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    He lay in the dark, waiting patiently. He knew she would come to him; it was an unspoken agreement between them. They had played out the fantasy many times before, and then she had casually mentioned she was going to be in his city tonight.

    The moon was full, and cast a silvery glow through the window, and across the crisp white sheet that lay over his hard young body.

    As he waited patiently, he gently stroked his fingers over his hard cock. Tingling with anticipation. He heard footsteps outside his door. It was unlocked. He heard a gentle tap, and then the door was opened.

    He could see her silhouette as she moved towards the bed. Her aroma reached his nostrils, musky and warm, and he grew even harder.

    She removed her long coat and laid it over the back of the chair, and then he felt the bed dip as she sat beside where he lay.

    “Are you naked, as I instructed?” Her voice was quiet but stern.

    “Yes Mistress.” He replied meekly.

    “Good.” He heard her reach into a bag and the clink of metal, as she retrieved some handcuffs. “Get on your knees.”

    He did as he was told and knelt facing the head of his bed, as she fastened his wrists to the bedposts with the cuffs. Then she attached some kind of metal bar between his ankles, which spread his legs wide and left him vulnerable to her.

    The sheet had fallen off him as he had got to his knees, now the cool night air touched his body making his nipples even harder.

    She was holding a riding crop, and she began to stroke the end of it over his body. Occasionally giving him a light whack on his rump.

    Then she noticed his erection pointing into his stomach.

    “Did you start without me?”

    “No, Mistress.” He felt a sharp sting and she brought the crop down harder on his rump. He gasped.

    “Are you quite sure, you haven’t been touching yourself?”

    He was shamefaced, and he wondered if she could see his expression in the moonlight.

    “I couldn’t help myself Mistress.” He whispered.

    “Then you must be punished.” She said, as she once more reached into her bag, and retrieved something.

    He winced as she attached nipple clamps to both his nipples. A thin silver chain attached them. Taking hold of the chain, she pulled, first gently then harder, until she heard him whimper.

    “I’m sorry”

    WHACK the riding crop once more stung his rump.


    “But Mistr….”

    “I said silence!” She leaned her face close to his, her breath hot against his skin. He watched her lips move as she spoke, her lipstick deep, dark red, like blood.

    “I see you have a lot to learn from me, young man.”
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    To ensure his silence, she got out a gag and tied it tightly round his mouth. It felt uncomfortably tight and he wanted to protest, but he knew, by now, that she meant business. Then suddenly he felt a hood being pulled over his head. Now he could see nothing. Although the room had been dark, he had been able to see her in the moonlight. Now it was pitch black, and he could only hear her as she moved about the room.

    He flinched as she brought the crop down on his rump once again. He could hear her slowly circle the bed, the sound of her high heels softened by the carpet. Without his sight, he didn’t know when or where to expect the next stroke of the crop.

    She seemed to enjoy leaving long gaps, then whack, she hit him again, and it wasn’t a gentle tap, he was sure it was leaving marks on his skin.

    His breathing became heavy, partially through fear, and partially from desire, the material of the hood was pulled against his nostrils as he sucked air into his lungs. It was getting uncomfortably warm under the hood. He could feel the sweat begin to trickle down his forehead and sting his eyes.

    He was unbearably excited, his manhood throbbed hard against his stomach, and the reality of the situation was so much more exciting than anything in his fantasies. His fear was real; she had not spoken one friendly word to him since she arrived. They had never really discussed just how far the fantasy would go, how much punishment he could take.

    His backside was stinging, as were his back and shoulders; his nipples were sore from her constant tugging on the chain between the nipple clamps.

    He moaned around the gag in his mouth.

    “Had enough?” She enquired.

    He dare not answer, he could barely breath inside the hood now, and he was getting very uncomfortable.

    “Shall I take off the hood.?”

    He nodded slowly. Did she mean it or was she taunting him? He felt the hood being pulled off of his head, and was relieved to feel cool air on his sweat soaked skin.

    She undid the gag, and pulled it out of his mouth. Next she removed the cuffs from his wrists and ordered him to get on his back.

    With the bar still between his ankles it was not easy, but he sat with his legs outstretched and his back leaning against the headboard.

    She climbed up on the bed and stood one leg on either side of his thighs. Now he could get a good look at what she was wearing. She was wearing a black leather bustier, which pushed her large breasts up. It was cut low showing plenty of cleavage. A short leather skirt revealed the stockings beneath, and a brief glimpse of naked flesh at her thigh.

    Then his eyes came to rest on the red high-heeled shoes, one of which had been raised to his mouth. He looked questioningly up at her.

    “You may worship my feet.” She smiled down at him, as he began to lick her shoes. She leaned against the wall to hold her balance, as he kissed and licked her foot. He slipped off the shoe and continued to worship her, through the silky material of her stockings.

    Placing her foot on the bed, she offered him the other shoe, and he gave it the same treatment he had given the first.

    He couldn’t resist sliding his hand up her stocking clad leg, and he waited for her to punish him, but she did not. He felt the soft flesh of her thigh, and heard her gasp as his fingers touched her soft shaven lips.

    Her knees buckled under her and she knelt either side of his thighs. He took a chance and looked directly into her face. Her eyes were half shut; she was biting her lip, as his long fingers delved between her moist lips. Sliding over her wet clit and making her squirm in pleasure.

    With his free hand he unlaced the front of her bustier, and her breasts tumbled out before his eyes. They were incredible, her nipples were hard and tight and he buried his face in her breasts and began licking her nipples alternately.

    Her juices were running down his arm as she cried out her pleasure. She roughly took hold of his head and brought her lips down hard on his full lips, mouths open tongues entangled, and they kissed deeply. He felt her hand close around his cock.

    “Oh you are so hard…I need you inside me now…”

    She raised herself higher on her knees, and moved her body over him. She looked deep into his eyes as she slowly lowered herself on to him. Impaling herself on his rigid manhood.

    Once he was all the way inside her, she sat for a moment, her arms around him, her lips hungrily devouring his. Lost in her kisses it took a few moments before he realised that her pussy muscles were contracting along his cock, clenching and releasing him.

    Slowly she began to move up and down, feeling his hardness slide in and out of her, he felt so hard and so deep inside her. They held eye contact as long as they could, breathing heavily, until they were swept away by their feelings. Gripping his shoulders she began to move faster on him, grinding down against him.

    She couldn’t stay quiet, her moans got louder and louder.

    “Oh God you feel so good, but I need more.” She got up and he protested as she did so. “Get on the floor.” She instructed.

    He struggled with the bar between his feet so she removed it for him.

    “Now take me from behind, over the bed, hard! Now!”

    She was already kneeling beside the bed, her rump raised invitingly in front of him. He needed no second bidding, and he thrust himself once more inside her. He was so much deeper now, and he was in control. He set up a deep hard rhythm, holding onto her hips, her stocking tops caressing his thighs as he did so.

    “Oh yes, harder…. come on fuck me harder!” She begged.

    He thrust into her as hard as he could, he knew he couldn’t last much longer, her moans got louder and her hands clutched at the sheets, and with a final “Oh God.” She came hard, as he spilled his seed inside her.

    They crawled back onto the bed and lay in an exhausted heap, panting and gasping. When finally their breathing had returned to normal.

    “Was it as you expected?” She asked him.

    “Even better, Mistress.” He replied. “Thankyou.”

    © Nettle 2007
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