Panty Raid

Discussion in 'Erotic Literature' started by Essene, Dec 28, 2011.

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    Aug 2, 2011
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    I accidentally joined this scat porn competition. So I go there, right, and I'm shitting on these two girls. They're totally digging it. Then they bring this snake in and they shove all of my shit into the cobra's body and shove it up my ass.
    I was like "the fuck?" but I went with it. Then they directed me toward a confectionery food area. I felt like I had to shit real bad and the snake started moving again. I started eating the sweets and this other girl wanted me to fist her. Like an actual fist- none of that onsie, twosie, threesie finger in first shit... a straight fucking fist. Once I get it in there she starts yelling about how my fist is her baby and I can't control what she does with it. She starts pissing all over my forearm and my sweets. Well, but this time I'm upset so I start punching her cervix with the fist that's in her vaginal canal. She said exactly this "I can feel little Suzzie kicking in there. I bet she'll like sausage and beet sandwiches just like daddy." Then she looked at me with these "Yo I got a new dress from the mall" look and said "I love you Mr. Forgetful." The snake starting throwing my shit up back into my ass and sunk its fangs into my intestinal wall. I started frothing at the mouth and my fist went from a fist to a high-five and started doing the wave. Blood started to seem from her vagine to my dry-piss covered forearm. The girls who had a remainder of my feces on them came over and started to suck the froth from my mouth through a straw. They started lactating droplets from their nipples. I swear it smelled like sewage and three day old fish steaks.

    I don't remember what happened after that but when I woke up I had a double quarter pounder on my chest and two medium fries. It was a pretty good meal but I wanted a steak quesodilla. Apparently I got "panty raid" tattooed on my left ankle.
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