Office Rendezvous

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    A busy day at the office and you are requested to pull some files out of the upstairs file room. You proceed to the file room with your short skirt and beautiful legs garnering attention with every stride.

    As you get upstairs and open the door to the file room, you peruse the numerous boxes stacked on shelves and wonder where to begin.

    After a few moments of idle searching you hear footsteps coming up the stairs. I've came to help, knowing the chore won't be easy.

    Watching you bend over and look in boxes has stirred my interest. Dark, lovely legs and a nice ass beckoning me to come closer. I feel my cock start to swell as I watch your skirt rise and fall with your movements. I try to adjust myself to divert attention from my ever hardening cock, but you are too much.

    After seeing you struggle with a box on the lower shelf, I move in to help. You feel the bulge in my pants brush your ass and you turn your head around and smile. After looking into each other's eyes, you know what is coming next.

    You turn your head and spread your legs slightly, subtly inviting me to come closer. I reach around and feel your hard nipples through your shirt and begin to rub them. Your moans encourage me as I kiss the back of your neck.

    You reach behind and feel my rock hard cock, begging for attention. You feel me slide your skirt up a bit, revealing your wet panties. I continue to rub your nipple with one hand and feel my fingers on your wet pussy with the other. I gently rub your fold through your panties, with my excitement growing as you moan for more. I see your panties saturated with your juices and your pussy naturally starting to spread open. You lift a leg up and place your foot on a box, opening your pussy wider for me to see. I get on my knees and pull your panties to the side, revealing your soaking wet shaved pussy, juices flowing out of it.

    I slowly tongue your pussy, spreading it wide with my fingers to feel your hard clit on my tongue. I run my tongue up and down your slit and ocassionally dipping inside of you for a taste.Your juices start to cover my face as I lap at your hot pussy. You start to rock back and forth, forcing my tongue into you. You tell me you are going to cum, but not yet.

    I stand and pull my cock out of my pants. I rub the head up and down your pussy, covering the shaft with your juices watching it slide back and forth through your slit. You reach behind and pull my ass closer to you. You tell me to fuck you know.

    I take the head and place it in the opening of your swollen pussy lips. You feel my cock throbbing, ready to enter you. I watch the head disappear in your pussy and fuck you with long, slow strokes. I'm so excited, I want to cum and start to fuck you harder. I watch my cock pound your pussy and you try to muffle your groans. You start to cum and I feel your pussy contract around my pulsing cock. Feeling your pussy and hearing your groans sets me off. You feel the head of my cock grow inside of you, followed by an explosion of hot cum filling you deep inside. We rest for a second and I watch the cum ooze out of your pussy, our juices mixed together.

    We get ourselves together, laugh, and find the file. What seemed like an eternity was really only 15 minutes.

    Tomorrow, we both hope there are files to find. It will take both of us to get the job done.

    Want to be my secretary?
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