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    We met at a motel, a safe and discrete location for both of us.
    We have never met before so it was a pleasure to meet her, she was good looking except she looked a bit tired. We sat on the bed with a bit of small talk then nothing, looking at each other. Taking the initiative I said "Come upas I stood up, took her hands and gently pulled her up.

    As we kissed we caressed I reached for her breasts. Her breath quickned, I was pleased with what I found, small, firm breasts. I turned her so I could be behind and cup those breasts and she caressed me, hard and horny.
    We started stripping each other until only in underwrar, my obvious erection her pleasure to see and play with.
    Laying down on the bed I removed the rest of her clothing to reveal a body I could only want to please, and removed my underwear. She wasted no time taking me in her hand, stroking it nicely. After some play I started stimulating her with my hands, sucking on her nice B cup breasts, and it took no time for her vagina to clench. This was promising already so I contiued to give her a nice orgasm, fingers on the G-spot and thumb on her clit. She clenched a few times and I was hooked on giving it to her so I ended up neglecting my own needs. Trying and exploring, I inserted more fingers in her, rubbing her
    G-spot and all around, she was loving it a lot, eyes closed, multi orgasmic.
    She came soon again, clenching my fingers. This was not strong orgasming until I reached farthest in, rubbing her cervix area moving in circles with my finger tips. "Ooooh My Goooooood!" as her pelvis went all over the place. Oh WOW! I loved that so I kept going at it, sometimes caressing the sides, the clit, G-spot. Her orgasms kept coming in short intervals. this went on for a while, a series of medium strong orgasms, her being vocal all along, holding my head, drviving her nails in my flesh on the back and shoulders.
    Then I tried something different. My turn to say to myself OH MY GOD!!!
    I felt her go wet like never before!, leaking lots, not squirting but gushing, her body tense and arching, her nipple harder in my mouth, almost screaming.
    I kept giving her non stop stimulation and changing around to let her breathe and recuperate but every time I went back to her favorite spot she gushed, wet and hot. She kept playing with my penis all along and I was dripping precum from being so turned on. This went on for loner than I care to know,
    she always orgasmed so easily.
    After a while we took a break, holding each other close, then back at it.
    I met a multi orgasmic woman before but never like this.
    The great thing is looking at her all along, she looked more beautiful for some reason and less tired, but relaxed. I kept exploiting her sweet spot, she kept screaming and gushing, eventually she asked me to stop.
    At this point she needed to stop, and wanting me to have my turn.
    Funny how I had left it alone too long, it would not do anything anymore until I fucked her beautiful breasts. It took little time for me to lose control and she wanted me to let go between them. I had leaked enough precum before that, that there was not a whole lot of cum on her chest, but enough to make a mess that I cleaned.
    Some more kissing and cuddling, her playing with my happy cock, I responded by caressing her again. She went back on her back, spreading her legs.
    Giving her oral on her clit worked somewwhat although she enjoyed it, but once again once inside things were intense all over again. She was so into it she kept playing with my soft penis, still too soon to get hard again.
    At one time I climbed on top of her, rubbing the head at the entrance of her vagina. OH WHAT A SURPRISE! She gushed just like that. Really. My hand and penis were soaked. Then back to hand action, she kept having orgasm after orgasm from alternating between her clit, G-spot, cervix area and what I cal her sweet spot. Those spots of hers are listed in order of intensity, mild to awesome orgasm, whimpering to screaming and pelvis rocking and her nails digging in me. Another break, I thought we were done until I caressed her again. Oh man is she ever easy to orgasm! I was hooked all over again giving her orgasm after orgasm. I never counted, was mattered is that she was all orgasmed out beyond any expectations I ever had.
    My arm was a bit sore, good thing I work out.
    Then she asked me to stop for good, she could take it anymore.
    We stayed in each other's arms a while and I caressed her all over but exspecially her breasts, something she liked me doing.
    Then time to go our separate ways. Her legs were a bit shaky and her body all satisfied she said as we dressed. We kissed and she left first.
    I looked back at the bed, soaking, a puddle of love juice. I wonder if the owner will rent me a room again.
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