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    I answered a post about one night stands and it brought this night back to me.

    I hung around a lot with one friend in my early 20's when both of us were without girlfriends at the same time we were each other's wingman. Funny how it would work out some nights he would get lucky and I would be on the couch with the lame ass girlfriend or visa versa.

    This particular night we made our trek to a very popular bar in the next town over from us that had live music starting on Thursday nights.
    It was a summer night so it was a little slow in the bar, we stayed for a little while had a couple beers and decided to leave for a different place as there wasn't any women that we had any interest in that night.

    We walked out the door and started heading for my van to head to the next place and a couple women called out from across the street.
    We made our way over and started talking with them and we asked if they wanted to go in for a drink and the each said no let's go over to the town park. We said fine and the 4 of us climbed into the van and headed for the park. I always had a cooler of beer in my van in those days so as soon as we hit the park we all grabbed a beer and were drinking listening to music.
    We normally got used to being the aggressive ones but these two gals were way ahead of us that night, it wasn't long before I was making out with the woman in the front and he was doing the same with the one in the back.
    I looked in the back and thought just my luck that I drove tonight because the woman he was with already had her pants off and I was staring at a naked ass while she sucked on his cock.
    The woman I was with said well this sucks let's go outside on the grass so we can all play. My buddy grabbed a few blankets and out the doors we went. Them on one blanket us on another all naked having sex. I'm am guessing that my buddy must have blew his load quickly because as I am laying there in missionary style having sex this woman's girlfriend is kneeling at the head of her girlfriend watching us have sex.
    Not one to miss an opportunity I pulled out of the woman I was with and straddled her chest and had her suck my cock while I sucked on the very large tits of her girlfriend. I have no idea what my friend was doing but I was having the time of my life with two naked women.
    We switched and swapped it was apparent these two enjoyed each other also as they were very comfortable licking and sucking on the other one as I had intercourse with one or the other.
    I had plenty of stamina and this went on for quite some time until I finally came in the one and the other woman cleaned up both of us.
    The three of us got off the blanket and headed back to my van to find my buddy sitting inside listening to tunes drinking beer. As soon as we got in the one woman he started with was ready to go again and she started to make out with him again. Clothes flew and they started in on round two. The two of us sat in the front of the van, turned the seats around and watched the other two have sex. Needless to say we ended up horny again and we shed our clothes and she climbed on me cowgirl and she road my cock until I lost another load.
    By now we had all calmed down and started to get dressed 3 of us anyway as the woman he was with obviously still horny was naked and not moving to put any clothes on.
    We had been there what seemed to be several hours and it was a work night. I told her we needed to get going and she bodly stated not until I have you one more time. We all looked at each other and I told her the only way that was going to happen is if I turned on all the lights and she lay on the bed and spread her legs nice and wide for the three of us to see. She said turn on the light then and sure enough the light goes on and she is laying on the bed legs spread wide facing her girlfriend and I with an already well fucked pussy. I looked over at her girlfriend and she said she loves cock go ahead and give it to her.
    I had already cum twice that night so this was a marathon as my buddy and the other woman had a few more beers while her girlfriend and I went at it in the back.
    The other woman had finally had enough and I asked my buddy what the hell time is it ? He turned on the light to check his watch it was 3:45 in the morning and both him and I had to drive back and be at work by 6

    We dropped the women off and headed for home exhausted. Needless to say we did not go out the next night which was Friday our normal end of the week chasing women and drinking beer night. Too tired from 45 minutes sleep the night before.
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