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    I woke up feeling very horny this particular morning and decided to go to the rest area in search of some hot babes to catch me jacking off and shooting my cum. What a rush to be caught jacking off! As I drove into the rest area parking lot, I noticed that I was the only vehicle there so I decided to get a hustler mag out of my hiding place in my car and walk over to a picnic table to look at it while waiting for some babes to show up. It was very hot this morning at 85 and the humidity was already approaching 90%.

    I was getting sweaty just sitting at this picnic table so I decided to take a walk into the nearby woods. As I just entered the woods, I heard several cars pulling into the rest area. Both of them stopped near each other and I watched as a hot-looking brunette with a short blue-jean skirt get out of her car and then get into the other car. Immediately, the woman was kissing the male driver of the other car. I watched them for about a minute and then I noticed that the woman was now sitting on his lap and it looked like she was bouncing on his lap. I walked as close to their car through the woods that I could get without being seen and I watched them fucking. He had her blouse undone and was playing with her titties. I heard her moaning really loudly..."FUCK ME!.FUCK ME!.I WANT YOU TO CUM IN ME!!! I NEED TO FEEL YOUR COCK SPURTING THAT HOT CUM DEEP INSIDE MY PUSSY!!! I had my dick out and was jacking it slowly to her sounds. I almost shot my cum one time and decided to let it subside to build up a bigger cum.

    I then decided to step out into the open to let her see me jacking off and just as I did so, I noticed they were done fucking and that she was getting dressed. As soon as she got out of his car, he drove away very quickly. She was standing next to her car when she saw me walking out of the woods with my cock in my hand as I kept jacking it. We both knew each other but she was married to someone other than the guy she had just fucked. I quickly told her that I enjoyed the fucking scene and really enjoyed her potty mouth. She asked me if I were going to say anything to her hubby and I told her that I would not say anything...if....I got to eat her.

    She then started towards the restrooms and I told her that I wanted to lick and to suck the cum of her lovers out of her cum filled pussy. She quickly turned around and then came over and as she grabbed my hand, she led me into the woods. Quickly, she found a level spot and told me to lay down on my back. As she straddled me, I quickly pulled my shorts off and revealed my hard-on to her. She had her ass to my face as she lowered her cummy pussy to my hot hungry awaiting mouth. Just before she put her juicy pussy onto my mouth, I told her that I wanted her to push the cum out of her pussy. Mmmmmm...their cum tasted so delicious! The cum was dripping out of her juicy smelly cunt as I slithered my thirsty tongue deeply inside her...sucking out the wads of his cum as I tongue-fucked her. She moaned that she wanted me to be her naughty man and then moaned loudly that she loved to be eaten and that this was a first for get eaten after getting fucked. I slid my tongue all over her asshole several times and this made her hotter. My cock was really throbbing so I mumbled to her that I was going to jack off and that I wanted to shoot my cum all over her nipples.

    Several strokes later, I moaned that I was going to cum. Wad after wad after wad, cum shot out of my cock onto her nipples. She rubbed her nipples all over my cock as she was getting off again. As she started to calm down, she got up and then turned around and fed me her cummy nipples then kissing me...ramming her tongue down my throat. We were both very sweaty and I could smell that distinct scent of pussy, sex, and cum. I was highly turned-on at this time and the more we kissed, the hotter I became and the harder my cock got. I felt her hand slowly stroking my cock as she guided it towards her dripping cunt…telling me…begging me to cum some more and to shoot it all over her clit. We met there many more times...we fucked many many times and I ate lots of cum out of her cumfilled pussy. I miss her! She divorced her hubby and then moved away. If only I could find another woman like her.
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