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    Last Day Of Term Before Xmas

    Just in case anyone gets excited or upset this is not about school in the conventional sense but rather about the end of term at evening school for adults. It is also a true story of events.

    For several years I had worked as a lecturer at adult evening classes, my subject does not really matter as far as events are concerned. Having ended the class by wishing one and all the compliments of the season according to their individual beliefs two students came to speak with me. They were a married couple in their early forties and asked if I would like to go to the pub for a glass or two of seasonal cheer. Several other class members said that they would like to join us so we set off on a short walk to a local hostelry. I had forewarned my wife that I could be home later than usual as a visit to the pub was not unusual at this time of year, as it turned out that was just as well.

    There were seven or eight of us seated around a table all well supplied with festive cheer, next to me were Sue and her husband Eddie, the couple that had invited me to join them. Eddie worked as a professional keyboard player whilst Sue wasa medical secretary in the local hospital. Amidst much chatter and laughter everyone seemed very relaxed and happy when I noticed a steady pressure on my left thigh. Discreetly looking down I saw Sue’s hand there, looking up again I glanced at her, she responded with a slight smile. Slowly the group dispersed wishing everyone season’s greetings until Sue, Eddie and I were the only ones left.

    I was just about to leave when Sue’s hand strayed from my thigh, settling gently under the table on my crotch. A moment or two before this I was about bid them farewell and return home just as Eddie asked would I like to go to their place not too far away for some drinks. Hell I thought, why not?
    So, cut to the chase. Back at their place all three of us were seated on the settee with Sue in the middle, Eddie had already supplied a round of drinks. The conversation was steered by Sue towards matters sexual touching lightly on a number of topics. This had patently aroused Eddie as a considerable hard-on was visible under his trousers, my cock was also in a more than just twitching state. Sue was a natural blue eyed blonde, about 5’6” tall with an attractive figure carrying just a little excess weight, nothing out of the ordinary for someone in their mid-forties. She was wearing one of my favourite sort of clothes, a white blouse and a black slightly flared skirt, barely black tights or stockings and black kitten heels, what was underneath was still something to guess.

    Her husband seized the initiative by pulling up her skirt a little to reveal just a hint of stocking tops, as he did this Sue took my hand placing it on her nylon clad thigh, what a deliciously sensual feeling. Eddie had put a hand on her other leg slowly inching up her thigh, raising her skirt higher until his hand was on her bare thigh above her stocking. I was encouraged by Sue to follow suit, the sensation of her bare, soft, creamy flesh under my hand suddenly focussed my attention as I leant over and kissed the gap between her stocking and knickers all over. Gradually I became aware of a delicious scent, slightly fragrant, musky yet sweet mingled with the perfume that she was wearing. Shifting position slightly nearer so that I was closer to the source of this delicious scentI began nuzzling her pussy through her little black knickers, she gently pushing against my inquiring tongue. The mood was broken by Eddie suggesting that we retire to their bedroom where we would all be more comfortable...

    Eddie and I undressed, sitting on the bed we watched Sue slowly remove her skirt and blouse revealing matching black bra, knickers and suspender belt, her black stockings accentuating her long, slim legs with the white of her thigh above her stocking tops contrasting sharply. Her breasts were bigger than they appeared under her blouse enhanced by the balcony style bra that she was wearing. She turned to face away from us then slowly bent over to touch her toes showing a delightfully plump pussy barely covered by a skimpy piece of black lace before turning around again. Pushing we two men down on the bed she positioned herself between us and began fondling our cocks, nothing urgent or intense, just stroking and using her fingernails lightly bringing us both to full erections quite swiftly.
    Eddie plunged a hand inside her bra easing a breast from its restricting covering, I followed suit. Her areolae were fairly large, about one and a half inches across contrasting with her milky skin in a mid-pink colour. I began teasing the nipple nearest to me with my fingers and thumb arousing it to a delicious hardness and then took it into my mouth, kissing it gently, teasing it even more by carefully grazing it between my teeth then sucking and swirling my tongue around it. She responded by pressing my face harder onto her breast while i was cupping it in my hand, simultaneously massaging the yielding but firm flesh. I pulled back a little to look at her breast and saw that her nipple had grown even larger to about the size and texture of a small raspberry, pity that there was no cream to put on it! Raising my head a little I could see that its twin was responding in the same way to her husband’s attentions. I must have given my undivided attention there for a good few minutes when she began gently but rhythmically squeezing her legs together. Her face and throat were colouring to a delicate flush, her breathing becoming harder and deeper as she began making delicate little mewing noises, an almost kitten like in sound.

    Putting her hand behind my head Sue encouraged me back to kissing, sucking and licking her tit, simultaneously urging her husband in the same manner. Her breathing quickened, her mewing grew to moans with sharply indrawn breath, her neck and face flushing all the more. Suddenly, without any real warning, she arched her back, clamped her legs tight together and began a gentle spasm throughout her body taking a deep gasp of breath that she seemed to hold for perhaps ten or fifteen seconds, then slowly exhaled as her whole being relaxed. “Fuck me”, she said, “ that was fucking magic, thank you!” For the first time ever I had actually seen someone cum just by having her nipples and breasts teased, caressed and sucked, something I had only heard of or read about and believed that it to be an urban myth. So that was something new that I had discovered that evening but unbeknown to me there was more to come ...

    Eddie placed himself near her left shoulder so that Sue could suck his cock with expertise and relish, running her tongue all around the head in between little kisses on it alternating with taking him into her mouth and sucking quite vigorously. Nothing else for me to do but head south towards her pelvic region. The closer I was the more aware I became of her musky scent from her cunt, the more I smelled it the more I wanted to go down there. Resting my cheek on her pubic bone I was delighted to find that she was shaven, as bare and smooth as the proverbial baby’s bottom. With one hand I covered her sex, she was not just wet she was almost dripping, her lips were parting exposing her coral coloured depth to my gaze. Slowly and gently my index finger traced around her hood, then massaged the hood itself for a short while. Sue was becoming a little impatient and took hold of my finger and placing it under her hood, directly on her clitoris. As soon as I touched it she shuddered, murmuring quietly, the more that I played with her clit the more she was becoming aroused, her murmurs increasing in both volume and intensity.

    “Lick me, eat me” she asked. How could such a request be denied, so I promptly obliged! Instead of wanting me to pay attention to her clit with my tongue she spread her lips wide saying “Deep, go on, stick your tongue in as far as you can, I really want feel you in there.” Her lips gained my attention for just a few seconds before Sue grabbed my head forcing my face into her delicious, sweet cunt. Pointing my tongue I drove as deeply as I could into her enfolding wetness before coming up for air then going back into her again. After a good few minutes of enjoying this wonderful intimacy she again held my head directing attention back to her now engorged clit. Initially I took it gently between my lips alternating between soft suction and kissing her wonderful little erection then my tongue was brought into play licking and caressing her to an even higher level of arousal. Now, there is one trick that seems to drive many ladies wild using just my tongue on her cunt and clit by tracing individual letters of the alphabet from A to Z, the effect and aim is to cover all parts of her pussy with my tongue. I think that I got to about ‘N’ when she asked what was I doing that felt so subtly different. She must have liked my explanation because I was instructed not to stop. Suddenly she reached her tipping point and had a shuddering, noisy, convulsive orgasm whilst gripping my head between her thighs in an almost vice like grip for what seemed several minutes but in reality was probably no more than ten or fifteen seconds.

    Part two to follow ...
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