My Gay Fantasy

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    Aug 5, 2012
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    Hi there, I am 37 and married but have had a gay fantasy that I need to get off my chest because for obvious reasons it's not something I can tell my wife or friends; yet it excites me so much.

    I hope you are all understanding and I can get some constructive feedback and perhaps spark a conversation with some men who feel the same. I hope no one finds it offensive but please understand this is my most intimate secret.

    Over the past few years I have had a recurring dream and it's one of those dreams that when I awake I wish was true and try to hold on to into my day.

    In my dream I am alone sleeping in my house and I awake hearing some movement downstairs. I put on my dressing gown and go down stairs and as I go into my living room the door slams shut behind me and there is a strange man standing there in nothing but a pair of shiny leather riding boots and a masquerade mask. He is slim, pale skinned and nerdy goth/emo looking but oozing sexual dominance.

    He has a mole on his left inner thigh and black nail polish, he is uncut, erect and shaven and his erect manhood points right at me and bounces as he moves.

    He closes the space between us quickly and pulls my dressing gown open revealing my vulnerable body to his touch making me gasp.

    Then he pulls my body to his and puts his finger on my lips and tells me he has been watching me for months and waiting for this moment.
    I find myself getting so erect for him as his nude body slides against my helplessly struggling nakedness.

    Suddenly the feeling of his skin on mine, his penis touching me, throbbing, thrusting and intimidating mine as his musky nude scent envelopes me; I find my whole mind, body and soul falling for him as I kiss his bare shoulder and whisper "please" he says

    "bow down before me Luke"

    I fall to my knees and cling to his bare thigh like a damsel in distress and kiss the mole on his inner thigh as my erect penis touches his riding boot; then I kiss his pouting pink foreskin and say

    "I give I give I give" as my body shivers and he stands victorious, proud and arrogant; enjoying his moment of sexual supremacy.

    Then I am his forever and I awake wanting it to be true.
    I hope someone understands my fantasy and no one is offended.

    Thank you
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    Feb 14, 2012
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    Its been a problem for me as well. I am a 100% situational bisexual male, that has been with men before, and Ive been craving dick here more lately. I am married and therefore I don't really want to make anything out of it. damn these urges though.