My Fantasy with my GFs best friend..

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    Hi there,

    I know this is bad; but I have a massive crush on my Girlfriends best friend. She is very pretty, has an amazing body, seems quite flirty and we have tonnes in common.

    We go camping quite often and my fantasy is to have Fun with my GFs best friend.

    Basically we would initially take two tents, one for me and my GF and one for her hot friend. But there would be a problem with her tent, and about 1 hour in to the first night when I and my GF are mostly asleep, she would come knocking and ask if she can sleep in our tent.

    I would OBVIOUSLY be the gentlemen and allow her to come in and she would set herself down on my side as there would be no room next to my GF. It's a warm night so I would only be in my boxers and a t-shirt and my sleeping bag would be mostly unzipped.

    She would be in only a t-shirt, no bra, pj bottoms and pants. She would lay down next to me, facing away, but her sleeping bag would also be mostly unzipped and her sexy ass would be partially visible. It would be cramped as it’s only really a two man tent, so I would be almost spooning her but with a few inches of separation.

    After about an hour she would remove her pj bottoms, as it’s so damn warm, so now she has a sexy exposed ass and legs, but is still mostly covered by her sleeping bag. We would fall asleep, but then during the night I would gradually move a little closer to her, and she would also move closer to me, maybe because I’m always warm.

    Eventually her sexy bare ass would be practically in my crotch and we would be both be slightly sticking out of our sleeping bags. I would notice her wake up in the middle of the night, and even when she notices that her ass is practically touching my crotch, she wouldn't move and would continue allowing me to spoon her.

    Because she is absolutely smoking hot, I would get at least a semi erection and it would pretty have it shoved right up against her ass cheeks. We would stay like this for the whole night. The following morning, she wouldn't act wierded out, and would be quite chatty and flirty.

    We would have a normal day; all three of us, and then it would come to the following evening.

    Me and my GF would go to bed first, and her hot friend would follow about 20 mins later. I would pretend to be asleep when she enters the tent and she would proceed to take off her trousers and expose her ass right in front of me. She would be wearing really sexy panties. This time she would leave her PJ bottoms off as its so warm.

    She would then lye down quite close to me, but then almost immediately shove her ass right up into my crotch. I would immediately get a full hard on and she would start deliberately rubbing her ass up against my cock.

    I would be wearing quite loose boxer shorts with only a loose flap at the front. My cock would push itself out quite easily and would end up between her legs and on the underside of her pussy. I would then notice that her pants are soaking wet, and that she is clearly very aroused.

    I would proceed to place a hand on her hip around her panty line and start caressing her. She would continue grinding me. I would slow start pulling her pants down, and she wouldn't stop me. Eventually her pants would be half way down her legs, I would pull me boxers down, and I would shove my cock deep into her from behind.

    I would stay still, and she would slowly, but very firmly ride my cock up and down whilst making quiet moaning noises. I would place my hand around her and start groping her tits whilst also kissing her on the back of the neck.

    After playing with her tits for a while, I would move my hand down her body, stroking and caressing as I go until I reached her clit. I would massage her clit gently whilst also fucking her hard and deep. And eventually she would spasm with pleasure and have a quiet orgasm in which she would need to put a hand over her mouth.

    She would continue riding me, slow, sensual and deep until eventually I explode inside her. We would lye there for a while; spooning and then we would sort ourselves out quietly whilst whispering to each other and smirking.

    Once our pants are back on, I would continue spooning her, but this time I would have my hands all over her and we would also kiss for a while. We would lightly separate as the morning arises and then we would go about our day as normal.

    I do love my GF, however I have to admit, then I have had more than a couple of rampant sex dreams about her friend. I would not leave my GF for her friend, and i wont cheat on her, however if we were in an open relationship i definately wouldn't say no.

    What makes things worse is that I do honestly believe without trying to sound big headed, that she has interest in me too, as she has inquired to my GF about having a threesome before and she has been acting quite flirty for the past 1 year, to the point were my GF has asked me if anything is going on, on two occassions. This girl is currently single, and is know for being a bit of a Nymptho and loves sex. But because she hasn't had any in ages, i guess she's really horny right now.

    I guess the reason why i have this fantasy is because i very almost did all of this for real a few years ago with a girl that was quite pretty and i barely knew and had barely spoken to. I was single at the time, and the only reason why i didnt get my cock inside her was because we were in a tent with 5 people and we got disturbed (not caught though luckily). Although i did get a good amount of grinding, groping, kissing etc, so cant complain too much.

    Anyway, that is my little fantasy that i thought i would share. Sorry for the length of this message lol.

    Does anyone else have heavy fantasies about other girls when in a relationship?
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    Fantasize all you want, nothing wrong unless it invades your thoughts too much.
    Careful what you wish, sometimes it's a double edge sword.

    I know a guy with a similar story, no happy ending.
    Wife allowed him to play, they got hooked, it destroyed what he had with wife,
    hooked up with the friend who was not friend with the ex wife.
    then things soured with the new couple because of dynamics and facts that he played around (even if allowed) so she thought he might want to try again.
    ex-wife went for him again but in the end he left her.

    The biggest kicker is they had 3 kids together when it happened, and he got a kid with the other one.
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    Oh yes I to fantisise about my wife's friends,Nothing wrong with it. Thats a good one your having, You ought to think about making a story out of it and put it in the erotic story section, Thats what I try to do when ever I come up with stuff like this.
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