My First Visit to an Asian Massage Parlor (Part 1)

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    I was so horny this morning at work that by the time my lunch break came around, I decided to skip lunch and try out one of those little hole-in-the-wall Asian massage parlors that you hear about. So glad I did that! Needed the release that they provided. Wasn't sure what to expect (though I have to admit, I did have hopes). Anyways, I figured I'd give it a shot.

    I went into this place and it seemed a little dark and a lot different than the usual place I go to get massages. Then a woman came out and asked me what I wanted, so I told her, "A deep tissue massage. Real deep."

    She smiled and let me down a hall, where we passed what looked to be a break room with 3 very cute women sitting there. She led me to a room in the back and said, "Take your clothes off and cover up with this towel", while handing me a small bath towel, "your masseuse will be in shortly."

    "Thank you", I said as she left the room. I began stripping down. My heart racing, partly because of my expectations and hopes, and partly because I'm not entirely sure of the legality of these types of massage places. I set all of my clothes on a chair in the corner and laid down on the table. Being as horny as I was, I already had a semi, so I pushed my cock and balls back down between my legs. Then I did the best I could to cover up with the small towel I was given.

    I laid there on the table, waiting, wondering what was going to happen. My mind was racing and my cock was throbbing. Was I at risk of getting in any type of trouble? Thoughts raced through my mind. Should I adjust myself and pull my cock up and place it under my stomach so that it wasn't so visible? All of these thoughts racing through my mind, then she walked in.

    "Hello", she said, "Wow, you big! How tall?"

    "I'm 6'5"", I responded while glancing at her. She had a very short, but was pretty voluptuous, especially compared to most Asian women I knew. She was probably about 5'3" and had nice curves.

    "Wow! You make table look small."

    Her English was bad, but I understood. We both laughed a little, as she took some oil from a shelf and began drizzling it on my back.

    "That's cold", I said.

    "It's okay, I make you warm", she replied as she began working the oil into my back, then coming around to the top of the table where my head was and working my neck and shoulders really well.

    I have had plenty of massages before, but there was something about her technique or pressure that was very soothing. As she worked my neck and upper back, she slowly began to increase the length of her strokes, working her way further down my spine. Reaching toward my lower back. The further she reached, the further she had to lean, and as she started to get to my lower back and butt, I could feel her breasts pressing against my upper back. They felt soft, yet substantial, each time as she ran her hands down my back, her breasts would push harder into me. I began to breath deeply and enjoy it, maybe even letting little moans out.

    "You like?", she asked, "I take my shirt off?"

    What? Was this really happening?

    "Yes and yes", I quickly said while lifting my head to see. Her shirt was very loose fitting and as she removed it, I could feel a rush of blood go straight into my dick. Her shirt came off and she was wearing a bikini top underneath. My cock was throbbing and must have been spilling precum on her table.

    She untied her top and let her breasts fall free. They were very nice, must have been a C cup or so. She put her shirt and bikini in the corner and said, "Lay down, I massage".

    So I did, and she went back to rubbing me, but now instead of feeling her press against me, I could feel her breasts sliding on my back with each long stroke of her hands along my spine. I continued to breath deeply with the anticipation of what may be.

    Then she worked her way around the table and started massaging my feet. She then moved to my left leg, and slowly began making her way up from my heel, to my calf, to my hamstring. As she got to the upper part of my hamstring, I felt her move the towel to expose my left butt cheek, she undoubtedly could see my erection now, but she didn't say anything. She continued to deeply rub the back of my leg and my butt. She really dug in, I remember thinking how strong she was for her size.

    Then she moved back down, onto my right leg, following the same sequence. When she got to my upper leg, I felt the towel move to my lower back. I was fully exposed now and I knew it. She continued to rub my upper leg and right butt cheek. My heart was racing and my cock was throbbing.

    Then she moved back down again and slightly spread my legs. Each of my feet hanging off the corner of the table. I felt her crawl onto the table between my legs and she began drizzling oil all over the back of my legs and across my ass, balls and cock. I was breathing heavily at this point, my heart still racing with anticipation. She put oil on my cock! What was she going to do? She began with long, deep strokes along the length of my legs. Starting on the back of my legs and slowly, with each long stroke, working her way toward the inside.

    Each stroke, she got a little bit higher up my leg until I felt her thumbs meet between my anus and my scrotum. Her fingers remained on my butt cheeks and her thumbs began massaging my perineum (just looked that up ;-)). At first, her thumbs worked together, moving up and down together. I've been touched here before, but never rubbed/massaged like this. I began moaning with pleasure. She switched her massage movement from thumbs working together to more of a "twiddling" motion, one stroking up from my scrotum to my anus, then the other, and so on. I was in heaven. I could feel myself getting excited, yet relaxing more and more. I continued to moan and then she switched the direction, now "twiddling" from my anus down to my scrotum.

    It wasn't long, before I felt it happen.

    I began to ejaculate. The first pulse felt enormous. It felt like my balls just opened up and let all of my semen pour out of me.

    "Oh, good boy", she said as she continued to work her thumbs on me. As she did, I continued to ejaculate. It was an orgasm like I had never had before. I could feel all my stress and tension leaving me. Not like a typical orgasm, this was different. Almost like all my muscle tension and stress was being expelled from me. With each pulse of my cock, I could feel myself continue to release more cum onto her table.

    Typically when I orgasm, there are one or two big spurts, then there are about 3 to 5 more that follow that before I'm tapped. But as she worked her thumbs on my taint, I just kept unloading. Whether anything was coming out, I couldn't tell, but it felt amazing and relieving and I just continued to let it happen. There must have been 20-30 strong pulses from my cock where normally there are 3-7 before I'm absolutely done.

    As I finished cumming, her "twiddling" of her thumbs against my perineum slowed, and then she began massaging my balls. One hand after the other. Wrapping her thumb and index finger around the base of my scotum and gently pulling it away from my body, letting my balls slip through her hands, then switching to the other hand. This felt incredible. Like I said before, normally after orgasm, I need a little recovery time and prefer not to be touched, but this felt absolutely amazing. She worked my balls, and gradually the pressure became more firm as she continued.

    I don't think I ever lost my erection, but I could feel my cock beginning to throb again. Eventually, I could tell it was rock hard and I think she could too, because she took it in her hands and asked, "It's okay?"

    "Yes", I replied, "It feels amazing."

    "Okay", she said as she began masturbating me.

    I couldn't help but begin to moan again. I was in ecstasy. She kept working my cock as I moaned. Then she took one hand and started to rub my perineum again, while the other furiously stroked my cock. This time, she was rubbing my perineum much deeper and much closer to my asshole. I didn't think she'd be able to make me cum again without any recovery time, but she did.

    Read the rest - Part 2
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    Really hot story!!!
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