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    I've always has a fantasy about handcuffing my wife to the head board, but never had the courage to do it. :ugh That is until we both read the 50 Shades books...:)

    As we discussed what transpires in the book, she confessed an interest in various scenarios. So taking the hint, I purchased a pair of velcro hand cuffs with blind fold. We even went so far as to setup our own "Red Room of Pain", without all the heavy bondage tools. Basically, a spare room, with a double bed, special sheets, pillows, electric candles, me a hard on all day thinking about taking her there and pleasuring her. More to come in the future of the adventures in the RRoP...LOL...:lol

    So this particular Saturday night, we had the house to ourselves overnight. I had to work during the day and when I came home, the wife had dressed in provocative blouse showing her cleavage and pair of black slacks with obvious no panty lines. It took all my will power to not ravage her right then. But I took a shower, and enjoyed our dinner with fine conversation and a nice bottle of wine.

    By this time, we couldn't take it anymore and proceeded to our room.

    Sitting on the bed, as she approached my, I kissed her passionately while fondling her breasts and butt. Taking her cloths off, I laid her on the bed, massaging her body all over and tweaking her nipples. I then pulled the mask out and placed it on her head. Again, kissing her deeply, I asked do you trust me. She responded completely.

    Now I took the velcro cuffs and placed on on each wrist, brought her hands up to the head board and clipped them together. She was a vision of lovelyness laying there with her arms over her head, spread eagle on the bed with her pussy splayed open dripping with excitement.

    I then kissed and licked all over her body as she exclaimed, "You tied me up!", "I can't believe you tied me up!" But all the time her pussy was getting wetter and wetter and her nipples were standing tall. Eventually I lay between her legs and kissed and licked all around her lips, never really touching her clit or inserting my tongue in her hole. She was squirming all over trying to get my tongue onto her clit or into her pussy. Again continuing to claim, "You tied me up!" When the time was right, I softened my tongue and proceeded to work from her clit to her hole in big soft swipes...this always sends her over the edge and she squirted in my mouth and all over the bed. When she settled down again, I started the routine all over again, leading up to another gusher...I love it, thus my forum name...:drool

    At this time, I position myself between her legs and place the head of my penis at her opening. I then quickly rub the head up and down her slit, hitting her clit and pussy making her come again. As her orgasm subsides, I thrust deeply in one strong motion and it sends here over the top again. I continue to thrust, kissing her, and holding her hands, it's so exciting I explode inside her, sending her over one last time...:p

    I released her hands and we laid together for quite a while, massaging each other all over. It was exciting to feel the cuffs on her wrists even when she wasn't restricted. Now she wants to know what other plans I have in mind...:eyes
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