My Agony

Discussion in 'Erotic Literature' started by demntedrose, Jan 16, 2012.

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    My Agony
    Thoughts of Your flesh consume me to the very brink of madness.
    Will You take me over the edge and introduce me to my Agony?
    Bringing me to a place I never realized existed.
    A place where pleasure and pain collide, and the body finally knows it is alive.
    Aware now of every sensation, I feel You sliding Your body over me.
    Every ounce of my wetness aching for the release only You can allow.

    My body so in tune with Your voice, I am unable to betray my Master.
    Even at times of weakness, my body does not respond unless You have spoken the command.
    Completely unable to satisfy myself, Your slave hangs on Your every word,
    awaiting what I have heard so many times before, my
    Master always looking after His possession.

    My sweet Master makes me desire His torture,
    so much is my desire to please that I would even beg Him
    to take me to His dark places, wherever they may be.
    Places where the flesh ceases to exist and Our souls unite in purpose of sinful exquisite pleasure.
    A time where only two entities exist and are so in tune with each other utterance is no longer necessary.

    Low guttural sounds escape my belly as I feel His power surge through my body.
    Totally lost in time as I beg Master for more.
    My mind no longer able to reason and all I crave is His touch, and be taken by Him.
    To be used as an instrument of pleasure for Him.
    “I am a good little slut Master!” “thank You! Please more Sir!”
    These words escape my lips without thinking, and I feel You once again reminding me
    who I am and Whose I am. Forever bound to You in a sacred trust.

    Master, I desire Your pleasure Your pain, Your every whim.
    I need know I am Yours. Your nasty bitch, Your slut, Your whore, Your slave, and Your possession.
    I then feel the release as I hear Your command.
    The energy passes through my body like a fire that will not extinguish.
    Gyrations, twitches, floods of warmth and the evidence of my Masters pleasure now saturate me.
    Then I feel his sweet touch and intoxicating breath. I hear His voice making me once again
    His sweet little girl. Arms safe around me, soft sweet caresses of His lips on my back.
    Stroking me and ever reassuring me that I am His treasure and He is my SWEET AGONY! !

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    california, USA
    the next sound you all will hear is the sound of me removing the copy of the desiderata off of my girlfriends wall and replacing with a copy of that shit right there......
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    'Stralia Mate!
    12B I love your sense of humor!
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