throbbing wet clit. She licked it and sucked it as Judy moaned loudly in sexual pleasure.

    Turn over Tammy said. Judy obeyed. Tammy began to lick Judy's ass, rimming her, driving her tongue deep down into Judy's ass. Alternately she would stick the vibrator in her ass , then her tongue. Judy's body arched and Tammy knew she was getting ready to cum .
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    PART TWO....

    Judy got on her knees , facing Rick, and positioned herself over him. Tammy continued rimming her , and using the vibrator from behind, Judy squirted all over Ricks face, his mouth open catch most of it. Judy stuck her fingers in her own cunt , getting them all covered with her cum and licking them clean.

    That was all it took. Rick could hold it no longer. As Judy was eating her own cum he exploded with one of the biggest orgasms he had ever experienced.
    He would never have believed it possible to cum like that without any touching. Judy and Tammy both knelt beside of him and licked all the cum off of him.

    Secretly , Judy wondered if she had done the right thing. Would she ever have Rick all to herself again,or would he always want this. She loved it that he was so pleased with Tammy. What the hell, she trusted Rick. This had been all her doing. What she and Rick did alone was make love. This was just sex. You had to know the difference between the two before you got involved in something like this.

    Tammy was thinking to herself how lucky Judy was to have such a great lover like Rick. She couldn't help feel a little envious. Yes, even wishing Rick was her lover. Judy had been her friend for many years, but she couldn't lie to herself about her developing feelings for him.

    Judy again took the blindfold and said, "just once more baby", placing it back over his eyes . He wondered what she was up to this time. "Judy went to get something, she'll be right back", Tammy informed him. Tammy was licking his nipples while Judy was gone.

    He heard the women laughing now an knew Judy had reentered. He had no idea what they were doing. "Now , be patient sweetheart", Judy said, "Tammy and I are preparing your birthday cake" . Rick could only imagine what that would be.

    He felt Judy's hands touch the blindfold and she said "Ready"? "Oh yes", Rick said. Judy removed the blindfold and he couldn't believe what he saw. Their was Tammy laying on the bed, covered with whip cream, slices of bananas, nut sprinkles, with even a cherry on top.

    'Mmmm, looks delicious", Rick said. Judy untied Rick but restrained his hands behind his back with a pair of cuffs they always played with. "Eat your cake darling, but you can't use any hands . Only your mouth, tongue, and teeth are allowed. And you have to eat the whole thing".
    Judy lit a candle on the dresser. It was one of those number candles that said 60 on it. He assumed this was his candle for his cake.

    He dove in, eating the cherry first, then using his tongue to lick off the whip cream, chewing the bananas when he would come to one. Judy had even put a bow on each one of Tammy's tit's, which he also removed with his teeth

    .Judy had told him to tit fuck her. He placed his cock in between her tits as Tammy squeezed them tightly together. Judy would lick the head of his cock as it came through her cleavage each time. It did not take long until he came all over Tammy's tits with his cum shooting onto Tammy's face. Judy licked it off of Tammy, while Tammy licked it off of Rick's cock and balls.

    Shortly after this Tammy got up and left the room. Judy laid on top of Rick and kissed him with passion. She then laid beside him and removed the cuffs. "Happy birthday darling" she said. "You are one amazing woman Judy", said Rick. "You gave us our first threesome, and with a woman you knew I had wanted to fuck from the first time I met her. But, you also gave me so many other erotic new feelings tonight. This is one birthday I'll never forget my dearest . Only next time i would like to be a little more involved.".

    Rick was thinking how wonderful the evening had been. Judy had given him his wildest fantasy. Tammy had been an extremely good fuck and was a beautiful woman. However it was Judy he would always want to be with . Her birthday was coming up soon. He would have to think of a way to repay her
    Judy just smiled at him as she laid her head on his chest and heard his heart beat.

    She could see the devotion and admiration in his eyes, and knew the thoughts she had been thinking earlier were just silly. "You will darling", she said, "Tammy is staying all weekend with us".
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    Well done!!! WOW!!:phat
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    Thanks for the comment!
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    AWSOME! :phat That was one of the best stories i hace ever read.:bow:bow
    Where is the rest of the story? :drool
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