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    When bored I keep on having this Fantasy that my significant other is Monica Bellucci. We are not married but we are partners. We go on a search to quench our thirst for sex and a daily thing. The people are all hot women, no men at all. We would go to big business, and both take on the executive boss lady. Go to the bar late at night, and both take on the hot lady bar tender after hours. Sometimes she just have sex with those girls and I watch. Sometimes she watches me have sex with those girls.

    One of the best fantasy is Monica Bellucci goes after the women I just had sex with the previous day. She finds the women that had sex with me and she have sex with her.

    Oh god I think I'm crazy haha. Any ladies want to hear more of my wild fantasies PM me. I'm a big day dreamer lol and my fantasies are not just random thoughts. They have become an on going novel and I have perfected the scenes. Wouldn't mind sharing. Bi womens will love it ;)

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