Public Bath?

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    Many things are different in another country, as would be expected, especially Japan. Customs, the language of course, and even the way people act are all different then what you are used to. Moving to Japan was one of the biggest changes to my life...not all bad.

    The school that I moved to was smaller than expected and tucked back into the woods so the campus was not only less crowded, but the buildings were less...impressive. Most of the classes were in some kind of old temple, all the dorms in small crowded two-story houses with a single large bathroom. I had just turned 18, and living on my own, for the most part, was exciting...until I met my housemates.

    I had three of them, two other guys my age who were about as geeky as you can get, even worse then me, and one girl. When I first heard this I was worried that I would have to here the two of them fight over her...but it became clear that that wasn't going to happen. Other than Jo and Li being complete losers, Miki was...quiet...and very cold. She was the type of person that you didn't bother talking to, chances are she wouldn't continue the conversation, or even respond. That's how things were in the small house...or at least...up until about a month ago.

    It was a Saturday after classes and the guys actually got up enough balls to get some beer in the house, they were both lightweights and by 10 were already passed out in a pathetic heap in the living room. It seemed me and Miki were the only ones in the house that could take their alcohol. Of couse, there was no conversation between us, instead we sat on the couch watching TV and killing the last two bottles left. It was only after I had sucked down the last drop of cheap japanese beer that I decided to go and take my's where everything changed.

    The bathtubs in Japan are strangely large, deep, and usually made of steel. This was no different for my building, I found myself soaking with water well up to my shoulders, the entire room filled with steam. I leaned back against the steel and closed my eyes, relaxing as the water surrounded me.

    I nearly jumped out of my skin when the door opened, and closed with a slight and yet casual slam. Immediately I sat up, bending my knees up to my chest. At first I swore, thinking that Li or Jo had drunkenly stumbled in to take a leak...but when I looked up I saw a very naked Miki instead.

    "Miki?? What the hell are you doing?" No answer came of least until I repeated my

    "...There's only one bathroom in the house, just deal with it."

    "Deal with it??? You're naked..."

    "Yeah...that's how it usually works." Miki was just as cold as she usually was, least, as much as she could while standing stark naked in that increadable body of hers. She stood over by the corner, near a small movable showerhead and rinsed her body. I have no qualms in saying that I bashfully watched everymoment, trying my best not to look. I was no stud, in fact, I was just as much of a loser as the other two so I had never had the experience of seeing a girl naked.

    Breaking into my thoughts I only noticed Miki sliding into the tub when it was too late to react, her naked form sitting in my lap, skin against skin.

    "MIKI???? WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING???" I was losing my mind, just out of sheer confusion. There was no logical reason in my mind for her doing this...unless it was just some cruel and elaborate way to mess with me.

    "Oh shut up already will you?"

    My mind was rambling so much I didn't even get a chance to notice myself becoming uncomfortable and...constricted. Suddenly Miki grew stiff, her head turning around slightly. Soon I felt her hand reach back and feel around my lap before grabbing the tip of my aching hardon.


    "W-What are you doing?"

    "You're hard already? I'm not that hot...oh my god...have you never seen a girl naked before?" I didn't answer, but I probably should, my silence telling her everything she needed to know. Her hand continued to grasp my cock, and she laughed, the first time I've ever heard her doing so. "Wow, you are pathetic aren't you?"

    "Shut up..." I'm not sure why, but something in me snapped and my hands reached around quickly to grab ahold of her magnificent breasts. They were soft and warm, so much better to hold and squeeze than jsut to look at. I half expected her to whip around and beat me within an inch of my life...instead, her back arched, he head leaned back and a soft moan escaped her lips.

    I was surprised, not used to seeing her so vulnerable, so...well...anything other than a bitch. I continued to grope her, squeezing them gently and moving them around from side to side. She didn't stop me, if anything, she encouraged me. Her eyes stayed by her side, as if she had no strength to do anything else. Her voice become soft, sounding off high piched short gasps while I pinched her nipples.

    Her gasps and moans would continue for some time, she drank in every moment of my touch, as if she had never...wait...could it be?

    I got braver, adjusting myslef slightly until the tip of my cock felt something soft and spongy. Another gasp, her muscles tightening, only this time, she immediately stood, water spilling out onto the floor. I stared up at her as she glared down at me with her cold eyes...I was fucked...or so I though.

    Without saying a word she moved towards me and sank back down into the water, this time stratling me and guiding her warm pussy onto my cock. I could feel her break...a quick and hard sob, her arms wrapped around me tight. A moment of silence and stillness while the pain faded...then she continued down, devouring my member inside her. Once I was all the way in, she moved in, her lips forced against mine as she started to move up and down, water sloshing this way and that, the tub becoming less full as more and more water was emptied onto the floor.

    By the end of the night I was sure of two things...miki was certainly much more than what she appeared...and that I wasn't going to have to be without sex for quite some time.