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Discussion in 'Erotic Literature' started by lokee, May 30, 2016.

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    No I wasn't sexually assaulted but when I was around 10, my cousin and I use to experiment and she would kiss my penis and I would kiss her pussy. We did this a few times while we were kids. A few years later, probably around the age of 12, she told me to wear her step sister's panties. So I had to go into her room while she was tanning outside. I walked over to her dresser and opened the top drawer. To my surprise, there was so many different kinds, colors, and textures. Something clicked that day that I have a panty fetish. I grabbed a pair that hadn't been washed. At first I thought she didn't wipe well enough. Than my cousin told her that was her pussy juice. She said it's like when a guy gets over excited and leaks from his penis. (We were 12 remember)the panty was a baby blue lace cheeky hipster. I put it on and felt this weird sensation. The lace rubbing against my penis. I than put my pants back on with the panties still on than went on the day wearing them. That day sparked something in my brain.

    It didn't take long for me to want more. Since I was about 13 and I couldn't go to the store (lived in the country). I had the courage to venture into my sister's room. She is 4 years older than me. One day I faked sick (did that a lot) and when everyone left, I went into her room and opened her panty drawer and grabbed all of them and started rubbing them all over my body. The silky ones matched with the light roughness of the lace sent chills all over my body.

    That day, I tried on all of her panties but I wasn't satisfied. I wanted more. So I tried on her bras, pantyhose, cheerleading outfit, anything that had some sort of sexiness to it. I started to rub my cock because I've seen it in a porn movie. It gave me such a rush and a new feeling. I got even more hornier and than I saw her "My Life Size Barbie". I put a pair of panties on it and instered my cock between the panty and the doll and I loved the feeling. I kept going and going until this feeling of pure pleasure overwhelmed my body. I discovered, I just ejactulated! I kept rubbing my cock with her panties and anything that had a soft nice feel to it. Came probably 5 times that day.

    I had a babysitter and I had to go to her house for the day and she was one of the most amazingly sexy girls I have ever seen. She had to go down to the basement to get food and I walked past her bedroom and saw her panty drawer slightly open. I quickly ran in to her room, the perfume smelt so good, there was clothes all over the floor. I grabbed the sexiest thing that was on the floor, since I knew she just had worn it. I than stuffed it down my pants and went to the bathroom to put them on. A few years later, her parents asked me to house sit there house while they toured a few colleges on the east coast. I grabbed all of her panties, bras, shoes, anything I could grab. Layed in her bed, still smelt like her and rubbed my cock with her panties. Panties on my head, panties wrapped around my cock, wearing her bras. One of the most exciting times of my young youth.

    AS I got older and able to drive and started seeing girls and got to spend alone time with them. A few of them grave me their panties. I than got the courage to go to the store but I made sure it was either very early or late at night. I went crazy! Bought nearly all the different kinds of panties, pantyhose, stockings, bras, sexy silky nighty, shoes, whatever I thought a girl looks sexy in. With all this, I started to experiment with anal play. Started with markers than I went to Spencers and bought a vibrator. I spent 4 days playing with that thing. I wanted something up my ass while I walked around my yard. I found a butt plug online and when it came, I would wear it shopping, in school, nearly everyday. Along with my panties and pantyhose. I would wear a bra only in the winter so the jacket would cover it up.

    Now in my 20's I had a new girlfriend. She had a sister who was just drop dead sexy. She recently gotten divorced and had to move in with us. When I had the house to myself, I got my hands on a pair of her panties. I also discovered her vibrator. Had a good orgasm that night! They also had a freshly turned 18 year old niece who stayed with us. One day I was cleaning up and her bag was open. I glansed down and saw panties. So I grabbed them and put them on and added it to my collection.

    Sadly, I had to throw away my collection after my girlfriend and I started getting serious and planned to move in with each other.

    Today, I'm relocated to a college town with my girlfriend. She's very busy and often spend days away on meetings and what not. However, it is hard for me to get panties since she knows a lot of people in this town and they know me. However, I met this 30 some lady who sold me some computer parts and one day I asked if she had anything she was willing to sell. She asked like what. And I said, I'm not a sexual pervert. I do not want to have sex with you. But I do like to wear panties. I than said, But it is hard for me to get some in this town. Her reply shocked me. She said, "I can give you mine. I don't wear underwear. I used to be a stripper." I asked how much and she replied, "Nothing". The next day after my girlfriend left, she came over and handed me a bag. Inside were a mixture of panties, bras, her old vibrator, and a butt plug she bought her husband but he never opened it. Like christmas eve!

    Since I live in apartment but slightly out of town, I sometimes walk out on the porch at like 2 in the morning dressed only in a thong and bra. So thrilling! I do take pictures of myself but never posted them anywhere.

    I have never told anyone about my fetish. I am straight man that enjoys wearing women's underwear. I have NEVER sexually assaulted nor will I ever! I have control over my sexual urges.
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    I never got into panties before. Just recently my cousin had been teasing me about wearing panties. She would say you know you like the feel of them on you. Long story short. I told her if she kept on teasing me about wearing panties. I was going to send her pics of me in panyies. Well she kept teasing me for sure. So I sent her pics of guys with big cocks in panties.

    She acted like she didn't like it. But she kept teasing me, so I kept sending more pics. It really turned me on seeing those big dices in sheer panties. So, now I like seeing big cocks in panties. Nice story.
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