Medical center sex #2 Part #1

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    The main characters

    Debe 40 years old. Verry sexy and sucessfull Real estate tycoon. She knows how to sell, Turn a profit and stretch a dollar. She was raised dirt poor, In a family of 12, In a 2 room Share croppers shack, In the Mississippi Delta. Self educated, And self made millionare.

    But her personal life is a train wreck. She has ben a widow since the age of 23, A chronic drinker, With compulsive, Obsessive and controlling. Personality flaws, That run men away.

    Crystal 18 years old. Fun outgoing and loveable personality. Over acheaving Honorrole student and athalete. She's red headed, tall , lean and verry muscular. Everyone loves Crystal, She is a parents wet dream.

    Misty 18 years old, Twin sister but opsite of Crystal. Spoiled rotton, Complicated and troubled. Teenage slut wife to Mikey. Bi Polar with a short fuse and a hot temper. She's short , chubby with big tits and bleach blonde hair. A party animal that embraces her bad girl/slut image.
    She is the kind of girl that has a black cloud hanging over her head, If life is met to go wrong, It goes wrong for Misty.

    Shirley 18 years old. Misty's B.F.F. And partner in crime. She's short , slim and blonde, With perky tits.

    It was that time of year again. Time for the dreaded breast and pelvic exam, Misty has ben trying for the 2nd. year to get in to Dr. Jeff Jefferies ofice, She really wants to fuck an older, mature and sofisticated man. But a glitch in her moms insurance, Knocked her out of it last year.

    But she was optimistic this year, Crystal had her exam with him. So we must review how Crystals exam went.

    It was the last week of summer break. She was out the door at 5:00 AM. For her 10 mile run, Which ended at the new Golds Gym. Where she met her mom for there morning work out. Crystal warmed up with her crunches , Push ups , Pull ups. She then hit the weight room. There was a regional Body building contest comeing up, She was trying hard, Hopeing to make first place.
    Debe stayed mostly on the treadmill, Bike, Trying to keep her weight in the 115 pound range.

    They hit the showers at 8:00. Crystal, Like her sister likes the tight jeans and high heeled pump look. Her mom had this new sexy white dress, And matching pumps.

    " Mom you really look good in that dress. You got a new man in your life or something? "

    " No not really, I am meeting a new client that wants to lease some land from me, To build a strip mall. "

    " You sure thats all he wants to lease? " LoL.

    They drive over to the new Medical park, A shuttle bus picks them up, And drops them off at the door. A nice lady, at the information desk, Tells them where to go. After her mom signs her in, They are welcomed warmly by a attractive blonde nurse. She takes them streight to an exam room. No waiting , No forms , No B.S. about deductables and copays.

    " Okay Crystal, Slip your shoes and jeans off, And we'll get started. " Crystal was verry proud of her body and not bashvill one bit about undressing, In front of others, After the nurse checked her vitals, The doctor walked in. Crystal allmost creamed in her panties, Sitting on the exam table. He was tall, Well built with thick wavey hair, A well groomed beard, He had a gentle easy going personality, He was also a former Body builder.

    " Hop off the table and pose for me. " She smiled proudly, Takeing off her shirt, Displaying her lushous D cups along with all her sculpted muscles. They spent severall miniutes discussing, Body building, But it was time to get back to her exam. She slipped off her white bikini panties and hopped up for the table. He examined her from head to toe. With her legs spread wide he went down on her, Eating her hairless pussy, With her mom looking on.

    " O.M.G. Mom I've never had a doctor do this before! " He gave her long licks from her butt hole to her clit, He rimmed her ass, He fingerd her pussy and ass. Finally after getting her pussy primed, He lowerd the table, Crystal watched him, Drop his pants and boxers, His cock was huge, And she was fixing to get it. He was guideing it to her, Spreading her pussy lips with his fingers, Then her mom stepped in, Takeing his cock in her hand. She drops to her knees, Takeing him in to her mouth.

    " Mom!...Ugh...Like that dick was suppose to be for me...You know! "

    She ignored Crystal stealing the dick from her, Robbing her of a massive orgasm. Debe stood up, Took off her dress. Then bent over the chair, Right next to Crystals head, She got a close up view of his long, Thick cock, Working in and out of her moms sloppy wet pussy, His big balls slapping against her cunt, One orgasm after another, Pounding her for the next 20 miniutes. He let out a moan, Holding his cock, Balls deep inside her mom. His hot jizz running out of her pussy, down her thighs. He pulled out. He pulled his pants up, And quickly left.

    Crystal hopped off the table and quickly dressed herself. The nurse came in, With her birth controll prescription and next apointment card. Crystal did not say another word to her mom, Untill they got to the car. Crystal then reached for her jogging shorts , And her running shoes. She took off her high heels and threw them at her mom.

    " I hate you!!! " She yelled. Walking away to the curb, She sat down and laced up her running shoes, With her jogging shorts in hand, She ran back to Golds Gym, To work off her anger in a positve way, Staying untill they closed, She ran another 10 miles home.

    Misty got pissed after hearing the story.

    " Damit Crystal! You should have kicked her ass!...She won't horn in on my exam like that, I've ben waiting 2 years for a chance to seduce that man, And Mom better not fuck it up. "
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    Part #2

    We move ahead in time to November 1989. Misty was sitting in her study hall with Becky and Zeek. Zeek was flirting with them both, Trying to get some pussy where ever he could.

    " Misty Jones Come to the office please. " Was anounced over the intercom. She got up and shook her ass at zeek, Then strutted out the door. Putting her sunglasses on , Lighting a cigarette walking out the door. Her mom is standing on the sidewalk. Misty makes a mental note of what she is wearing.

    Her white blouse is unbuttoned, Showing a generous amount of cleavige, A leather jacket , leather skirt , Sexy pair of high heeled boots.

    " Mom...Really, Your going to wear that to your doctors apointment?...And you say I dress like a slut. "

    Misty gets in to her moms black 1972 Cadilac. As the car cranks, The music of Waylon Jennings comes from the speakers. Misty quickly pulls the 8 track tape from the player and tosses it in to the back seat.

    " Mother I have gone over this over and over with you. Only old people listen to contry music...It is not cool. "

    On the way to the 4 lane By pass.

    " When you going to get a new sterio?...Nobody listens to 8 trcks any more. "

    " When I buy a new car. "

    " And when will that be? "

    " When this one won't run. "

    " Mom you can afford a new Cadilac...You know. "

    " Yes I could buy a new one every year, But then I wouldn't be a millionare long, Wasteing money like that. "

    She gets to the By pass, But does not go toward the New medical center, As the 4 lane shrinks down to 2 lanes.

    " This is not the way to Dr. Jefferies office. What have you done? "

    " Since we are away from the school, Lets listen to some music. "
    She puts a Buck Owins tape in. Misty lights another cigarette and stairs at her mom. She looks out the window at the cows going by, The hay bells, The farm equipment, Harvesting the cotton. Misty starts to melt down. She goes in to Bitch mode. It's like P.M.S. X 100 = 100% Pure Bitch.
    She pulls the tape out, Throwing it out the window. With her cigarette.

    " I want ansewers Mom!...W.T.F. Is going on? "

    " Okay...Okay! Calm down... It's like this. After Crystal had her exam, They sent me a bill for $800.00. I called them about it, And found out Dr. Jefferies is not in our network. So I found us another doctor. "

    " Oh so now your playing faverites again...Or is it because Crystal makes streight A's And she's a cheer leader, The Volley ball team, The track team, And now she's on this Body building kick...Say it Mom, Tell me she's your faverite! "

    " Oh Misty your so jealous. You should know I love you just as much as I love Crystal. "

    " Okay Mom, Where are we going? "

    " Pustigolia "

    " Pustigolia?...Mom that is a fucking dump!...What doctor has an office there? "

    " Dr. Bubba Travis. I checked him out, You will like him, He's from here. You know, He's a country boy. "

    " Thats great Mom just what I need another country boy to play with my pussy. "
    She makes it to the town limits of Pustigolia, Then turns on to the drive that go's in to the State owned Psychiatric Hospital. The old brick structure built right after the Civil War, When they would warehouse people away and do tortureous experiments on them.

    " Here ? Are you serious? "

    " Yeah after all the problems you have ben haveing, The last couple of years, I thought maybe we ought to get you evaluated. "

    " Fior real? "

    " Not really, This is where they said to come. "
    As they walk toward the door, At the Emergency entrance an ambulace drives up. Opening up the back doors there is a girl, Hog tied, with one of those ball gags in her mouth.

    " O.M.G. Thats Laura from school...I got to get to a phone and call Shirley, I mised something big. "
    Her mom stops her before walking inside.

    " You got clean underware on? "

    " Yes Mom. "

    " I hope it's not a thong...You don't need to be walking around like a slut in here. "

    " Stop it Mom your embarassing me again. "
    Debe takes the cigarette from her daughters lips, She takes the last draw off of it, Then drops it to the ground. She opens her purse and takes out some gum.

    " Chew on this, I don't want the doctor chewing on my ass, About you smoking. "
    They walk inside.
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    Inside the door is a security check point, Like you see at the courthouse or air port. A tall older man is there, At the machine, As they both step through the machine an alarm sounds.

    " Hold up ladies I got to check your purses. "
    He goes through Debe's purse, Pulling her 9mm. Lugar from it.

    " Lady! What are you trying to pull Bringing this in here? "

    " Oh I forgot that was in there. "

    " You didn't see that sign that says No Firearms on the door? "

    " I wasn't paying no attention. "

    " Dumb as a box of rocks carrying around a full clip, One in the chamber, And the safety is off...Why are you carrying this weapon? "

    " Cause I have a 2nd. Amendment right to! "

    " Don't give me the 2nd. Amendment crap!...Why are you carrying a gun? "

    " I'm a Realestate agent, I need one for my safety! "

    " Prove it. "
    She opens her billfold takeing out a copy of her Realestate license, Her pistol permit and her Drivers license, Along with an asortment of business cards, With her picture on them. He starts to type in her information, In to a computer.

    " I'm putting your name in a Data base. So when our fine president, Signs that executive order, To take up all the guns, They will pay you a visit. "

    " Who are ya'll here to see? "

    " Dr Travis. "

    " I'll have to conferm that. "
    He picks up the phoe and calls the doctors office...He hangs up the phone, And looks her over.

    " Put your hands on your legs and spread your legs. "

    " Is haveing a gun this serious? "

    " I could have you arrested for bringing that gun in here. "
    He pats her down, Gropeing her tits, Right in front of Misty.

    " Mom I bet thats the most attention, Those tits have seen in months. "

    " Shut up! "
    He squats down, Unzipping and takeing her boots off, He runs his hands up and down her hosed legs, He feels and squeezes her pussy a few times. He stands back up.

    " Your story checks out, You can pick your gun and boots up on your way out. "

    " And why do you want to keep my boots? "

    " So I can watch those sexy legs walk up the hall. " He smiles at her.

    " I don't think so. " She puts them back on.

    " The nurse is going to make you take them off, When they call you back. "

    " That will be fine. "
    He dumps out Misty's purse. She blushes, As he picks up the big black dildo. He then picks up her pink vibrator, Then a smaller purple vibrator, She uses to fuck her ass with. He goes back to the big black one, Then looks at her crotch.

    " How long have you ben sexualy active? "

    " Since I was 12. "

    " How long have you ben smoking? "

    " Since I was 8 " Her Mom punches her in the arm.

    " Don't be telling all that. "

    " Okay ladies Go down the big hall. Turn right and go untill you see a big waiting area, Sign in and wait. "

    They make there way down there. Waiting in line to sign in, Misty looks inside, At this line of people, And this one room, Where someone is undressing, No door is on the room.

    " Mom I'm not taking my cloths off here! " The receptionst gives her a look.

    " Oh yes you will! "

    And just like the last time, They had forms to fill out. Debe sits with her sexy legs crossed, All of a suden she feels a kick, To her leg. She looks up. Looking down at her. With her 2 front teeth knocked out, A dip of Skoal in her lip, Wearing bell bottoms, Braless in a tee shirt, and stelito's. It was Connie Willsons Mom Shelly. The white trash, Trailer park whore.

    " Well...Well...Well. Look who has fallen from Grace...Debe I thought you would be to good for a place like this. "
    Debe jumps to her feet, With her right fist balled up.

    " Bitch!..What do you mean by that? "

    " I just come by to say Hi " Debe shoves her.

    " I'm not fighting you in here! " She says cowering away.

    " But your at the top of my list. " Pointing her finger at Debe

    " Bring it on Bitch!..I'll kick your God Damn Ass! " Shelly walks off toward the entrance, Running her mouth.

    " Wow! Mom I'm impressed! I've never seen that side of you before. "

    " Me and her got some unresolved isues. "

    " Tell me Mom "

    " You don't want to know. "

    " Come on Mom...Tell me. "

    " Thats who I stole your Dad from. "

    " O.M.G. I won't never get that image out of my head. "

    A man comes over and sits beside Debe, Checking her out.

    " Is your skirt real leather? " He starts to feel it.

    " It sure is. "

    " I bet it was expensive. "

    " $375.00 "

    " And your boots? "

    "$250.00 "

    " You must have a rich man. "

    " No I'm single. "

    " How many checks a month, Do you get? "

    " Excuse me? "

    " You know From the Government. "

    " The Government don't give me a God Damn thing! "

    " Oh so your a payer and not a taker? "

    " Like Yeah! "

    He puts his hand on her knee, Then runs it under her skirt.

    " Your a sexy lady. " As his hand reaches the top of her stockings, She pulls his hand out.

    " I'm not interested! "
    She looks at Misty, She is in a daze, Stareing at a Tv. Debe starts to shake her.

    " Misty Wake up!...Wake up! " She slaps her.

    "What!..Whats wrong? "

    " Don't watch that!..That is the Government Propaganda chanell, They are brain washing you. "

    " Oh Mom Your being parinoid again. "
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    Shirley walks in and spots them.

    " O.M.G. Girlfriend...Like what are you doing here?...I thought you were going to the new doctors office. "

    " I did to, But tight wad Mom here, Has to be so cheap... She's like got junk ass insurance plan, That just sucks...And you? "

    " Ever since Daddy run off with that fucking whore...This is all mom can afford. "

    " Shirley Why don't your mom get a job? " Debe asks.

    " Mom work?...No way!...She's waiting for Mr. Right. "

    " I keep telling you girls, There is no Mr. Right. The only purpose a man serves is to put a dick in your pussy. "
    About that time this tall Jock looking boy walks in with his mom. Over 6ft. tall, Clean cut, With a Lettermans jacket, Levi 501's High top ReeBocks.

    " Wow ya'll. Look at the Boy toy. " Shirley said.

    " Mmmmmmm...I would love to unwrap that on Christmas morning...What do you think Mom? "

    " Oh yeah! I bet he's got a big one. "

    " I think I need to go powder my nose. "

    " Me to. "
    Shirley and Misty both get up and do this sexy slow walking strut, Making sure he notices them, Giveing him those I want to suck your dick looks. He does notice, When they come back. He keeps looking at them. Misty spreads her legs wide, Showing him her huge Camel toe In her tight jeans. Shirley licks her lips, Looking at him.

    " Like What time is ya'lls apointment? " Shirley asks

    " 2:30 " Debe replies

    " Mine is to...I wonder if he is going to examine all of us at the same time. "

    " Were fixing to find out. It's allmost 2:30 "
    And right at 2:30 a brunete nurse comes out in a white uniform, Holding a clipboard.

    " When I call your name line up at the door . Debe Jones, Misty Jones "
    She rattles off 13c more names, Includeing Shirley, And the young jock. All were like cattle lined up for the slaughter house. She then opens the door.

    " Walk in Stop at the red line. " A nurse supervises.

    " Tighten that line up...Suck in that fat gut...She tells an old man. "

    " Look at you Mom. You get to be #1 For a change. " Debe peeks around the corner in to the small room, That says exam #1 above the door.

    " To be honest I don't think I want to be #1. "

    " Toe to heel people, Tighten up, We got to get the door shut. " The door shuts and locks behind them. The nurse sizes them up.

    " Okay Everyone under 21 years old, Step out of line. "
    Misty Shirley and the Good looking stud, Steps out.

    " Ya'll wait over here by the nurse station. " The nurse sets her clip board down.

    " Okay Monica, Your turn. "

    " Great! 15 More and I can go home. " She picks up a box of latex gloves and a new tube of Ky. Along with the stack of folders. She walks up to Debe.

    " Mrs. Jones step in to my office please. "
    Debe follows her. The room is small with no door, Just a folding metal chair and a cabnet. The nurse hands her a name tag, Along with a marker.

    " Write your name on the name tag. " The nurse reaches in to a bin, For a large zip up Plastic bag, She puts the sticker on it.

    " I need you to strip down. " Debe steps over to put her purse next to the chair.

    " I'll take that. " The nurse says, Reaching for her purse. Debe takes off her leather coat, The nurse reaces for it also. Her thin white blouse is tucked neatly in to her leather pencil skirt. She unbuttons the 4th,5th,6th button. Her lacy white bra is in view. She lloks up at the nurse.

    " Must you stare at me like that? "

    " Thats my job. " She buttons her blouse back up.

    " Give me my things and I'll go some where else! "

    " No Mrs. Jones. You signed this consent form. Did'nt you read the fine print? "

    " The whole page was fine print. "

    " Thats right, And theres 3,500 more pages of fine print...It's the new health care law, The president passed. On Christmas Eve, In the middle of the night...The one they had to pass, To find out whats in it...It's your turn to find out whats in it, So shut your dick sucker, Sit down in that chair and take those boots off. "

    Debe complies with her order, She watches as her boots, Purse and coat are put in the bag. She stands back up and slowly unbuttons the blouse, Turning her back to her, Pulling it from the skirt. As she pulls her bra straps down, Turning the bra around to unhook the clasp. The nurse reaches for the snap and zipper of the sexy leather skirt. Debe pulls away from her.

    " I can undress myself! "

    " Hurry up I got 14 more people to deal with besides you! "
    The skirt falls to her feet.

    " Nice thong Mom. " Misty says passing the room.

    " Cool Maybe we can keep our cloths. " Shirley adds laughing. The young stud slows and takes a good look at Misty's Moms thong coverd ass, And her sheer black stockings. He reaches down, adjusting his growing cock, As he follows the girls, To another waiting area.
    Debe continues to strip down, Standing nude before the nurse, She snapos on a latex glove.

    " Bend over, Spread the cheeks of your ass. "
    With a lubed fingers, She soves 2 fingers up her pussy, Then she shoves 2 fingers up her ass.

    " Okay step out in the hall, Follow the red line to the next station. "

    " Don't you have a gown for me to wear? "

    " Nope...Have a nice day...You pick your cloths up, On your way out. Next. "
    Everyone stared at her, Embarrassed she quicly walked to the next room.

    Up the hall in the waiting area, Misty and Shirley sat on each side of the young stud, Flirting with him, Finding out his name was Jessee. Everone else in the room was naked except them, They were all stareing at the teenagers.

    " So where are ya'll from? " Jessee asked

    " We are from Whoresville...What are you here for? " Shirley asked

    " Ugh..It's kind of embarassing but I hurt my groin. "

    " Oh No! " Misty and shirley both look at his crotch. Shirley puts her hand on it and rubs his cock, Through his jeans.

    " I bet we can make your groin feel a lot better. " Misty tells him. She runs the toe of her high heeled shoe, Up and down his leg.

    " Don't you girls have boyfriends? "

    " I don't but Misty is maried. "

    " Your maried? "

    " Don't let that worry you, Me and my hubby have an open relationship. "

    " Open ralationship? " Misty licks her lips, Then takes a note pad from her purse. Writeing her phone number on it, She hands it to him.

    " When you and your groin are up to it...Give me a call, We can get together and I can educate you. " Another nurse walks up.

    " Okay big boy it's your turn. " The girls watch him walk away. Misty's mom walks up.

    " Damn Mom you look rough. "

    " Ya'll still got cloths on? "

    " Like Yeah! They aint done nothing to us yet. "

    " It's comeing ." Another nurse walks up, And leads her away. The nakeid man sitting next to her, Starts to stroke his cock.

    " Dude!!!..Thats my mom! "

    " Honey Your mom is sexy as Hell! " Another nurse walks up.

    " Okay ladies On your feet. " She looks them both over.

    " Mmmmm...Lets go get ya'll out of those cloths. " The man sitting strokeing his cock, Shoots his load, In to the floor. They follow the nurse, To a lab, And there Jessee is, Stripped down, Strokeing his cock, With the nurse watching. They both stare

    " Look at the size of his cock! " Shirley whispers.

    " He is built. " Misty says looking at his 6 pack abs. He shoots his load, The nurse catchesit in a plastic cup. She then takes the dripping cum from his cock, And sucks it from his finger. Justin turns and notices the girls watching him, His face turns red, His cock is still hard as one nurse leads him down the hall. Misty and Shirley stare, At his cute ass, And his big balls from behind.

    " Step over here ladies. " They write there names on the name tags.

    " Take the hoodie off, Have a seat. " One nurse takes the Hoodie from Misty, Under it she is braless under her Hooters Tee shirt.

    " Kick those sexy high heels off. " The nurse with her hoodie picks them up, As the other nurse stabs a needle in to her arm.

    " Ouch!...Your hurting me, I'll have a bruise now. Thanks to you."

    " You will get over it. " She looks at Shirley, Just stareing.

    " Don't just stand there. Strip down! "

    " In the hall way ? "

    " Yes You don't think your some thing special, Do you?
    She looks both ways, Kicking off her high heels and takes off her gray sweat shirt, Her perfect perky tits, Standing streight out. Her shirt and shoes are takin. The tight black and gray Gasoline jeans are taken from her, As soon as she steps out of them.

    " Mom told me I could keep my stockings on. "

    " Your mom is wrong, Sit down and take them off. "
    She sits in the chair next to Misty.After she peels them off her sexy legs, The nurse prepares a needle to take her blood.

    The other nurse pulls the needle from Misty's arm.

    " Now lets see those Hooters " Misty takes her shirt off.

    " Oh yeah!...You got some big tities...Dr. Travis is going to love you. "

    Misty sucks in her chubby belly, Unfastening her tight jeans

    " Looks like we need to get you in to see a Dietition, Your to fat. "

    " Maybe you should look in the Mirror "

    " Young lady, Don't get smart with me! "
    She takes her jeans, And panties, Showing her clean shaved pussy, Like Shirley, She was wearing tan thigh high stockings. She takes them off.

    " Now get on the scale. " Misty stands on it.

    " Oh you are a fat little thing...145 pounds." She slaps her ass watching her cellulite jiggle.

    " Next " Shirley stands on the scale

    " 98 Pounds...You need to be more like her

    " She is shorter than me. "

    " She's not that much shorter. " Misty is handed a cup to pee in. The nurse points to the open toilet.

    " But I don't have to pee. "

    " We will stay here untill you do. "

    " I can't pee in front of people. "

    " Thats tough!..Deal with it! " Misty finally pees in to the cup, Shirley takes her turn. The nurse leads them up the hall to another small exam room to wait.
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