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Discussion in 'Sexual Fetishes and Fantasies' started by EthanAndrews, Sep 1, 2012.

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    It's 2:00am I'm tire but I can't sleep so I figured I would come on here and post this topic.

    My wife and I are planning our first BIG fantasy. It's going to happen near the end of October. My biggest fantasy was to see my cute little wife in a gang bang and after 10 years of being together, she agreed.

    I am a little nervous, but totally stoked at the same time. That's probably normal. Don't ask me why I want to see her banged.. I just do. I get a kick outta the idea.

    Anyways, So we are starting to find some guys. We signed up for Adult Friend Finder and I'm clicking through craigslist for candidates. It's an exhilarating experience. I get that knot in my stomach (But I like that feeling).

    We decided on 3 guys to do this with us. Now, don't get me wrong... my wife isn't a slut. As a matter of fact she's only been with 1 other guy. This is more just something she agreed to because I wanted it. But she is looking forward to it too :)

    We have already found a local clinic where ALL the participants will be tested and just about everyone we have had initial contact with has been willing to get tested (That's a must).

    So that's where we're at. Starting the process :)

    She is still deciding on the outfit she wants to wear. Whatever it is, I'm sure she will look sexy in it. We're renting a suit at a local hotel for the night. That way there is a lot of space and everyone is comfortable.

    There is also a little SUB-Fantasy that we are throwing in as well. I'm a little curious and want to experience what its like being with another guy. So after she has her fun and everyone leaves. We are going to bring another guy in just for me. She may or may not join in. After having sex she may juts be too tired.

    Anyways, that's the plan. I'm very excited, nervous and don't know what to expect.

    The ate is set for OCT-27th ;p
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    Sounds good. I go to gang-bangs in Sydney a couple of times a year, only this woman has up to twenty men. The only problem is performance anxiety. Not every man can get hard and peform in front of an audience. Of the twenty men about a half can actually do the deed, so to speak, so that would make ten. In any case your girl can deal with three with ease. My first time I had difficulty coming but did in the end. Next two times were easier.

    I'm going to their year-end gang-bang this year. Last year there were six women and about fifty men! There was more sex in that house than words could ever describe. So that was about six women to about twenty-five active men, or about four men to each woman. I missed out on the cute young African woman and I hope she's there this year. If so I'm staying with her.

    In any case have fun and let us know how it goes.
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