[Male] Peegasm

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  2. shashtzoh


    OK I have to admit I usually dont think pee and like that is sexy but this was fascinating and made me want to try something like that with my husband! Wow that was sexy hearing the guys breathing and intense sounds of pleasure and how he squirted the urine like he was ejaculating at time. Cool! I love the squirts just like orgasm at about 2 1/2 minutes where the urine flew out like semen usually does. It is really hot that he stayed so hard and was able to do that over and over. The different ways he stroked at different times was really interesting too like sometimes over the head and sometimes just the shaft and the different colors his penis turned at different times was cool too. I guess he was doing the "squeeze" like at about 5 1/2 minutes to prevent squirting his sperm? It seemed like he kind of lost control a bit and ejaculated then and after that he went wild with stroking his cock.
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