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    Up until about a year ago, my wife worked as a secretary for an attorney. He had this little room next to his office with a couch in it. About once or twice a week she would lock up the office at lunchtime and the attorney would take my wife into the little room and fuck her for about an hour. He hated condoms so my wife would let him fuck her bareback. He was married, too, so she wasn't afraid of an STD. There was a half bath off of the little room, so she could go in there and wash up after he came in her pussy.

    Most of his clients were local, but he had about a dozen or so out-of-towners who sometimes came for overnight meetings with him. Every so often he would ask my wife to go out with one of them for dinner. They would always take her to the best restaurants and wine and dine her. Sometimes they would ask her to go back to their hotel rooms with them, and if she liked them, she would. She never asked them for money, but some were very generous, anyway. What they didn't know was that she probably would have fucked them for free, anyway. She is very much into sex.

    Regretfully, the attorney moved his practice out of state and she lost this extra income. She picked up her recreational sex with other lovers.
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