Once Upon A Time...

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    There was a guy who had an insatiable appetite for his woman, but was unable to satisfy this hunger by swallowing her. He wanted to feel her go down his throat and feel that warmth in his tummy as she did every time she swallowed his cum. She was never able to squirt for him, so he was limited to the sweet burst of wetness that preceded and accompanied her orgasms, but it was never enough to feel in his throat or tummy, and to fill him up. One day he went to the fridge and found a bowl of green grapes, and brought them into the bed, inserting them one at a time by putting them at the entrance to her vagina and then pushing them into her with his penis. The coolness of each one was arousing as he pushed each one deep into her, finding a nook to nestle each one in, until she began to fill up. Gradually there was little room for his penis as the count increased, and finally she was completely full, each one pushed gently into it's place, with the arousing coolness and fullness that now only allowed the very tip of his penis to enter. She was now almost bursting with fullness, warming his feast to come, as he licked her clitoris until she became gripped with the contractions of orgasm. After tasting her sweet juices, she began to push the grapes outward so that he could take each one into his mouth from her vagina, and eat them, now warm from her gentle caress. As she began to be emptied, he found that there was more and more room inside her, and he could push the remaining grapes around with is penis, manipulating them at his pleasure. As her wellspring of passion lost most of it's treasure, he filled her once again, but this time with semen, which tasted sweet with the remaining grapes that eventually emerged as she fed them to him from her vagina one by one. Finally, he was able to feel the fullness of having something of her inside of him, and his tummy was full. Non-fiction:)
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