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    Lucinda was recently started work at a new company and wanted to prove her capabilities and loyalty by working late one day, her manager, Paul, asked her to stay back as they had an important assignment to complete for a presentation in front of the MD later that week. Lucinda had always fancied her rather dashing manager,he was tall and strapping with dark hair and dark smouldering eyes.

    Lucinda was not concentrating on her work, she was to mesmerised with the Adonis that sat across the room from her. She was wearing a white figure hugging blouse, a couple of the buttons were undone which did not leave much to the imagination. She was wearing skirt which essensuates her long, shapely legs. She could see her superior was working hard, but she wanted to get his attention. She positioned her legs so that they were at the 90 degree position, began stroking her toned thighs and then started slowly and steadily opening and closing her legs, while they were open she started feeling for the delicate stitching on her lace black thong. She was also sucking on her Biro imagining things she shouldn't. Her manager could not see what she was doing with her legs as they were hidden... this really excited Lucinda as she knew exactly what she was doing and her manager had no idea.

    Lucinda was working on the her computer and printed out a document to show to her manager, still with the pen in her hand, she went to the printer en route she hitched down her skirt- trying her best to look presentable and irresistable at the same time. She slowly walked up to her manager like a lioness after its prey, placed the document on his desk.

    She then deviously dropped the pen on the floor under his table, she crouched down going under his table giving him a subtle view of her ample 34D breasts, he moved back from his chair allowing her to get her pen, she made a courteous apology and used his leg as a support.
    She hovered under the table, the pen was nowhere to be found. Still with one hand on his thigh, she put her other hand on his other thigh and then grasped them. She finally had her prey. She then began kissing his thighs through the trousers, while she was doing this she was frantically and eagerly trying to access his cock. She was loosening his belt, undoing his buttons and stroking his groin with the palm of her hands.

    Paul was asking what she was doing, she did not orally answer, she looked at him, her face was in his throbbing groin. She looked at him with her sulty oriental cat-like eyes. Then she slowly looked back down at his semi-hard cock, took it fully out of the trousers and then started massaging it with her hands, clasping it and sucking on his balls at the same time.

    She then placed her full red lips around his veiny thick cock, he gave a deep and shallow groan, his head tilted back in his swivel chair, his eyes rolled back in ecstacy, he held on to the edge of the table, then he placed his hands on the back of her head and used it to guide her to take in all of his manhood in her salivating mouth. She was using her tongue, the stongest muscle in the human body to excite him beyond measure. She had him in her mouth and she circled the length of him from top to bottom.. SLOWLY, appreciating his groans. She was also humming on his cock as well, she was very good at deep throating and managed to fit his balls in her mouth as well and was doing a 'figure of eight' around the balls with her strong tongue. He then began cupping her breasts, teasing her nipples with his very manly hands.

    She looked up at him while she was sucking him off, saw that he was in a trance, then she took the opportunity to nibble on his Adam's Apple. He snapped out of the trance. She then tore his suit jacket off, threw it to the floor and aggressively grabbed his shirt with both hands. She whispered through her teeth in his ears "Fuck Me, like you have never fucked anyone before"

    He pushed her on the table and hitched up her skirt by pushing it up and caressing the sides of her thighs, he was suckling on her breasts at the same time, nibbling on them and licking them like he would if he licked her swollen, rosy clit. He then saw that he has made her nipples erect and hard with pleasure, he then looked at her with those intense eyes and then pulled her hair back and and licked the side of her neck. She was giving off high pitched moans through clenched teeth. He then kissed her from her neck to her pierced bellybutton and parted her legs even more and started rubbing her pussy with his fingers, trying to feel for her clit. He then started slowly teasing it with the tip of his tongue and blowing on her cliit softly, he parted her delicate labia and continued to lick, suck and massage her clitoris. He could feel she was dripping wet, so he wanted to taste her, taste the work he has done. He thinned out his tongue and calmly inserted it into her. Then he curved his tongue up so he could reach her G-SPOT. He knew he found it because, she put one of her her long legs on his shoulder and she put her hand through his thick dark hair. She was still moaning in euphoria.

    He then put his throbbing, thick cock in her swollen pulsating pussy. He penetrated her slowly, only with the tip and began slowly fucking her with end of his cock...then he pushed it in, roughly where she moaned deeply... he continued to be rough with her, so she decided to punish him, by contracting her talented pussy on his cock as he was shafting her. She did it very quickly then very slowly, Paul began to get unsteady on his feet as he could not handle the sensation. She then tensed so much she pushed him out with her vaginal wall. She then stood up and licked the outline of his lips, slowly, tenderly, erotically.

    She then bent over his desk, telling him to fuck her from behind. He stod behind her, admiring his dick and savouring the juices on it...he guided it into her hungry pussy and agressively entered her. He then bent down so that his toned torso was touching her arched back. He then pulled her hair back so that she was nearly standing up. He was thrusting away and then threw her back on the table and he was at a 90 degree angle from her. He was spanking her bum watching it wobble with the action.
    He then slowly starting taking out nearly all of himself out of her, but still keeping his tip in there.. her muscles were keeping a firm grip on the tip of his cock, expanding and getting more lubricated... he continued doing this because he could see this was really doing it for her, because her back arched even more. "Ooh like that, right there" she kept whispering. Then she told him not to touch her... she wanted to do all the work.

    She used her athletic legs and stomach to move back and forth on his rock hard cock. He wanted to grab her arse but she told him not to in an authorative voice, he held the edge of the table, she then used one side of her hips to work her manoeuvres, he groaned and she could tell he was smiling at the same time. She was grinding him and he started losing his balance again and became unsteady on his feet, this motion was making her dripping wet and she could hear her juices as he was thrusting in her. She then massaged her sensitive clitoris pinching it with her fingers and grabbing Paul's hand guiding it into to her clit the continued massaging until she starting trembling in a very intense and overwhelming orgasm.

    He then started to feel the familiar electric wave come over him "I'm gonna come, do you want me to come on you?" She did not answer. He grabbed her and pulled her perk arse cheeks apart, then he withdrew himself and shot his load on her back- giving a overpowering groan...
    She turned herself round and looked at him while she put her clothes back on and adjusted herself. She sat on his desk once she was fully dressed and he sat in his chair, looking down at him. He sat with his legs apart, she put on of her legs between his legs on the chair and said "Did you like that Paul?" "Yes" he said as he ran his fingers through his hair, trying to gather his composure. "That's good.. I could tell you liked it, I could tell you wanted me"

    "Do you want it to happen again?" She asked. He looked at her and said "What do you think?"
    "That's good because I am your new manager I am the MD's wife. This will be our little secret, mention this to anyone and I will make your life here hell.''

    She went back to her desk collected her things, shut down her computer walked past him and gave him a calculating menacing look until she was no longer in sight.

    He looked in her direction, in shock, confused. When she was out of his vision, he threw himself back in his chair with an uncomfortable smile on his face.
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    This story is really hot and sexy, I love how you describe in detail their ecstasy and what they do to each other.
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