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    It was a beautiful day out (as many of them are here in Hawaii) and I decided to take the day off to go and do some snorkeling and just relax on the beach. Something I do from time to time, keeps me relaxed and refreshed. Plus, every single day here there's hundreds of gorgeous beauties everywhere you look on the beach, and I love to just lay back and gaze at God's most beautiful creation - the female body! So I head down to a beach that's known for both great snorkeling and for swimming. i like to go to the more popular beaches where there's lots of people, I save the quiet beaches for those romantic evenings that I never seem to have anyway. :lol

    After I set up "my area" I head out with my snorkel and goggles and spend a good hour out in the water. Before heading out I noticed that it's a particularly busy day at the beach, likely because of the great weather. I figure there's got to be a lot of great eye candy, so I come back in and plan to just lay out and relax and get some sun while watching the ladies come and go. Not too far from me, a very tanned beauty with thick brunette hair and sporting a barely-there string bikini arrives -- alone. She has a wakeboard with her and judging by her looks, she appears like she might be a local girl. I offer a smile her way, and she returns the gesture as she sets her things down and lays out her beachmat.

    I watch in awe as she takes out her sunscreen and begins to slowly cover her arms, chest, neck, stomach and legs with it. Being the proactive type, I offer to get her back for her, if she'd like. She gives me an inquisitive look, as if she's slightly surprised at my boldness, and with a smile she accepts my offer. Trying to conceal my excitement at the opportunity, I take her lotion and begin to slowly rub it into her shoulders and upper back. Her skin is so smooth and tan, virtually flawless. She reaches back to move her thick brown hair out of my way as I continue to rub the lotion down her back. I take my time, rubbing slowly and methodically, making sure I work it all in evenly. My strong hands must feel good to her as she lets out "ooh, I didn't know I'd get a massage out of this as well!" I chuckle and tell her its my pleasure, I'm known to be a good masseuse from time to time. :eyes Her stunning beauty has my full attention, and I can feel my cock begin to grow ever so slightly as I rub lotion down to her lower back to her bikini line. She arches her back as I rub her deeply, and I've taken her cue to shift from merely applying lotion to giving her a full back massage. I ask her name, and she replies "Mona". Mona. Very beautiful name I tell her, and I inquire if she's from the area. She is, and seems surprised to find out that I am as well. That seemed to make her feel even more comfortable with me as I continue to run my hands up and down her back.

    Feeling that I've broken the ice, I ask if I can join her, since we're both flying solo for the day. Then she says something that completely throws me off guard.

    "See that little island out there" see says as she points toward an island not too far from the coast.

    "umm, yeah?

    "I've been wanting to kayak out there for the longest time, and if you're game, I think that'd be more fun. We can rent a kayak from a vendor down the beach for dirt cheap"

    "That sounds awesome. Let's do it."

    So we get our stuff and proceed to the kayak vendor to rent a two person kayak for a few hours. We take the kayak to the shore and I ask which seat she'd like. "The one in the front has more leg room" she says, "so you should take that one because you're so tall". Fair enough. I tell her to get in and sit down and I'll push it out a bit before I jump in. Once we're both in the kayak, I begin paddling toward the island.

    "This is great, isn't it?" You bet it is, I say, wishing she had sat in front so I could stare at her as we went along. Little did I know what plans she had in that dirty mind of hers.

    As we get about halfway there, far enough out of the eyes of the beachgoers, I feel her hands touch my back as I paddle. Her touch sent shockwaves through my body, prompting an almost immediate erection that couldn't be hidden through my trunks. I glance back toward her with a smile, and notice a devilish grin on her beautiful face.

    "Turn around and just keep paddling" she says.

    I comply and continue paddling as she continues "you're very strong". I begin to say thank you, but she cuts me off with a sharp pinch and says "I said keep paddling". She runs her hands down my back, rubbing deeply, feeling my every muscle move each time I paddle. My cock has reached a full erection, and I'm so turned on I'm unsure if I'll even be able to make it to the island. Fortunately it isn't too far. She continues to deeply massage me as we get closer to the island, her hands feel so good and she clearly knows what she's doing.

    Finally. We reach the island. I immediately toss the paddle ashore and get out of the kayak, not bothering to hide my massive penis bursting out of my trunks. I offer her my hand and pull her out as well, immediately pulling her in close to me, wrapping my arms around her, pressing her breasts against my chest.

    "That was very nice, but so mean too".

    "What? :eyes I thought you might like a nice massage for your trouble of paddling us out here"

    Uh huh. I'm sure you did. She breaks away from me and tells me to wait as she lays out her towel on the sand. She comes back close to me, her eyes focusing down on my hard cock that's threatening to break out of my shorts. "You're big" she says as she unties my trunks, giving my cock some much needed relief. "And you have an absolutely amazing body" I tell her, bringing her in tight so I can finally kiss her pouty lips. As we kiss each other deeply, our tongues each massaging the other, she continues to loosen my trunks and slides them off me, leaving me completely naked in front of her. I untie her top and remove it slowly from her body, her breathtaking body exposed in front of me as I lust over her perfect natural breasts. She leans her head back, inviting me in as I kiss her neck down to her chest. I open my mouth around her fully erect nipples, taking as much of her breast into my mouth as I can, burying my face in her beauty. I run my hands through her hair, so soft and so thick as it waves behind her in the wind. I continue with my hands, down her back and inside her bikini bottom, grasping her lucious ass with both hands, pulling her in as close as possible. I get down on my knees as I remove her bottom down her smooth sexy legs. I kiss my way back up, running my tongue along her skin, with no regard for the bitter taste of the lotion she put on not long ago. I kiss around her wet pussy as she holds my head close to her, begging me to place my tongue inside her pussy as it drips more and more. I don't give in to her yet, continuing to kiss around her, kissing her thighs and above her pussy.

    "lay me on the towel" she whispers. I carefully pick her up and lay her down. I kiss her again, deeply and more passionately this time. She raises her legs in anticipation as I make my way back down her body. I take her breasts in my hands as I kiss her sexy flat stomach making my way to her warm inviting pussy. She wraps her legs around my head, forcing my face to her pussy as I fuck her with my tongue. She lets out a loud moan as I find her clit, taking it in my tongue, massaging it, very gently sucking it. She tastes so good, so sweet, and I continue massaging her clit with my tongue as I remove a hand from her breast and insert my fingers into her pussy, in and out, fucking her with my fingers as i stimulate her clit while she hums loudly in bliss. She arches her back and lets out a wail as I bring her to her first orgasm. Her juices consume my face as I relentlessly massage her clit, faster now, taking her the full distance.

    "kiss me baby" she asks, wanting to taste herself. She sucks my tongue as we kiss deeply. My cock badly in need of attention, she runs her hands down my body, taking the entire length of my massive cock in her hands, stroking it as she continues sucking my tongue into her mouth. She quickly turns me over and pins me down, her hair down over my face, her breasts hanging over my head. I reach up to them, holding them and massaging them.

    As she makes her way down my body to suck my throbbing cock, I look over to notice that another couple have made their way to the island, definitely in full view of our activities. I whisper to her that we have an audience.

    "Fuck them" she says and returns her mouth to my cock, bobbing her head up and down as she sucks me so hard and so good. She raises her head "if they want to watch, I'll give them a fucking show" and she mounts herself on top of me, sliding my cock deep inside her pussy as she lets out a moan -- almost purposefully loud enough for them to hear. She slides herself up and down,, faster and faster, fucking me with so much energy, I swear she's only turned on knowing we're being watched. I moan with her, her tight pussy around my cock feels magical. Mona's breasts are so perfect to watch as they bounce in front of me with each violent thrust, I reach up and run my fingers across her nipples, as she takes my hands in hers and forces me to grab her breasts harder. I pinch her nipples as she rides me, and with a loud moan I explode inside her. She smiles as she takes my cock out of her pussy and licks it up and down, swallowing any cum that hasn't already made its way deep inside her pussy. She sucks on my balls, which causes me to moan even louder with the sensitivity of just getting off. She actually causes me to cum again right away, something I don't think I've ever done...or maybe her sucking my balls was enough to simply stretch out an already unbelievable orgasm.

    I lean up to her, wrapping her sexy body in my arms as we kiss passionately, and I run my hands down her back to her ass, sliding my fingers into her ass.

    "ooohhh baby I love that" I release her and she moves off me, getting on her hands and knees on the towel. I rotate behind her, kissing her back, slowly making my way down while I continue fingering her clean ass. I run my tongue arond the outside of her hole as I finger her, and now she's moaning so loud I swear the tourists on the beach where we came from must be able to hear us. I run my tongue around her ass some more, and make my way back to her pussy as I slide my thumb deep into her ass, sliding it in and out while I lick her pussy.

    "Fucking Christ" she screams as she cums again, the pressure from my thumb inside her ass making her weak with pure bliss.

    As we lay down, holding each other, fully relaxed, she admits "only one guy has ever done that to me before, and you just did it better than him. That's the most intense orgasm I've ever had"

    We laugh together as the couple just down the beach continues to fuck, and we watch them as we continue touching each other. "We fuck better than they do" she giggles.

    Either way, I have to take more days off work, I know that much.
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