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Discussion in 'General Sex Discussion' started by Twist, May 17, 2007.

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    So I have been dating/sexually active with my childhood friend for about 9 months now and I just have a few questions.

    My question is I would rank myself 7/10 when it comes to oral mainly since this is my first sexual relationship and until recently (last 3 months) she didn't feel totally comfortable with me giving her oral sex.
    I was wondering if anyone here had some good links to show me some good techniques that would drive her crazy my goal is to make her lose total control and scream wildly which she has done a few times.
    Would a toy such as a bullet be a good thing to use on her to increase her pleasure while I am giving her oral?

    Question #2 would be!
    Around 2 weeks ago she bought me a prostate massage vibrator
    forgive me if linking to buying sites is banned...just wanted to show you all what it looked like.

    Either case I was shocked when she bought it but also loved that she wanted to get a little kinky to (personally tho I was kinda nervous never imagined any sort of anal play)
    We have played with it 5 times now each time left me almost crying with joy the first time was nice but not all there mainly since it was the first time.
    We used Baby Oil as lubrication since its plastic and easy to clean.
    Is the baby oil bad to use anally? We are new to lubrications since she has no problem making her own lubrication which I read is not very common in a women.
    The toy is only used on me..and we are now looking for a vibrator for her.

    So last question
    What vibrators are out there that will make a women bow to submission? She is not a fan of a vibrator that was modeled after a horse in fact she says I am a little big and I am about 6 1/2 inches which I thought was the avg for a white male.
    Any help would be great we are willing to spend up to 50 bucks.

    Thank you all for reading I hope you reply with some positive info for me :)
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