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    May 21, 2007
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    Well last weekend me and my gf were at her house and her grandparents were going out soon. we went downstairs and watched a movie to wait for them to leave..

    wen they left i went upstairs with her and we headed straight for the alcohol. We must of had 15 shots of wisky each not counting a few corona's. After that we went back upstairs into her room and out the window with a towel on the roof. we laid there for a while and talked about how much we loved each other. As we did we were touching each others bodies and i moved slowly towards her pussy.

    We started making out and stripping ourselves on her roof in mid day. I layed down and watched her stick my thick warm 10 inch cock slowly inside of her mouth. She got it nice and hard i turned her over. I opened her thick pussy and started sucking away on her clit enjoying the sounds of her enjoyment. I slowly went up on her and starting kissing her.

    I lifted her legs over my shoulders and opened her pussy and entering my moist warm cock deep inside of her. i fucked her nice and slow at first to get her worked up and then went real hard making her scream. I fucked her till she came and i still havnt cummed yet. She took it out and sucked on her wet cum and then swolled my cock whole.

    I eventually came inside of her mouth and went home. =]
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