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    I got aroused while I was being examined by a doctor yesterday. I've always enjoyed thinking about medical stuff, and have done a little role play with partners, but it's the first time I've been turned on while I was actually there. I'm usually kind of nervous during real visits, especially where there's partial nudity.

    It was for a problem with bad swelling and pain in my leg. It's linked to an old injury, so not new to me, and a typical visit about it is a quick chat and some stronger painkillers for a while. They don't even always look at the leg.

    I hadn't seen this guy before so he took some time to go over my notes and then said he'd like to examine it in more detail. Yesterday it was much more swollen than its been for years and I think the doctor was able to see that through my trousers. He saw I couldn't roll the trouser leg up so asked me to remove them. Before he left me he said that he was considering giving me an injection to help but he'd need to check my heart first, so I might as well go ahead and strip to my boxers.

    This is probably something that guys who have always been guys are used to, but it's the first time that it's happened to me. Didn't have to wait long, but felt strange and excited sitting there in just boxers, with my now hairy stomach and 36G chest on full display (I'd been don't think he'd expected that although he did know I'm trans).

    He quickly looked at my leg, pushing in a few areas but it was obviously swollen and discoloured so he didn't do it for long. This would have only taken a couple of minutes but again it felt odd and at the same time so natural having my chest out. He then listened to me carefully with his stethoscope, lifting my left breast with the back of his hand to get at the apex.

    This is really hard to explain, but someone touching me there usually makes me very aware of my "female" parts so I really don't like it. For some reason, either the way he was doing it, the chest hair or something else, actually made me feel more male. I felt like he was completely unaware of the fact that there were breasts there and was examining me like any other guy. Most doctors don't do that.

    He then felt my pulses in my leg, including my femoral. He warned me before he did this and because of the issues with my leg it's been done before, but the feeling I got when he pulled back my waistband and forced his fingertips into my flesh really surprised me. I can only compare it with having a violet wand used on my clit. It all happened too quick to know how exposed I was, so I've no idea if he would have been aware.

    After this he advised me he was going to give me an injection and got me to roll onto my side and pull my boxers down slightly. He pulled them aside more once he'd prepared the injection. Was over really quickly, but thinking back there was very little covering me as I was on that table.

    I've not been able to stop thinking about it since and I'm really strongly considering looking for a play doctor to give me an "exam" now. Maybe online at first. I'd read up a bit about it elsewhere but would be interested to hear of any experiences you've had with this.
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    Sexy story!
    How cool that you not only had a positive experience, but also an arousing one. Hope you find your own play doctor soon!
    I'm way too freaked out about medical stuff to consider it potentially arousing, but I'm sure others can relate.

    PS: hope your leg is better!
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