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    I recall years ago when I was laying on a hospital bed and getting an ultrasound done to see if I had a bloodclot in my leg. I had not had any sex for awhile and all the nurses were hottttt to look at. As I lay on the bed waiting for the ultrasound tech to arrive, my mind wandered to sex as usual due to all the pretty nurses walking around. Suddenly, I heard a knock on my door and in my doorway was one of the hottest looking gals I'd seen in a long time. She had long brown hair with brown eyes and what apperared to be a perfect set of little titties and then her legs...mmmmm....she was built for fucking and sucking.

    She introduced herself as Marie and then told me about the procedure. I felt the cold jelly being applied to my leg as she used her equipment on me. About 10 minutes into it, her hand disappeared under the sheet just enough to give my throbbing cumfilled cock a chance to get hard and throbbing and dripping and it began to poke its head out from under the sheet. Mmmm....I remember her hands were so soft, so balmy, and so needed. I looked at her face and saw that she was lost momentarily in the desire for sex. Her eyes showed nothing but pure unadulterated wanton sex. She suddenly snapped back to what she was supposed to be doing. She looked at me in my eyes and told me that my thing was not only hard and dripping but that it ought to be covered better by the sheet. I was so fucking hot by this time that I just let my cock drool as I stared at her beauty.

    I made no movement as to try to cover my dripping cock so she asked me again to cover myself. I noticed that the door was closed to this room and that no one else was nearby as well. I then noticed too that she had become a wanton hot gal again as she gently touched the tip of my cock and instead of pulling the covers over it, she looked into my eyes and told me it had been awhile since she'd seen one so ready to cum and that she'd get me off...if...I'd do something for her. I told her I do anything. She quickly got up and locked the door and then she walked nervously towards me and raised her skirt then lowered her panties and stood near my face as she starting to slowly stroke my drooling cock. Marie told me that we didn't have alot of time and that she needed me to cum...the sooner the better. I pulled her body closer to my face and then I slid my tongue towards her pussy. Mmmmmm..her legs spread as I saw her pussy dripping too. I drove my tongue inside her steamy cunt as she stroked my cock furiously...begging me to cum! Within seconds, her legs began to shake as I felt her hand push my face against her hot steamy cunt. She was definitely cumming as I then felt my cock begin to shoot several ropes of my cum all over her fingers. Her eyes were still showing signs of lust as I watched her lick my cum from her fingers. She then bent over and kissed me...shoving her hot tongue into my mouth and down my throat. As she got herself back to looking professional again, she gave me her cell phone number and told me that although she was married to a wonderful man that she was not getting any sex at home and had not had any sex up until now for 6 months. We more or less introduced ourselves again to each other. Then, she told me the ultrasound was over and that she needed to be getting back to work. Before she left tho, she told me when to call her and that if a man answered the phone that it was probably her hubby and to tell him it was Joe.

    Later that evening, after I was admitted to the hospital for a bloodclot, I called the number she had given me and told her where I was and that I'd love to see her again. Around 11pm, she showed up and closed the door behind her and told me that she had an hour before a nurse would check on me again. She pulled the curtain shut although I was in a private room and then I watched her begin to undress. Mmmmm...she made my dick throb and drip just from the sight of her body. Her titties appeared to be just budding. As she climbed into bed with me, we kissed a bit and then we began to fuck. Marie climbed onto my throbbing cock and rode me like a wild bronc. Her pussy was oozing her cummy thick juices onto me as she rocked her hips back and forth while feeding me her delicious titties. Marie knew how to fuck and was by far the best fuck I'd had in a long time. I was soaked in her sweat as she laid down on top of me. I grabbed her hips and drove my cock deeper inside her hot steamy pussy as I filled her pussy with my cum. She kept fucking me silly as my cock kept spurting ropes of cum inside her. She too was getting off as I felt her legs trembling against me and her pussy was spasming all over my spurting cock. As my cock softened up and slid out of her, she started to slide off of me and then I felt her hot lips and tongue licking my cummy cock. I pulled her legs towards me and adjusted her body so that I too could taste our sweet juices. I sucked my cum out of her pussy and I licked her tasty asshole too. My cock was hard again as she pumped her mouth all over my aching cock. I then felt her finger sliding into my ass...driving me insane with lust just enough to get my cock to spurt my tasty cum into her mouth again and again and again.

    Marie then turned around and kissed me a taste of my cum. Mmmmm..she was a hot kisser. I sucked on her cummy tongue and then she rolled over and lay beside me for a few minutes..hugging me...kissing me. As she left my room, I quickly fell asleep. The next morning, I felt something funny under my covers and I found her panties. Mmmmm...I could still smell her pussy as I held the crotch of her panties up against my nose. My cock was coming alive again as I jacked off into her panties and then I licked my cum off of them...mmmmm...pretending she was watching me.
    Later that day, I called her and told her what I'd found and what I'd done with them and she told me she'd return again that night and that she wanted me to show her what I'd done with her panties. When I left the hospital a few days later, Marie began visiting me at my home. Sometimes, she'd stay an entire weekend with me and all we'd do is stay naked and fuck. Then, I got notice that my job had been transferred out of town. I asked her to join me but she couldn't and I understood. I see her from time to time when I can get away.
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