Remembrances of a past girlfriend

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    I love to sniff Jamie’s panties. She rocks my world with her cute little titties, small butt, and bitchy attitude. I'm so horny for her that I'd let her pee in my mouth right now and I'd drink it without saying anything about it. When Jamie was 19, she set me up one time. I used the bathroom right before she took a shower and saw a small pair of panties laying on the floor. I picked them up and found the size to be a 5/6. As I pissed in the toilet, I sniffed the crotch of the panties…I smelled hot dirty pussy! My cock sprang to attention and almost demanded to be rubbed but I didn't have enough time so I threw them down to the floor and walked sexually-charged out of the bathroom.

    About 15 minutes later, Jamie walked out of the shower in nothing but a towel, walked over to me and then she let the towel slip just enough for me to see her little titties. She smiled and said...Hope you loved my panties and then she winked and walked away. Geez...if only I had known ahead of time that her panties were there for me.

    Sometimes, Jamie leans forward just enough to let me see her nipples. Mm...I'd love to suck on her touch them again. To rub them across my face. To cum all over them and lick them clean again. One time, I felt her fingers slide all over my cock...teasing it. She giggled and then she looked up at me and grinned that horny glance that drives a lot of men up the wall. I swear I'm going to eat her again someday soon and I'm going to fuck her with my tongue inside her pussy and I'll lick her tight ass too. She teases me every time I'm at her house.

    I recall another time she came over to my home and as she sat on the desk next to where I was working, I noticed she had a short skirt on. She then raised her legs and put her feet on the edge of the desk and showed me herself. Oh my...I was sooo horny then...I almost touched her. I noticed her panties were let me say this another way...her panties were drenched in the crotch. I could smell her really wanted to taste bury my face in it. As I tried to continue working, I saw out of the corner of my eye that she was fingering herself and not hiding it. My cock was rock hard and my dripping cock really wanted her to see it but I kept it in my pants. Then, just as I was finishing up, Jamie then leaned over the keyboard and as she grinned, she put her fingers near my nose and told me to sniff them. Without thinking, I not only sniffed them but they were so close to my mouth that I sucked them into my loved her flavor. She moaned quietly that I could have her whenever but that it had to be on her terms.

    I kept sucking on her fingers the entire time. She knew she had me. She knew I wanted her...badly!! I've eaten her several times and each time seems like the first. She is that hotttt! I recall the last time she caught me sniffing her panties in a her bathroom. She watched me cum all over my fingers and then before I could wipe the cum off of my fingers, she walked over and grabbed my hand and ordered me to lick the cum off of my fingers. I did so without hesitating. Her eyes lit up and then she whispered that she knew I wanted to eat her again and to fuck her too and that she had no problem with any of it.

    The last time I saw her, she sat on my lap as we talked about our past relationship. She ground her hot little ass all over my cock...sometimes touching it with her fingers...moaning at times too that someday soon, my cock would soon again feel the inner heat in her pussy. She is a total slut but that doesn't bother me. I love to eat sluts..They know what they want and they get it too. Most of the sluts I've eaten always had that familiar taste and scent of cock and cum. No big deal! I love all the above and always will. MMmmm..I wonder when.... I hope she meets me in some motel or better yet, she wants to meet me in the middle of some woods on a hot muggy day. I hope her pussy smells and tastes like cock and cum too. After I cum in her cunt, I'm going to suck my cum out of her.
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