My first two erotic stories

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    I just noticed this topic

    These stories are based on real people, but the names have been replaced to keep the subject anonomyous

    My first one is gay.

    I found out last summer that my best friend is gay. I was visiting my his house, and I was put up in the spare room. I saw the case for the Pirates movie on top of the TV, so I assumed that it was in the player. So I turn it on without looking and the DVD already in was gay porn. I scroll through some scenes and just for S&G I watch one. So I was thinkin. Since he has this porn, what else is there? I go through his drawers and find dildos, lube, nude guy's pics, and condoms. <------ that is real

    Here is my fantasy.

    Everyone has left the house to either go to work or run to the store. I take this time to watch some porn and pleasure myself. I have some of his toys out and am playing with myself.

    Since I do not expect anyone home for awhile I have the volume up fairly loud, and I am makin some ruckus myself. Well my friend gets home early because the conditions at his job did not allow him to work

    He hears me in the room and comes to investigate. When he walks through the door I have "Girls Dominating Guys" playin, a 12" dildo in my ass, and I am stroking my penis. I am slightly embarrased, but he tells me to finish what I am doing. So I continue to pleasure myself, while he is standing in the door way stroking himself also. He notices I am about to cum and walks over and takes my load in his mouth. I pull the dildo out, and go clean it.

    When I come back he is on the bed fully erect (at least 11 inches) and has a condom on. I start to get dressed, but he says "No, why dont you come have some fun?"
    So I get onto the bed, and start to lick his balls. He is keeping his massive penis erect. And then I finally climb on. I have a hard on again now, and he plays with it while I ride his cock.

    After 10 minutes of me being on top, I get off and beg him to do me doggy style. He gets up on his knees and dominates my ass as I am moaning and he is reaching around playing with me. When he is about done he turns me around and cums all over my face.

    We are both sweating, and now it is my turn, and this will be my first time doing a guy, so I am a bit nervous. By the time we are ready to go again, all my jitters are gone, and I insert my penis into my best friend's butt. The initial feeling is wonderful, and it takes me a bit to realize that I need to do some work. So I start to go at it, and either I am natural, or he is a good actor. Within minutes I am almost spent, and he tells me to pull out. I do and he rips the condom off and deep throats my penis. When we are done we lay down and play with eachother, he and I both know we will meet again.

    That was my first ever erotic style story.

    The second one is straight.

    I am at a party with a few of my friends. As the party winds down, I notice that all of my friends but one has already left. So I call her sister (tristany) and tell her she (treonna) needs a ride home because she is passed out. Tristany asks me if I can bring Treonna home, because their parents have taken the car out of town on a trip. I agree and tell her I will be there in 10 minutes.

    When I get there, with Treonna in my arms, Tristany tells me to take Treonna to her room. Tristany disapears, and I carry Tre up 3 flights of stairs. By the time I make it to her room, I am exhausted. I lay her on the bed and head down the stairs. But Trist calls my name and I turn around. She is standing in the hallway in a white baggy shirt and pink panties. I turn around
    "Why dont you stay awhile? My parents are not due home for 3 more days"
    "I would love to, but I kinda feel like I am over staying my welcome"
    taking off her shirt to reveal her perky A cups "We could have some fun"
    "Well I cant turn that down." with a wide grin on my face.

    We head into Trist's room, where her usually neat room is a bit messy. She instantly sheds her panties, revealing her cleanly shaven pussy to me. She comes at me and pushes me towards the bed. Before I hit the soft mattress, my shirt is already off and her perky tits are pressing against my chest as her lips touch mine.

    In what seems like mere seconds I am totally nude. After 30 minutes of foreplay, she pulls out a box of condoms from her bra drawer. She tosses me one and sets the box on the bed side dresser. "We may need some more later."

    She gives me head while I open the package, and I hardly get it on before she is on top of me, my penis is already inside her tight vagina. I can tell she wants to be in control, because she wont let me do any work. Within minutes she starts to moan. Louder. Louder. Louder. We do not take into consideration that Tre might hear us, last time I checked she was out cold. But low and behold, here she is standing in the door way. Mouth agape. I try to tell Trist that she is there, but it is to no avail. So I continue as if she isnt watching. Then Tre taps her sister's shoulder, and there is no more noises. The room is quite for a few seconds. Slowly turning her head, Trist is relieved it is only her sister. Half tempted to ask Tre if she would like to join us, it is as if she has read my mind and says "You didnt invite me?"

    So while she gets undressed, me and Trist take a break and cool down, and I get a fresh condom. When Tre is ready, I ask how we are gonna do this.
    "Well," says Tristany "we could take turns."
    "Agreed, we will take turns" replies Treonna.

    Since Trist has already been riding me awhile, Treonna climbs on and takes her turn. She starts to ride me and her big-for-her-age tits bounce up and down. Tristany puts her clean pussy in my face, and I need no instructions as to what to do, I start to eat her out. I can only imagine what the two sisters are doing up top.

    After only a few minutes, all 3 of us are moaning. I tell them both I am about to cum, and they know what to do. Tre climbs off and Tristany takes the condom off, and takes the load in her mouth. For the next few minutes, the two cum swap until they are both happy. We then all pile onto the giant bed and fall asleep together.

    In the morning I wake up and all my clothes are gone. Thinking it is a prank I dig through the oldest sister's drawers and pick out her biggest clothes. After squeezing myself into a shirt that says "Hottie with a body" across the chest, and some sweat panks that say "pretty in pink" on the butt, I head down stairs. Where I find both of them eating breakfast, still in the nude. Tristany tells me "Your clothes got a little dirty last nigh" they are in the wash.

    I sit down and pour a bowl of fruity pebbles. It is damn near impossible to eat with two of the most beautiful girls I know sitting across the table from me, nude.

    I remember that I was spose to call my parents at 12. And Treonna tells me "Its okay. I told your folks that you had to come pull us out of a mud hole, and you where so tires you fell asleep on the couch."

    After having one of the best nights of my life, I dont know what to tell the girls. Do I say thanks? Do I tell them they are great? Do I say that Treonna needs to get drunk more often? Again it seems like they can read minds.
    "Thanks for bringing me home last night." says Treonna
    Tristany adds "You are really good."
    "I think that there is another party tomorrow." mentions Tristany with a little wink.

    I head home with a big grin on my face, hoping that this happens again.

    My second ever erotic story.

    I kind of am an aspiring writer, but normal subjects dont get my creative juices flowing. Is there a publishing company where I can submit my work?
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