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    You stand there across the room chatting with a cute guy. Actually he's more ruggedly handsome, seeming to be standing in a halo of testosterone that attracts women like bees to honey. Your full attention is given solely to him. You maybe mine but not at this moment.

    Your hand touches his shoulder as your eyes caress his lips. I've seen this before from you. I know that at this moment you've become wet and needy. There's a want you need to satisfy. You'd love to have that beast of a man mark you as his territory by spilling his seed in you.

    I walk over and firmly grasp your arm just above the elbow. The firm pressure of my fingers quickly gains your attention.

    "What is it?" you say in an annoyed tone of voice.

    "I need to talk to you."

    "But I'm talking to..."

    "WE need to talk" I say with a glare in my eye.

    You pause a moment. My words Change in meaning in your mind. "Oh." You look about the room and all the people in it. "Here? Right here?"

    "Follow me. "

    You excuse yourself, turn and follow. Actually you've no choice. I pull you from him by the wrist like a caveman would pull his woman by the hair across the room and down the hallway. I open the first available door and drag you with me inside. I turn on the light and close the door behind us.

    It's the utility room. The aroma of Ammonia seeps into
    the room from the mop and pale that is pushed aside in cramp little broom closet.

    "I saw how you were looking at him. "

    "Was I looking at him?" It was a coy response.

    "Yes" I replied.

    "How was I looking at him?"

    "Like you wanted to have sex with him. That is what you wanted, wasn't it. Tell me the truth!" He demanded.

    " you want the truth?"


    She looked down at my bulge quivering with excitement. "You won't get mad at me? You won't hurt me if I tell you the terrible truth?"

    I swallowed hard. " I want to hear it all."

    "I don't know if I can tell you".

    I slip behind and pull her into me with each hand cupping a breast. "Did you want him to grab a hold of your tits, like this?"

    Her head fell back on my shoulder. "Yes... Kinda, sorta. "

    "Did you want him to pull on your nipples like this?"

    She gAsped. "Yes... Maybe?"

    "Did you want more?" I inquired as my hands started to pull her dress up. One hand now slipping into her panties.

    "Are you sure you want to hear?"

    "Yes," a finger now slipping down her clit and between wet pussy lips.

    "I'd let him finger fuck me, uh, uh, I think".

    While one of my hAnds was busy with her clit the other was slipping two fingers deep Inside and slowly flowing in and out of her. As a finger strummed her love button I asked "is he going to make you cum like this?"

    She reached back and grabbed for my cock.

    "I want to suck his cock."

    "You like sucking cock don't you?"

    "No... I lOVE sucking cock."

    "Show me how you'd suck him".

    She turned and fell to her knees. I felt my throbbing hard get released from its bounds with tongue and lips lavishing pAssion upon me. My fingers slip to the back of her head. "You want him to fuck your face like this"? I started deep thrusts into her mouth, my hands pulling and pushing her bobbing head. "Is this where you want his cum?"

    She looked up at me and shook her head no.

    I pulled her off my cock. "Where did you want his cum?"

    She stood up turned around and hiked up her dress and leaned forward. She pull off her panties, spread her legs and said. "I want it in the ass. Please fuck my ass?"

    I took the head of my cock and rubbed it between her pussy lips to wet it. I then brought it to the entrance of her tight hole and slipped it in.

    She gasped!

    I groaned and said "is this where you want it ? Is this where he fills you with that demon seed of his ? "

    " oh fuck... Oh gawd yes. Fuck me... I want his hard cock. "

    I slam balls deep into her over and over again. "Do you want to be his cum slut, don't you?"


    "Say it. Say your his little cum whore"

    She gasps and in a muffled scream cries " I want to be his whore".

    "Do you want him to fuck your face?"

    "Uh huh. Yesssss. Oh gees yes"

    "You want him in your ass like this?"

    "You know I do!"

    I continue to fill her sweet ass with cock. I'm throbbing an ready to spew my load. " how about your cunt?"

    " no not there... Never there!!!"

    " why" I ask.

    " he can have any piece of me he wants but my pussy belongs to my husband. He can have the rest but not my pussy!"

    Upon hearing her words of devotion I gent loudly and drive my cum deep inside her with several hard spasms.

    A couple of minutes later we return to the party seperately. She returns Mr. Ruggedly handsomes side. I feel a feline touch on my shoulder.

    "Honey, who was that woman you went out of the room with in such a hurry?"

    "oh that was the bosses wife. I thought I'd try and schmooze her a little and maybe get in good with the boss. "

    You're such. Smart boy."
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    Nice...great ending.
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