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    I have always been a relatively submissive person in my general personality and somewhat sexually. However, the partners I have been with have always been more submissive than me which places me most often in the dominant role. I currently have a wonderful partner who is very kinky and very submissive. I am more than willing to try new things and use a variety of accessories.
    I have slowly been overcoming some of my restraint. My partner is very into scratching and biting and leaving marks. I have long fingernails and can cause pain, but I do not seem to leave marks as easily in one swipe as she can on me. In a general sense I am becoming more "rough" with her but I am sometimes at a loss of how to safely cause her pain. She likes to be slapped choked and have her hair pulled. I am slightly uncomfortable with the slapping because I do not want to hurt her or leaves marks on her face.
    I have been more assertive during sex and much more directive in the flow of what happens. I guess I am looking for any advice on expressing myself as a Dom in bed in both action and presence. I want to be able to maintain the control she desires before and during sex and not break the momentum or end up coming off as awkward.
    (Also I think that is worth mentioning that our sex is very fulfilling and she never makes me feel bad for not being more dominant, rather this is my sub side really wanting to please her in any way I can)
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