Ocean mist

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    New to this site... I'm not sure how it works yet but will figure it out.

    Wrote this a few years ago hope you enjoy

    Ocean Mist
    Damn I want to lay you down on a beach. To see your eyes reveal your thoughts as my body slowly softly slips deep inside of you. To hear the whispered moans from your wet lips as you respond to the pleasure you feel as you take my warm flesh inside you. I feel your body move with mine as you slowly pass your passion, desire, and rising lust, all of your inner fires on to me, giving me more each time my body slides into yours as I too give you all that I am. I long for the moment when I feel you reach the peak of passion with me inside you. Feeling your body firmly grasp around me as your moans fill my ears with your sweet whispers of pleasure. To see your eyes as you first begin to feel the rush of fire from deep inside me as its flows upward through the firm swollen flesh of my body. You sense the heat of my passion reaching deep inside you as it begins to grow. I feel your desires building with my own. Our breathing becomes deeper and faster with each intense spasm rippling through the muscles of bodies as our passion begins to rage inside us. I feel your body tense as my cum reaches the tip and hear your moans deepen knowing that soon your body will feel the warmth of my sweet passion as it becomes yours ..... To feel the intense fire inside us flowing from each other mixing the textures of our nectars into one cream covering our flesh with the sweet satin softness. I thirst so for that moment when I feel your body give to me all your passion as I too release mine to your touch feeding your desire..... tasting that moment with you that is so intense with the pleasures created by our raging passions. The way my cream feels to you inside your body so warm.....wet and increasing the pleasures we feel as our bodies dance as one even as our climax fades.....so soft, slippery, warm and full of an overwhelming calm yet our passions still rage within us from our now combined deepest desires.......... ohhhhhhhhhhhh yes this image does have my body ready to share with yours.......... ready to share all that I am with all that you are willing to share with me......
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