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    I met Janine in a bar in New York. She told me that she was 24, and we spent the night getting drunk and flirting with each other. She was about 5'11" with big blue eyes, pouty lips, and full blonde hair, and she allowed me to notice her beautifully shaped calves and work my eyes up to her firm thighs. Janine was one of those innocent looking girls, mostly because of her skin; it was pearly white, like the sun had never tanned her a day in her life. But I was about to find out that she was a naughty young woman.

    After she was drunk and I was feeling alright, she asked me to drive her home since she obviously couldn't drive. During the ten minute drive the only thing she said to me was, "I just got a package in the mail today." And then she simply put my right hand between her slender thighs and we drove for about ten minutes in silence.

    We got inside and she locked the door behind us. Janine was looking incredible, as drunk girls always do when they don't even realize that their skirts are hiked up, revealing their panties. She told me to take off all my clothes, and while I was doing so she unwrapped the package she had spoken of earlier. I couldn't stand it, but she told me I couldn't see what it was, she had to blindfold me. Whoa, this was getting a little weird, but I played along, remembering all those boyhood fantasies that might actually come true right now.

    She blindfolded me, and then took my right hand and began to cuff it to the bed. Before I could pull away I was lying on my back with both hands cuffed to the head board. Then the legs, she tied them to the other end of the bed, one to each post, so I was spread-eagle on her queen-sized bed. I felt very vulnerable, my balls hanging out like that, but I was trusting. Then she told me I would get to feel what was in the package.

    She rubbed up and down my already hard cock, and then I felt something on my balls. It was cold, and encircled both of my little guys. She pressed it against me, and then I heard "WSSHT!" What the hell is that? "WSSHT!" My balls tightened. It was a suction cup! A pump! "Do you like that?" she asked. No response. "WSSHT!" She pumped a few more times until I felt the blood being sucked into my balls. It felt good, until she pumped a few more times...she heard me moan and stopped, knowing that I was in slight pain. She said, "Now you're ready to make me come. I'm gonna tell you what to do, and if you do well I won't pump anymore."

    I was definitely nervous now, but precum was dripping from my tip and somehow I was enjoying this. She straddled me and rubbed her slit on my cock a few times. It was hot and slimy with her juices. Janine pinched my nipples and said, "Not quite what you were expecting?" I could feel the cum work its way up my cock and then...she stopped rubbing her pussy on me, and dragged it across my stomach and chest, leaving a trail of pussy juice. She told me to stick out my tongue, and when I didn't immediately she pumped the suction cup once...MMMPH! It was really starting to get to me now! My balls had constant pressure on them, and it just got harder, and it was starting to hurt! I stuck out my tongue and she sucked on it for a second, then rammed her pussy down on to it. She fucked my tongue with her sweet, fresh pussy. It was sour! "I squeezed lemon in my pussy for you...does it taste good?" It made my face wince, but I couldn't stop...or else.

    She was breathing heavily and rubbing her clit, and now squeezing the hell out of my dick with her hand! God I was about to come hard! She came first though, her pussy lips parted over my tongue and I felt them fold up and unfold, squirting girl cum into my mouth. It was salty and thick, but strange! She told me to swallow, and before I could she pumped my balls again! OUCH! I swallowed all of the drips from her soft cunt.

    "Please, I need to come too!" I said. "We'll see." "WSSHT!" Shit! Was she doing it again? I didn't feel it get any tighter on my balls...I heard it again, and realized she must be using one too! She took off my blindfold, but left me tied. She was stradling me, with a plastic suction cup full of her pussy and the area around it. It was sucking her lips and entire pussy. She put the bulb of the pump in my hand and told me to squeeze. Now it was time for revenge! I squeezed a good ten times before she could take it away from me, and by that time she was moaning and bucking wildly! I saw the suction cup fill with liquid and her pussy squelch against the pump...she was a squirter! She screamed and moaned, and me being the sneaky guy that I am, I grabbed the pump from where she had unsuspectingly put it on the head board and squeezed...Janine's legs flew apart and she screamed "Unnnnnhhh! It hurts!" She pulled the pump off with a pop and in it, she held about a quarter of a cup of her cum. "I think you know what this is for..." she said with a smile. She took my pump in her hand and held it up, threatening to squeeze if I didn't drink her pussy juice. Of course I wanted to, so I willingly gulped down the hot, salty girl cum. There was so much of it!

    She spread her cute little white butt cheeks, and eased her asshole down, my cock penetrating her and my clear precum being enough to lubricate her. Janine fucked my cock with her ass until I couldn't take it anymore. She pumped the bulb three more times just before I came, and the jizz broiled in my balls but couldn't escape! She pumped once more, then released the suction, and all that cum shot up into her ass in one big load. "MMMMPH!" She moaned. "It's so hot inside me!" But I wasn't done yet, she pulled her ass off of me and I came for a good 20 seconds! Big squirts of sticky goo, and she was licking and sucking it all out of my hard-on like her mouth was a suction cup. I have never had someone suck so hard, and get some much cum out of me.

    Janine asked me if I was mad at her after she untied me, and I said "Fuck no!" That was the best sex of my life! I slapped her on the ass and that was the beginning of my many sexual experiences with innocent Janine.
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