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Discussion in 'Erotic Literature' started by lickablesue, Jul 26, 2007.

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    It's near sunset and it has been a great day of Harley
    riding. We're parked on a small overlook with a great
    view of the horizon. The sky to the west is awash in
    deep reds and purple as the sun finishes its
    disappearing act. To the east the sky is dark and the
    brightest stars are beginning to appear.

    You slide down into my saddle placing your feet on the
    handle bars, our clothes strewn about the bike. You
    lie back resting on your seat, head support by your
    backrest. You reach down to feel my hardness, gently
    pulling and stroking me. You slide me up and down your
    opening waiting for me to push into you. So badly you
    want this.

    All day your arms have been around me. Your hands on my
    chest, my thighs, rubbing my crotch until I'm hard.
    Repeatedly through out the day you have been
    building me up for this. Your nipples were aching to
    be free from constantly being rubbed against my back.
    At one time I could swear you came from grinding
    yourself against me and the vibrations of the bike.

    I gently lean forward. Your lips part as I slowly
    slide into you. I feel you hands move to my ass and
    you pull me in deeper. It feels amazing to be inside
    you; so tight, so warm, so unbelievably wet. You let
    out a huge sigh as you feel me fill you. I don't move.
    You hold me inside you tightly both of us just
    enjoying the feeling of each others bodies.

    I look into your beautiful blue eyes. You gaze back at
    me and finally show me your dazzling smile.
    You lean forward, kiss me gently and tell me that you
    love me. I hold your face in my hands. Looking into
    the eyes of God's most perfect creation and kiss, you
    back. Our tongues dance together, exploring, probing
    each other's mouths.

    I begin to gently withdraw but your hands pull me back
    in. You wrap your legs around my back and just hold me
    deep inside you. Our hands find each other and our
    fingers intertwine. I move your arms so the backs of
    your hands rest on the tops of the saddle bags. My
    eyes scan your slender frame. Your chest is rising
    falling rapidly from the feeling of me inside you. I
    drink you in. Such a beautiful woman and your all
    mine. My mind simply cannot comprehend how this
    happened. How such a perfect person found their way
    into my life, into my heart, into my soul.

    I feel your feet return to the handlebars and I slowly
    being to move inside you. Long, slow gentle strokes.
    You feel the length of me leave you then return to
    slowly fill you up. The sensation is amazing. Our eyes
    stay locked on each others, we are both smiling at the
    simple loving pleasure we can give each other.

    I increase my tempo, just slightly. You respond with a
    gentle moan and start to bite your lower lip. Seeing
    the pleasure in your eyes, knowing that you love me
    gives me a feeling that cannot be put into words but
    you can see it in my eyes. I feel you tense, you feel
    me stiffen and we both explode soaking each other with
    our wetness. We kiss deeply with no sense of time's
    passage. Our hands, holding each other's bodies close,
    as the darkness of the night envelops us.
  2. Kronnie

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    Feb 8, 2007
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    Awsome story Sue , that would certainly be an extremly pleasurable way to have the night draw in around.... :)
  3. Barbwire

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    Jan 20, 2007
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    Is it getting hot in here or what? Makes me wish my husband had a bike. :dgrin
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