orgasm ?

Discussion in 'General Sex Discussion' started by AussieChick, May 1, 2007.

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    Ok this may be a werid question

    Being that Iam only 18 and have only ever had 3 sex partners I am not what people would say 'experienced'

    Latly during sex I have noticed that I have all of a sudden I feel like I need to pee so I get my s/o to stop but the feeling goes away

    I was speaking to my mate about this and she reackons Iam experincing a orgasm could she be right ?
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    Feb 8, 2007
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    10 ( i know your not saying you are a lesbian and i am in no way implying that you are ...its just that this site sems to cover the problem you seem to feel you are having :)

    Dear Jill:

    If your partner is putting pressure on your bladder during sex, it’s possible it feels like you need to pee. But more likely, you are experiencing a much sought-after female sexual experience: Female Ejaculation.

    With her fingers inside you, your girlfriend is stimulating your G-Spot, which can cause a really intense orgasm and female ejaculation.

    Here’s what I suggest. Before hitting the sheets with your gal, be sure to urinate. If the urge to pee comes up, head to the bathroom and try to empty your bladder. This should ease your mind about peeing in bed.

    If when you resume lovemaking, you still feel like you have to urinate, it’s most likely that your lover has hit your G-Spot. If she keeps the stimulation going, this can lead to an earth-shattering orgasm.

    For some women, G-Spot stimulation causes an emission from the urethra of a clear fluid. It is not urine, but female ejaculate. The fluid may trickle, or spurt, be a few drops or a flood. The ejaculation may occur before, during or after orgasm.

    The next time your lover has her fingers inside you and you feel like you need to pee, you may be tempted to stop, but the trick to reaching the ultimate G-Spot orgasm is to keep going. Try to put your fears aside and let her bring you to the pinnacle of pleasure.
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    Have you ever had an orgasm? During foreplay/intercourse or masturbation? If you have not, it is possible that the sensation you are experiencing is in fact an orgasm. If you go to the bathroom before having sex, and still experience this sensation then it really might be an orgasm coming on. Perhaps if you put down a towel and lie your bottom on it (just in case) and let your s/o give you those nice "about to pee" feelings, then go with the flow so to just might be surprised when instead of going to the bathroom right there in bed, you experience what the french call "The Little Death"!
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