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    So today i was offered a chance for oral through a personal glory hole by another male. i have been quite bi-curious so i figured why not see if i can even be comfortable with a man giving me oral. so show up to his apartment right as i walk in there is a sheet with a hole cut in it. i lock the door behind me and as his instructions were was to lock the door and drop my pants. i stick my cock through and i feel the warm mouth wrap around my cock and i instantly start getting rock hard. and time flew he eventually started to run his hand all over my balls stroking my cock rubbing my abdomen and it hit me i instantly came. my cum just filling his mouth. and as he said to me before i got there was pull pants up and leave as i did and he emailed me back telling me he loved my cock and that it was definitely bigger than 7 inches. and he would love for me to come back for more. and it was through a glory hole mainly bc we wanted discretion he is bi with a gf and i'm bi-curious and married. so today has driven me to want more and hopefully work things out with this man who gave such great oral. and sway me to be more comfortable about being bi-sexual.

    well hope you guys enjoyed my experience as i enjoyed it alot.
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    Very cool
  3. alwaystry


    Sounds erotic and scary at the same time
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