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    Our favorite is the Jack Rabbit that has variable speeds and variable rotation. DW loves it and cums so fast. It is so erotic to watch her use it and cum. I love to see how hot she gets when she inserts it and gets a clit stimulation from the little ears. I love to watch her reactions as she gets close to cumming. She will thrust deeper and start moaning.

    We also have two realistic vibrating dildos that we enjoy. Our Pocket Rocket also gets quite a bit of use on my dick, on her clit and while we have intercourse to stimulate her clitoris and my dick. Another favorite is Penthouse Vibrating Golden Egg. It is so versatile. One of our favorite ways to use it is for her to inert it in her pussy followed by my dick and we fuck with it vibrating inside.

    We also have some vibrating anal (Anal T, Anal E-Z Bend, Spectragels Vibrating Anal Tool and Vibrating Anal Twister) that DW uses to massage my prostate while she gives me a Blowjob. Really intensifies my orgasms.

    We also enjoy role reversal using a strap on(Bend Over Beginner Kit). She gives me a handjob while she fucks me. Our harness has a vibrator that fits in the harness for stimulating her clitoris while she does me. We usually cum together. It is so erotic to see her wearing the strap on. She rubs lube on it and talks dirty about her dick and about how she is going to fuck me . Remember for anything anal use plenty of water soluble lube like Astroglide or Wet Original.

    have added a new dimension to our sex lives.
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