Need Some Help From The Ladies!

Discussion in 'Sexual Foreplay and Techniques' started by FireGuy, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. FireGuy

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    Jul 4, 2007
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    My wife & I are pretty kinky, we've done alot of things, learned alot about each other and love to try new things...

    I can make her cum & squirt pretty quickly. However I want to try new things to drive her crazy....

    So ladies, what are some things that you've experienced to be unforgetable? Anything at all, there's no boundaries here!

    I've always been the one to give tips to all my guy friends and they, along with their women have always been very appreciative..

    this time I want to hear from the ladies only... You're the ones who are in the spotlight for this one...
  2. espresso

    espresso New Member

    Sep 20, 2007
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    Well I am not a lady but I will tell you what my wife loves.

    She loves it when I massage her G-Spot with one finger in her, lick her clit, and gently put one of my fingers in her ass all at the same time. I have to start nice and slow and as she gets hotter and hotter I can up the intensity. Her toes curl from the orgasm it is SO powerful from all the stimulation. Not sure if this helps you but thought I would add it.
  3. Ladysierra

    Ladysierra New Member

    Feb 23, 2005
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    Well I'm not sure what you've already tried so I will just tell you some things that drive me wild LOL.

    I love anal play, especially when he's going down on me like Espresso mentioned.

    I also love it when we bring my toys into it. It's always fun having your clit licked while a vibrator is rubbing your g spot :D

    Sometimes I even get in the mood to use a vibrator in my ass while I'm on top.

    Another fun thing is to just tease her. Handcuff (unless she's against restraints, you can always just tell her to keep her arms up) her hands to the bed above her head so she can't use them. And just kiss every inch of her body, maybe tell her the things you want to do to her while your at it. Tease her clit, but don't let her orgasm, make her squirm and beg for it ;) That's always a sure fire way to drive her crazy and I doubt she'll soon forget it.

    Have you guys tried role playing? That can always be fun. Especially when you surprise her with it.

    Ok, that's all I can think of right now. Again, it's pretty hard when I don't know what you guys have tried so far. You may have tried everything I've mentioned LOL
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