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    Okay, Some very good points were brought up regarding "Testing" on a different thread I posted in.

    Here's the back story: I convinced my wife to have a threesome.. in the weeks afterwards we kept talking about it and what was a threesome turned into more of a gangbang with 4-5 other guys (Not that I'm complaining). It's always been a fantasy of mine and after 10 years of Marriage my wife finally opened up to the idea. She is slender and hot and I look forward to setting this up for us.

    I'm going to do some research on this but thought I would pose the question here.

    Here is my question: I'm concerned with safety. Of course everyone is going to wear condoms, but what about Oral sex? I'm 100% sure she will be giving oral to all the men but I'm a little worried about any STD's from oral sex. What are the risks with Oral?
    FYI - EVERYONE is going to be tested prior to the event but is there anything else I should do?

    This is 2nd time doing this. The first time was only with one other guy. It was more of a Bi-Threesome. It was kindof a let down because the guy wasn't real sexual and that is a must with me. Other than that we haven't had any other partners since we got married.

    Anyways, any advice (Other than "Don't Do It") is appreciated.

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    well, having them be std tested is awesome! I guess there possibly could be some risks still. One, the HIV virus sometimes doesn't show on tests at first and false negatives do happen often still. Secondly, herpes simplex can lay dormant in the spinal cord and not show on std screenings until that person actually has an outbreak, and considering not everyone has outbreaks means they may not even know themselves they have it. I would suggest oral sex with condoms if you fear stds, other than that, without saying the dont do it, be as careful as possible...