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Discussion in 'General Sex Discussion' started by ntwinmoon, Apr 11, 2005.

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    Apr 11, 2005
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    Has anyone else gone off the pill and found that they havnt gotten a period. I forgot to take my entire pill pack for the last 28 day cycle. today should have been the final day of my april period, it should have started on friday, but it never did. i havent had sex since march 1st and i had my regular period right on time after that. i also tool a pregnancy test last nite just to be sure but it came back negative. before that i have been celebite since october 26 th and have had a regular period. i want to start taking my pills again tomorrow like i usually do , but i'm not sure if i should since i havent gotten my period. i've had all the usually symptoms of pre-period misery that i usually do, and i noticed on tuesday and wednsday i had a very very small amount of bright red blood after wiping, but it was gone quickly.. any ideas???????
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    Dear Night Wind Moon,

    Here is a thread with some pill references:

    You can go to ,and put in your specific brand or type of pill, and a search will give you a list of articles on your pill and strength.

    If you wish to discuss the particular pill you are taking on this thread, you can post it here, and I will assist your research.

    Sometimes periods are light. The pill manages the timing of the start of the period. If you are through with your period, as you can tell from your ordinary symptoms, then it would make sense to wait till your period symptoms are finished, and then start the pill at that time.

    Since the pill primarily delays the start of the period, then the pill will not interfere with the completion of the period, if it has started.

    Most pill manufactureres give warnings to use a back-up contraceptives when begining the pill. Since you had stopped for a month, it may be just like starting over again. So you might just avoid telling any prospective partner that you are on the pill at all, so the partner will take whatever precautions are needed, as if you were not on the pill at all. At least for the first month back on the pill.

    Welcome back to thinking about becoming more sexually active.

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