Penis Rash

Discussion in 'General Sex Discussion' started by globesk8r, Oct 19, 2007.

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    Aug 20, 2007
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    Has this happened to any of you guys? I noticed a red rash on my shaft, just below the head that is slightly painful when I pull my foreskin back to pee. I'm not circumcized but I am aware of the need for cleanliness. I did go to a doctor and he checked me out, took a blood sample (probably for STD even tho I've been with my sweetie and no one else for more than two decades), took a swab culture and gave me a strong antibacterial cream to use. The tests were negative and I've been using the cream for about two weeks and only see minor improvement. The question I have, besides what anyone else has experienced, is do I go back to the DR (a GP) or look to a urologist or dermatologist instead? Don't want to waste a visit to the GP if he is only going to refer me to one of the above. Any thoughts ???
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