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    In my first threat you were introduced to my wife. We enjoy love and sex in many phases. Spanking, group, swinging, and public. In Europe public sex can be handled discreetly. My wife not wearing panties gives me easy access to her pussy. For instance sitting in a cafe, my wife sits next to me in her mini skirt which has already crept up almost completely exposing her pussy. Its wet with anticipation. I finger it as we kiss. By now my cock is hard but she leaves me hanging. But when I open my zipper so my cock head can be slightly exposed she does caress the purple head with her finger tips. We no longer can wait and go to the bathroom where i bend her over the vanity in a cubicule, raise the mini, expose myself completely. The only lube is precum. She spreads her asscheeks awaiting for my dick to enter her asshole. She has also opened her shirt so while fucking her i am able to twist her nipples. And then we both cum in full force. To us its the most erotic while the bedroom is a bore. That is only us.
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