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    I've never attempted to write anything erotic before, so I will be losing my literary virginity so to speak. If you have any comments or criticisms just post them below.

    This happened seven years ago, when I was 27.

    I've always been very experimental when it comes to sex and I really enjoy giving pleasure to a woman, so when I was contacted via a sex/dating site by a couple looking for an extra man to please the wife, I decided to respond.
    They were a nice friendly couple, and after swapping photos and emails we soon set up a date to bring our fantasies into reality. They were older than me. Philip was 43 and Claire was 37 (fictional names to preserve anonymity).
    On the evening itself I was pretty nervous - I had never done anything like this. There were a few moments where I almost backed out. Instead I went to my local bar and had a few drinks to strengthen my resolve.

    At the fixed time, I rang their doorbell. It was answered by Claire who was a petite blonde. She was dressed in very sexy lingerie. Her breasts while small, were a nice shape and seemed ready to burst out of her negligee. She also had on very sexy stockings. She smiled and greeted me and said we would have to walk all the way up to the third floor where their apartment was. She led the way up the stairs, forcing me to look at her shapely ass and thighs as I followed.

    By this time, all nervousness was gone, replaced by a tingling anticipation. At the top we entered the apartment. It was very dimly lit with candles. I met Philip who was of stocky build and mediterranean complexion. He seemed a pretty normal nice guy. We helped ourselves to a few glasses of wine and engaged in polite conversation. They were educated, affluent people and we got on very well. The wine was going a little to our heads.

    We soon finished the second bottle of wine. Philip asked me if I would fetch another bottle from the kitchen. I got up, feeling nicely tipsy and returned with a third bottle.

    When I returned, Philip was on top of Claire and they were kissing. I was a little taken aback, but glad that they had started without me. Not knowing exactly how to 'join' in, I sat next to them and tentatively caressed Claire's leg. She seemed to like it, so I went higher with my hands, to her thighs.

    She then sat upright, still kissing David. Her legs we slightly parted and it was then I saw my opening. I knelt before her and and placing my hands on her thighs, I stroked until I reached her soft sexy crotch. She was still wearing her slip, so I slowly massaged her through her undergarments. I could feel how wet she was - it really turned me on. I kissed her between her thighs, softly at first, then greedily. She pressed her pussy against my mouth. She was still wearing her slip, but I could taste her juicy wetness. Getting impatient, I pushed her panties aside and let my tongue trail across her pink pussy. She gave a little start. I looked up and she was kissing Philip very greedily. His hands were fondling her breasts. I licked her with my tongue, long lazy licks.

    By this time, we were all three of us getting extremely horny. We made our way to the bedroom and did away with our clothes. We lay down on the bed with Claire between us. We each took a breast and started kissing and caressing. Our mouths were busy licking and sucking at her nipples, our tongues busy with pleasuring her. Between us she writhed and squirmed, making small sounds of ecstasy. Her hands grasped our cocks. At this stage my cock was hot, hard and heavy. Philip and I snuggled closer to Claire while her hands stroked and kneaded our cocks.

    Claire needed to be taken. I knelt with my cock near her mouth. She started with fast little licks before succumbing and taking my whole cock in her mouth. Philip was between her legs sliding his cock into her wet smouldering pussy. We stayed that way for a while, each of us getting immense pleasure. Then it was my turn to take her. She was extremely wet..and nice and tight. I always love that feeling of entering a new pussy for the first time. My cock expanded in her feeling her contract. She grabbed my butt pulling me deeper into her. She then turned her mouth to Philip's cocks and began to lick and suck him. We were all in seventh heaven, when all of a sudden Claire stopped sucking Philip and started kissing me on the lips. She then turned back to Philip and sucked him off again. She brought Philip closer to her mouth and then before I knew what was happening, she put her hand on my neck and guided my mouth to Philip's cock. "Suck him," she ordered me. I didn't have time to think. Gripped by lust I put my mouth on his cock. He pushed it in deeper while Claire gripped my neck pushing me against him. I hadn't expected this, but it was turning Claire on immensely. Luckily, having had bi-experiences before, I was ok with this turn of events.

    Eventually Claire came; she came really hard. She was sucking Philip's cock and making me suck from time to time, while I was sliding deep into her nice pink pussy.

    However, she still had to finish Philip and me off. She disengaged from me, and lay between us. She had both our cocks in her hands and she pulled us up to her face. At first she sucked us one at a time, first one cock then the other...taking turns to pleasure us. Then she brought them closer together. She rubbed them against each other and then would try to wrap her tongue around them both at the same time. She struggled to get our two throbbing cocks into her mouth, but they didn't quite fit, as we were both quite large. Philip and I soon came. Our cum fired onto her lips, neck and breasts. She looked up at us both and smiled.

    All three of us were tired, but happy. I had to leave as I had work the next day.
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    That was an awesome first try at writing erotica. You got me all squirmy on my chair now. Thanks. :)
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    Gosh your stories have me horny as hell now!
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