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    As Misty my wife and her friend Shirley were dooing some Christmas shopping at the mall. One of Shirley's many boyfriends showed up. Brett a former classmate. He was nice enough to invite them to lunch. They all 3 sat at a booth in the back,To catch up since graduation.

    Since then Brett had ben kicked out of the Marines and was making his liveing dealing drugs and stealing cars,This is the type of thug Shirley was allways attracted to,And Misty needed to avoid. But as usuall she was sucked in.

    Shirley was excited to see him,She got all horny and wet. Even though me and my neighbor gave her a good fucking before they left. Shirley is the kind of girl that don't never get enough. He invited them to his motell room. Misty reluctently went along.

    The motell was one of those $20.00 a night places. Old dirty and run down. Next to the XXX theature and adult book store,The kind of place you take a real whore to. Misty went to his table and mixed her a drink and fired up a joint,As the 2 lovers locked lips and stripped each other.

    Misty tryed to watch Tv. But could not keep her eyes off Brett's big dick. Her pussy also became moist. She was going to be strong and resist the urge to cheat,But then Brett went down on Shirley and began eating her pussy. He stopped and looked up at her.

    "Hey who you ben fucking today?" He asked.

    Shirley looked at Misty and smiled and winked. Brett rolled her over and mounted her doggy style. This is all it took for Misty to act. She put the joint out and quickly stripped. She reached in to her purse for her trusty strap on cock,Put it on and climbed in to the bed with the 2 lovers. She reached for Brett's cock pulling it from Shirley's pussy. She went down on him giving him a deep throat blow job.

    *Hey bitch thats my cock!* Shirley protested Misty pushed her away and milked Brett's balls,Holding all his cum in her mouth after he erupted. She then kissed Shirley feeding her his cum with her tongue.

    *God Damn!!!* Brett yelled out excited. Misty rolled Shirley over and fucked her doggy style,Bringing her to her first orgasm. These girls grew up together since first grade, They knew everything that turned each other on and off. Misty brought her allmost to another climax,Then pulled out and shoved it up her ass.

    *Exit only!...Exit only!!!...You Bitch!* Shirley yelled and tryed to get away,But at 4ft8 and barely 100 pounds she was no match for my 150 pound BBW. Misty dominated her pounding her tight little ass,Slapping it for more punishment. After Misty thought she had enough she pulled out. Shirley watched her as she reached for the belt from Bretts pants. She tryed to run to the bathroom and get away,But Misty caught her by the hair of the head. She was dragged back to the bed. Misty held her down across her lap and whipped her ass with the belt.

    *Dont you ever!...Ever!...Fuck my man without me!...You little whore!*

    When it was beet red she made her suck the strap on clean. Her final punishment was to watch Brett fuck her doggy style. The girls dressed and said there good byes to Brett.

    *Now if your a good girl on the ride home I might let you join in with me and Mikey later tonight.*

    They then come home.:D
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    Bad girls. Don't ya just love em.
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