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    New blog designed for married couples to read as foreplay. New story scheduled for every day publishing.

    Here is the first story. More to come:

    I was feeling exhausted as I stumbled my way up the step ladder. At every step I was wondering why I volunteered to help redecorate in the living room in the first place. While I enjoy being the “handy man” around the house, my arms were shaking from the hours of manual labor. I reached for my hammer and turned to ask my wife where to place the nail when I realized she had vanished.

    I called out for my wife.

    There was no answer.

    “Great.” I thought. “I have no idea where to place this picture. I know she’ll want it in a specific place.”

    After a few moments I decided to just go ahead and and start hammering. Maybe if I sped through this I might finish while there was still some more daylight left. I pulled out a nail and began to start when a jolt went up my leg. My heart jumped as I something pulled my zipper down. I looked down in amazement as wife parted my underwear and suddenly took me into her mouth.

    At first I was frozen from the shock of her lips caressing me. No matter how many times I experience it, the first sensation of her warmth against me is indescribable. My legs stiffened as her tongue softly rode against my hard flesh. After her tongue traced itself in my hot spot near the head, I found it increasingly difficult to stay upright on the ladder. Her mouth was controlling me as if I was a puppet and rocking me gently with waves of intense pleasure.

    As if her warm lips weren’t enough, my wife began massaging up my legs. She was just gentle enough to send sparks up my body without knocking me completely over. My knees began to buckle as she traced her way up my thighs while continuing to orally send me into a trance.

    My wife, now an expert at all of my favorite places to be touched, took great care in giving me all of the affection her soft hands could manage.
    I could feel it building now, the escalation, the wonderful sensation that I am minutes away. My wife could sense it to, as her pace quickened and her pressure increased. I stood there, panting like a dog as my wife took me further and further into heaven.

    It was getting closer. My body began to convulse. I gripped the ladder so tightly I knew I would have marks in my hands. My body fought now to keep going to resit the urge to end to quickly. The sensations were so good..too good…far too good.

    While my head came back down from the clouds I reached down and fingered my hands through my wife’s beautiful hair.

    I won’t ever complain about doing redecorating again.

    More stories coming at:

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    back in the woods
    Great to see this. We will follow along for the ride. Thank you.
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