My Girlfriends Fantasy

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    You come home from work, and walk into your room. I'm laying on your bed on top of the covers. I'm wearing a red lace bra and matching panties with a sheer slip that falls just above my mid thighs. I'm laying playfully on my stomach with my feet slowly kicking the air. You walk to the bed slowly and I sit up.
    You unbuckle your belt and I reach for you. I pull you towards me by your shirt and once your closer, I start pationately kissing you, pausing only long enough to pull your shirt over your head. I push you gently onto the bed and I crawl slowly on top of you. I unbutton your jeans while I nibble on your ear and I kiss your neck. I slide off your jeans and boxers and drop them in a heap on the floor. You reach behind me and unsnap my bra and lift my legs while you pull my panties and slide them slowly and gently off.
    Your lips find mine and you move them slowly and softly, yet firmly and passionately. You slide gently inside of me, and then flip slowly so your on top. You start moving your hips, slowly at first, but faster and faster as the moments fly by.
    You continue kissing me passionately and grab the sheet tightly by my shoulders. I groan in pleasure and move my hands to your back, pulling you as close to me as I can. You groan and your face twists into a look of pure ectasy. You groan once more before cumming.
    Youy lay there still inside of me until you grow soft then slowly you pull out of me. You kiss me for a few more minutes before whispering in my ear my favorite 3 words, " I love you."
    Then you slowly roll off of me and I lay my hand on your heart and my head on your chest. I make small gentle circles on your chest and trace your muscles and bring my hand down your rib cage making you shudder. You smile at me as I smile back. We curl up together and fall asleep.
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