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    Linda took a deep breath when she looked out the window of the plane and saw Heathrow Airport. She has made this trip before, but this one will be special. This time, she has an appointment to visit a special friend.

    As she was walking through the airport, she reached in her purse, pulled out her cell phone and with one touch of a button, she immediately said, "Hi honey. Just landed. I'll see you in a week. Have fun with the boys. Love you."

    Looking at her, people would never guess Linda was a ball of nerves. She has taken many vacations without her husband, this was the first time she was planning on deceiving him. Knowing he planned his annual fishing trip with his friends on this week, Linda decided this was the perfect week to meet "him".

    "Him" is a man she met a year ago in the Yahoo chatroom. It started with a non-personal friendly conversation on a lonely night. As they continued to meet online, Linda and Dave found they had a lot in common. They were able to talk about their most innermost secrets including feelings they weren't able to tell their spouses. It always amused them that they were able to finish each other's sentences. Often these conversations would turn to sex. They would meet online to have cyber sex and eventually it would lead to phone sex. They were both happily married but their mutual desire and passion for each other seemed to intensify.

    After a year of many cyber meetings, phone conversations and exchange of photos, they decided to meet in person. In two days, they will meet at a discreet neighborhood pub in downtown London. Since Dave was busy with family obligations until Monday, Linda decided to fill her time with some shopping and visit several museums.

    Feeling the need to freshen up, Linda walked in the nearest ladies room. She splashed some cold water on her face to wash away some of the jet lag. After she applied some fresh lipstick, she studied herself in the mirror and thought she looked a lot better.

    As she pulled her red hair out of it's ponytail, Linda heard the door open, followed by a click. Chills ran through her body, when she didn't hear any footsteps. Looking back in the mirror, she noticed all the stalls were empty and she was alone.

    Heavy footsteps seemed to come closer. She ran in the closest stall and locked herself in. The footsteps stopped at each stall and continued toward hers. Quietly, she stood on the toilet seat, hoping this person couldn't see her feet. As the footsteps passed her, she noticed the shoes belonged to a man. She felt her body shake and she can hear her heart beating furiously. Then the footsteps came back and she heard the door next to her stall open.

    "This is my opportunity to run now." she thought.

    All of a sudden, a voice boomed over her head. "Linda...what are you doing?"

    She looked up and found a familiar face. Staring down at her was "him", Dave her cyber lover.

    "Oh my god...David! You scared me!!"

    They were both laughing uncontrollably as they ran out and met in a tight embrace.

    "Hmmmmmm...I couldn't wait til' Monday." he whispered in her hair.

    He cupped her face with both hands and starting kissing the corners of her lips. When she closed her eyes and parted her lips, he moved down and started sucking on her bottom lip. "Ooooooohhhhhh, you taste better than I ever imagined." he murmured. With one quick motion, David had her pressed against the wall. Her body felt powerless, her mind spinning as he pulled her tongue into his mouth. It felt like their tongues were dancing together. He started rubbing against her and she felt his hardened cock rubbing between her legs as he continued to pin her against the wall.

    He released her tongue and started down her neck, leaving little trails of his saliva. He was fumbling with the buttons of her dress with one hand while the other hand was rubbing her nipple through the thin material. She started moaning uncontrollably. With her dress open, David stepped back, glanced down at her heaving breasts and looked deep into her big brown eyes.

    "You are more beautiful than I ever imagined," he said with a smile. Linda unclasped her bra, pulled his head down to her breasts and gasped when she felt his tongue flick her right nipple.

    The tingling sensations were running through her body like rapid fire now. He had her nipple trapped deep in his mouth, pulling it to it's full extension while he was cupping the other breast with his hand. She found herself moaning and gasping. Her hand reached down and traced the outline of his hardened cock through his jeans. Encouraged by his moans on her breast, she unzipped his pants and started pulling on his hard throbbing cock.

    Suddenly she found herself in mid-air, up against the cold wall. He pushed her white thong aside and started sucking on her clit. Gasping and moaning, she wrapped her long legs around his shoulders and pressed down on his tongue. He seemed to be balancing her with his tongue as he was lapping up her wetness from her clit to her asshole. Feeling her legs shake uncontrollably from the chills running through her body, Linda had to squeeze her legs around his head tighter for support. His fingers found her slit and penetrated her slowly. Continuing on her clit, David felt the walls of her pussy grabbing and pulsating around his finger. He started rubbing her g-spot with the crook of his fingers. Rubbing faster and matching the pulse of her pussy, he felt her walls grabbing his fingers pulling it deep inside of her. Knowing she was close, he bit gently on her clit and then he heard her scream out, "OOOOOHHHHHHH DAAAAAVE...". He felt her orgasm explode all over his fingers and his chin. He lapped up her cum as she continued to ride out her orgasm.

    With one quick motion, he pulled her towards the sink counter so she was facing the mirror and ripped her soaked panties off. Taking his cock in his hand, he starting teasing her clit with his mushroom head. Feeling Linda push her hips back, he continued to tease her by rubbing along her outer walls. She felt his penetration into her slit. As she leaned back, he withdrew and continued rubbing back to her asshole. Linda looked back in the mirror and met his eyes. He can see the ecstasy on her face as she told him in a low raspy voice, "I want you to fluff me Dave...I've been waiting a whole year for this."

    As soon Dave heard those words, he entered slowly in her until he felt the neck of her womb. He remained still, reveling on the feeling of her hot moist pussy, filling her up, so she can adjust to this strange cock in her. Her pussy walls started contracting around his cock. She can feel his hips thrusting slowly in short rhythmic movements, an inch or so, not pulling out as he pressed his hips against her ass and forced her thighs on the cold sink. His hand reached down to caress her swollen clit. Feeling her wetness seep down to her thighs, Dave gathered the moisture and smeared her asshole with small circles.

    He started applying added pressure, teasing it while she leaned back trying to increase his thrusts. He pulled out completely. Surprised, she stared at him through the mirror. He met her gaze with a smile and then she felt his cock plunge deep inside of her, pushing her forward. He started thrusting in and out of her with quicker thrusts. Her asshole opened up slightly to allow his finger to penetrate into her. Linda was pushing back, matching his thrusts. Bucking and moaning, Dave can feel her pussy walls gripping his cock tightly and pulling it deeper into her. She felt his head swell up as his cum start to rise into his cock. Gripping tighter as he thrust harder, her pussy shuddered uncontrollably as she exploded all over his cock. As she continued riding out her orgasm, he shuddered and shot his cum deep inside her.

    Dave collapsed on his back, kissing her while he was emptying his seed. Lying still, they allowed their breaths to calm down. When he pulled out, Dave pulled Linda to him, kissed her deeply and said, "Finally, we meet."
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    Oh my, oh my, oh my.....that was delicious, simply delicious! [​IMG]
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    Japp, this is nice!!!
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