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Discussion in 'Erotic Literature' started by playful pair, Dec 19, 2015.

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    I walk in ur both on the bed she is blonde 6 foot with big d sized breasts ur in matching outfits her in a white satin robe stockings heels an a lacey baby doll with a tight thong ur in the same but black in coulor. Ur both laying on thr bed u have ur hand on her hip as she has one leg laying over the top of urs....

    . I sit on the edge on the bed in my jeans and button up top as u both enjoy each others company every now and then u both look up at me almost seeking my approval....I eventually undo my bent and fly as I have been growing inside my jeans to much it's time to get my cock out.. with the sound of the zipper u both stop playing with each other and on all fours crawl over either side of me. You both put a hand on my shoulders and trace ur way down to my now throbbed cock with ur hand as I lay back onto the bed....... ur both there kissing each other and at rocking my cock when she finaly makes the first move. She guides my cock into her wet pussy and moans as she slowly makes her way all the way to my balls and rests there u get behind her and grab her tits as she starts to pound me she's slowly working up speed and her robe has fallen to her shoulders . U release her tits out of her teddie and squeeze them as she fucks me faster and faster..... should I go on
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