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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by SenseiPiccolo, Apr 23, 2004.

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  1. SenseiPiccolo

    SenseiPiccolo Banned

    Jul 16, 2003
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    My fiance and I have been contemplateing on elopeing and starting our lives together in a different state for several months now. We have many things planned and was simply wondering if any of you had done this before and what all should we consider concernig this ?
  2. Logger

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    Dec 6, 2003
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    Dear Joey,

    I guess you can't reply for a while, but I'll try to give you some ideas, if you check back, or for others considering underage eloping.

    One thing that was less clear to me when I was younger, was that when you get together with a young lady, that there is more to it than just you and her. The family can provide support to each of you, and there will be times when that suport does not seem very important, but there will be other times that you will wish that you had not cut off that support.

    Going someplace else, means that some things where you are, are not perfect.

    I am personally a rather oppositional person, so, particularly when I was young, many in authority appeared to be substantially less than right on.

    My wife was sort of oppositional when she was young, and we maried, but now she and I are oppositional to each other's ideas, and so I would caution you about running off with someone who is willing to run off.

    Another problem, is that when you run off, you will be leaving behind some conflicts, that are unresolved. Later on, relations will probably need to be normalized, and having run away from previous conflicts, may make the conflicts even more harder to reslolve, after you run away from them.

    If you have problems to resolve, there are boards for solving problems, for which you don't have to be 18 years old. You can't post back here, but you can post some of your challenges on other boards, and see how to work around proplems where you are.

    Another problem with running off, is that you are running off with a young lady who solves her problems by running off. So where does that leave you when ther are problems to be solved, and your woman solves her problems by running off?

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